I’m Going To Vegas (1/22/2020)

Hey y’all! I hope you are all making a fantastic week for yourselves, I wanted to share that I will be going to Vegas tomorrow. I am going with my best friends and I couldn’t be more excited. I guess our girls night out is going to be in Nevada, go figure! This trip has been planned since August and what’s funny is it all started as almost a joke/idea and then all of a sudden we decided to buy tickets and actually go.

We will be doing so much there and I wanted to share with you all the things that we are doing so that if you are planning on making a trip to Vegas you’ll have a starting point on some stuff to do.

We are going to:

  • Take pictures in front of the Vegas sign
  • Go to the Happy Place at Mandalay Bay
  • Eat At The Top Of The World Restaurant
  • Go Shopping on The Strip
  • See The Bellagio Fountains
  • Go To The Grand Canyon
  • See Route 66
  • Visit the Hoover Dam
  • Gamble in Vegas
  • Ride rides at the Stratosphere Amusement Park
  • Go Zip Lining Down The Strip
  • Go Out To A Vegas Club
  • Visit The Neon Lights Museum
  • Destroy Stuff At The Wreck Room
  • Take Pictures At The Seven Magic Mountains

I am so excited to be going to Vegas with my best friends, it should be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified for when I post new content. Comment below if you have any cool spots you think I should visit while in Vegas!

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Disney On Ice Experience (11/13/2019)

Hi y’all! It has officially been a whole month since I’ve been in Disney last and I was feeling pretty bummed about it. Does anyone else feel this way after leaving Disney and/or coming home after an amazing vacation? I definitely do! Luckily, Disney was brought back to me a whole month later!

Ryan and I as well as my sister and brother-in-law brought some of our nieces and nephews to see Disney On Ice but it was definitely needed for the adults too after being away from Disney for so long! We absolutely loved Disney On Ice and what was even better was how much the kids loved it.

The experience was like no other with so many on-ice tricks and spins. I definitely recommend going. It was almost like a Disney Broadway show and a Disney World Parade all in one. How magical is that?! They also had some signature Disney snacks at the show as well which was so cool! If you have a chance to see it, I would go!

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom Outfit And Experience (10/19/2019)

Hey y’all! It is the last day that I am in Disney and of course I couldn’t be more sad to go but we had such an amazing time here. Ryan and I love Disney and what we love most is being able to see our little niece’s eyes light up at every turn. It is always such an amazing experience!

Today we will be in Magic Kingdom and I feel that out of all the parks Magic Kingdom is honestly the most magical out of all of them! I wanted to share my outfit from today and a cute picture of Ryan and I giving our niece an Elsa doll before we leave for the airport.

I wore a white Disney logo tank top that I got on Etsy with a black buffalo plaid flannel, my cream colored Converse, and some rose gold Minnie Ears! We had such an amazing time and I absolutely loved this last outfit plus I chose this outfit because it would be absolutely perfect for the plane ride home!

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Disney’s Epcot Food And Wine Tour- Travel Overview (10/18/2019)

Hi everyone! If you didn’t see yesterday’s post on Epcot and what I wore make sure to check that post out! I wanted to dedicate today’s post to the Epcot Food and Wine Tour of 2020. With this tour you get a passport booklet and it tells you all of the countries that are serving food and you get to put stickers for each place you go to! Ryan and I every time we go try to do all the countries in one day which sometimes requires running (lol).

Here are some of the countries and what we got at each one:


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Disney’s Epcot Outfit and Experience (10/17/2019)

Hi everyone! So the other day we went to Epcot and I honestly never liked Epcot as a kid but now that I’m older I can definitely see what all the fuss is about! Drinking and eating around the world while experiencing glimpses into other people’s cultures as well as riding some fun rides in between.

Some of my favorite rides are SOAR, the Frozen Ever After ride and Test Track! These are so much fun and I look forward to doing them every time we go and I also like getting the passport and doing the Wine and Food Tour in one whole day (yes there is running involved lol)!

The outfit I wore to Epcot is a pink shirt I got from Etsy that says Drinking Around The World, I wore cinched waist jean shorts, and of course my famous cream Converse sneakers. I paired this with some ears and a black fanny pack.

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Our Mickeys Halloween Party Costume (10/16/2019)

Hi friends! I hope everything is well! When I went to Animal Kingdom we only spent a little more than half the day there because Ryan and I went to Mickeys Halloween Party. For those of you who do not know, from the months of late August to early November Disney completely transforms their parks with beautiful fall decor and if you buy a special ticket you get to be in the park after hours to celebrate Halloween! This means you get to dress up in a costume, watch fun shows that are spooky themed, go trick or treating, ride Disney’s rides after hours and see their famous Halloween parade.

The year before this when we had gone to Disney for my 21st birthday (which I mean #goals right?!) they had the streets decorated the same BUT we didn’t get to go to Mickeys Halloween Party. This year we made sure we could go because Halloween is actually one of my favorite, if not my favorite holiday ever. What better way to celebrate it than in Disney?!

For our costumes I decided I wanted to do black and white Minnie and Mickey. I read a lot online how Disney this time of year is still pretty hot so wearing a bunch of costume layers would have easily gotten me overheated. I also read that as an adult you might want to go with a casual costume so you are able to maneuver easily around the park. So, we definitely did casual versions of black and white Minnie and Mickey but I absolutely loved the look we came up with!

