Homeward Bound Travels (8/4/2018)

Hey everyone! I am finally on my way home from vacation and it’s bittersweet feeling but I am still glad to go back home. Sometimes I feel, with taking a long vacation you need a vacation from your vacation. I just took some photos while on the plane and in the airport to show my travel trip back home! Please enjoy this post that explains my travels!

Airport 8:45AM- We has a flight at 9:45 and we were running seriously late. We woke up late, still had to clean our room and get ready. We left by 7:00AM but we still had to put gas in the rental car. At this point we leave the gas station by 7:15AM and the airport is still 30-40 minutes away. Once we finally got to the airport we had to return the rental car, which was very far from the airport itself so after we returned it we had to take a shuttle over to the airport which took another 10 minutes. At this point it’s 8:00AM and we still hadn’t gone through security. We waited on a long line and it took us 40 minutes to get through TSA. Thankfully we got to our flight gate only 10 minutes before boarding.

In The Air 10:00AM- We took off at 9:45AM, I kept my eyes closed when we took off because I was trying to go to sleep (since I was currently running on two hours). For some reason I cannot go to sleep on a plane, so I wrote blog posts instead. I was sitting in first class but I wasn’t next to he window. I can’t complain though, it was more roomy than the seats in the back which I sat in on the way to vacation. I made sure to take my picture of the plane window like I do every flight I take!

Landing 11:55AM- We are landing early and I couldn’t be more excited to see Ryan who is waiting for me at the pickup area. As I got off the plane I rushed to the pickup area and saw Ryan. He helped me with my bags and I got to give him a quick hug before being told by the traffic guard we had to move. We jumped in the car and went out to eat at a place we’ve gone on many dates to.

I am super happy to be home and I couldn’t wait to see my puppies and Ryan (who left a little earlier than me)! I hope you enjoyed this homeward bound travel post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

My Last Pool Day (8/4/2018)

Hey y’all! I wanted to share the sad fact that yesterday I had my last pool day in paradise. Today I am traveling home to see my puppies and Ryan, since he left a little earlier than I did because he had to get back to work. I was lucky enough to extend my stay a little bit longer than him and enjoy some quality pool and family time. My last pool day was a success but it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling anytime I leave.

This is a boomerang video I took while lounging by the pool for my last day on vacation. I was able to sunbathe, swim with my family and relax. I even went in the hot tub as well! After the pool I finished packing up since we left for my flight at 6am! I am super excited to soon be home to see everyone I missed dearly. I do have a bittersweet feeling since I am leaving vacation, but I do also want to sleep in my own bed in the comfort of my own home with my hunny and my pups next to me.

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Stephanie Russell

My Day On The Plane (7/25/2018)

Since I recently was on a plane, I wanted to share the pictures I took and experience I had with my plane ride. This is definitely a plane and travel aesthetic post, so I hope you enjoy the photos I took and feel a little wanderlust while looking at these pictures!

The plane ride was absolutely gorgeous. I love sitting in the window seat because I have an obsession with taking plane pictures. There’s something about flying in the air above the clouds. The sights out of that plane window were so amazing. I also loved that I got to watch sunrise from the plane (top left and bottom right photos).

What was even more amazing about this plane ride was that I was able to sit next to Ryan. I usually don’t sit with Ryan on the plane because we just buy random tickets since it’s cheaper that way. Sometimes I want to sit first class with my family and Ryan wants to get the cheaper ticket so he randomizes his ticket. We only sat together once on the plane before other than this time. But I had a ton of fun sitting with him on the plane and we watched a Billy Joel concert on his phone together!

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Stephanie Russell

Airport Outfit For Summer Travels (7/23/2018)

I’m on day three of my vacation and it’s going by way too fast. As I’ve said in previous posts as well as shown in previous posts, I flew here (to paradise) by plane. Since I was going through an airport I wanted to share an airport fashion post! Sometimes, especially if you aren’t a frequent flyer, it’s hard to figure out what you should wear on the plane and to the airport.

I wore a pair of ripped Levi jeans and cuffed the bottom of them. I put on a mauve pink t-shirt and big gray knit sweater from Target and a pair of mauve pink fashion sneakers from JustFab. I threw on my Prada eyeglasses and my sunhat (mostly so it didn’t get squashed in my carry-on bag).