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Outfit and Experience (10/15/2019)

Hi everyone! I have been having such an amazing time in Disney with my family and I honestly just love it here. Disney has always been such a big part of my life and a big thing that bonds my family together (even Ryan is obsessed with Disney now– maybe even more than me)!

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom and it was such a fun time. I used to feel indifferent about Animal Kingdom because back in the day when I was a child there wasn’t much to do there but now Disney has really been adding so much more things! Of course now there is PANDORA which is the Avatar part in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is truly other worldly and the fact that they figured out a way to have a floating rock is beyond me. They really did an incredible job as always.

The outfit that I wore to Animal Kingdom is less “in your face Disney” and more of just a cute outfit I threw together last minute. I got a black tank top and paired it with a pair of black, brown and cream leaf printed gauze shorts. I found these shorts at Target on clearance for $10 which was amazing because they just reminded me of a safari/ gave me jungle vibes. Of course I had to get it so I paired this with some gold Minnie Mouse ears and my cream Converse sneakers. I really think this was my favorite outfit out of all of them that I wore in Disney!

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios- Galaxy’s Edge Outfit And Experience (10/14/2019)

Hello everyone! I hope the day is treating you well! I wanted to share yesterday’s outfit (we all know I go hard with Disney outfits) and I also wanted to share my travel experience with you all because as you may know I am a huge Star Wars fan (and Disney fan) and Disney just opened a Star Wars Themed Park called Galaxy’s Edge.

First lets start off with the outfit because I’m sure you’re all dying to know what I wore! This trip I wore a Rebel Scum t-shirt with some jean shorts and rose gold Minnie Mouse Ears. I was so excited to wear this shirt to the actual Galaxy’s Edge Park! A storm trooper during a march around the park actually acknowledged my t-shirt and shook his head at me (highlight of my life right there)! With this outfit I paired it with some cream colored Converse sneakers and natural makeup!

Now, as for the experience, HOLY COW was I impressed. It honestly looked like I was actually on another planet set in Star Wars. It was absolutely insane and honestly leave it to Disney to make everything so detailed. Even the cashiers say “That will be x amount of credits.” They say that instead of dollars to keep it realistic.

They had a really amazing marketplace area that looked so real it was scary. They even sold blue milk a drink they had in the movies and they also sold different shaped Coke products with an alien language on it!

Overall my favorite part about the whole Galaxy’s Edge was the Millennium Falcon Ride and the Millennium Falcon itself because they were both so cool and so much work and detail was put into it! Going there is definitely worth it and even more so if you are a Star Wars fan!

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Helicopter Ride Date, Experience and Outfit (10/7/2019)

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well, this passed weekend was definitely a busy one for me but it was also extremely fun and unforgettable. I was able to go on a helicopter ride around Manhattan! It was absolutely amazing and honestly breathtaking. It was definitely a different perspective of the city and I was in awe the whole time!

If you are looking for an over-the-top date idea this is definitely it. Bring your significant other on a helicopter ride and then end the day with going to a fancy restaurant in Manhattan. It is so romantic and it gives you such a rush of adrenaline.

It’s also really cool because before you go on the helicopter they ask for the weight of each rider so they can balance out the copter. The ride itself was astonishing because one second you are on the ground and the next you are taking off. It’s also really interesting seeing how helicopters operate up close and hearing the pilot talk to the air traffic control. There are so many emotions going on all at once. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but then I was nervous because the air traffic around Manhattan is insane, and then I was pretty calm because of the stunning views you get of the city.

For my outfit I figured I would dress a little more of the casual side because I didn’t necessarily know what to expect. So I wore a white tank top, a pair of ripped jeans, a chunky oversize knit yellow sweater and an Adidas baseball cap. My makeup was pretty natural as well.

I loved riding on the helicopter and I really suggest everyone do it! I hope you all enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content, Make sure to comment down below what you think of helicopter rides! Would you ever do one?

-Stay Chic,

Guess Who’s Going To Disney (AGAIN)! (9/27/2019)

Hey y’all! I guess you all know the subject of the post today because of the title! So, yes I am going to Disney and I couldn’t be any more excited! If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I’m a huge Disney fan (HUGE). I’m not just a Disney fan because I just love Disney but because it has been a part of my family to go to Disney almost every year. Also, I have had Disney incorporated into my whole childhood– we would always have Disney movies playing (even the classics). I grew up watching Disney Channel, listening to Disney music, and even Disney Channel star’s music (Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, Demi Lovato, Aly and AJ and more)! Not to mention when I was only 13 I starred as Cinderella for our school play in middle school.

Now that I’m older I still watch Disney movies but I also get to share these experiences with my nieces and nephews. I love going to see Disney movies in theaters with them, re-watching old Disney movies, and even singing all Disney music together. What I love most of all about Disney, especially going to Disney World is that it brings me back to when I was a kid. I mean, truly, who wouldn’t want to be a kid again for even just one day? Ryan and I love running around the parks, riding all of the rides and seeing all that Disney has to offer. My absolute favorite part of it all is that I get to see our niece’s reaction when she sees her favorite princesses, and the amazing characters that are on the screens and in her books come to life. It’s a beautiful thing to see the magic, excitement and wonder in a child’s eyes.

I love Disney and I’m really excited to be going during one of my favorite seasons, fall! Disney will be decked out in fall decor, we will be going just in time for the Epcot Food and Wine festival, and we got tickets to go to the Halloween Party where you get to dress up in a costume and ride rides after hours! I can’t wait to get to the most magical place on earth!

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