I picked this outfit because airports and airplanes can get seriously cold. Regardless of the weather outside, I’ve noticed that it’s always cold in an airport and in an airplane. I also picked this outfit because I was able to conserve more space by wearing the bulkier clothing items I wanted to bring. I wanted to bring a big sweater, a pair of jeans and sneakers with me but it would take a lot of room up in my carry-on, so I wore it instead. I usually wear fashion sneakers to the airport also because they are easy to slide on and off. This is convenient when you are being rushed while going through TSA checks. This outfit was perfect for the airport.

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Stephanie Russell

My Travel Essentials (7/22/2018)

In light of my vacation, I wanted to do a post on my travel essentials. These are items that I cannot travel without, no matter where I go and what kind of traveling I do I need to have these items with me! They’ve become a travel staple in my life whether it be for a road trip, a boat trip or a plane ride.

My travel essentials include:

Pair Of Nice Shoes: When you are as spontaneous as I am, it might be a good idea to bring a pair of nice shoes and maybe even a nice outfit just in case you decide to stop at a fancy restaurant or go out!

Simple Jewelry: I love bringing some simple jewelry because you can pair it with anything you brought with you and make it look more like a dressed up outfit! Simple jewelry can do wonders for a plain outfit.

Waterproof Mascara: I am a huge fan of swimming while on vacation/traveling. If they have a pool, ocean or spa where I’m going, I will run to the pool before doing anything else. With that being said, waterproof mascara saves me from constantly having running makeup under my eyes!

Magazine/ Book/ Kindle: Reading is a necessity when I am traveling or on vacation. It helps me relax and enjoy my time whether I’m by the pool on the plane ride there or at the beach. I also feel as if I don’t have much time to read books I want to read being a full time college student, so I take full advantage of any down time I have (like vacation)!

Sundress: I like to bring at least one sundress because I feel like it’s good to have something to just throw on when you need it. I can’t count how many times a sundress has come in handy, especially for last minute lunch/ dinner plans!

Headphones: Sadly, I cannot use wired headphones anymore because my iPhone no longer had a headphone jack. But up until recently these have always been a travel essential for me. I definitely need to invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones so I can finally listen to music on my phone again.

Sunglasses: I always try and pick a pair of sunglasses that will match almost everything I have outfit wise. Sunglasses are always useful especially when you will be outside walking around! Just make sure the sunglasses have UV protection to keep your eyes safe.

Cameras: If you know me, you know I am one to document EVERYTHING. I love to make travel video montages and to I also love to display pictures. So bringing a camera or multiple kinds of cameras is a definite necessity.

These are all of my travel essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what your travel essentials are!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

How To Travel Affordably (7/20/2018)

Hey everyone! I really wanted to share some tips and tricks that I’ve learned on how to travel affordably. These can help those looking to take vacations and even road trips for cheaper! So without further ado here are the 10 tips and tricks:

1. Always use a carry-on

Suitcases can be very expensive but carry-on luggage is free! So you can just bring a carry-on to help save some money!

2. Driving is usually cheaper than flying when you have 3+ people

If you are in driving distance, driving usually becomes cheaper than flying when there are 3+ people in the car!

3. Want to travel the world? Use EF Tours

EF Tours is a tour company that makes traveling cheaper. I traveled on a tour with them in Europe and we went to 7 different countries and it only cost $3,500!

4. Use private browsing when looking at plane tickets and prices

The airlines use your phone data to see what dates you are looking up online to fly. They bring up the cost of the flights that you are looking to take so you pay more money. Using a private browser will keep that from happening.

5. Print tickets online before getting to the airport

Some airlines charge you for printing tickets at their kiosk or desk. So beat that fee by printing them at home for free!

6. Use EBATES to book hotels

EBATES is a website/app that allows you to get cash back for shopping, this even works for booking hotels! You can get cash back just for booking your hotel for your trip.

7. Go on a volunteer trip

If you love to volunteer you can go on a trip that allows you to travel for cheap but involves giving back. You have to pay for your travel which is usually cheaper compared to if you were to go on your own, but organizations like Habitat For Humanity, and even some missionary trips pay for room, board and activities!

8. Find out attractions that cost nothing or little to nothing

When you want to go to an attraction you might find that they cost sometimes hundreds to go to. My best advice is to find free or cheap things to do and see. For example, if you go to France you might want to go to their Disney. Disney costs a lot of money but it costs nothing to go to the Eiffel Tower and see it (and doesn’t cost much to walk up the tower)! There are also free walking tours that you can find and take!

9. Cook your food

Going to restaurants can get pricey. If you go to a store and buy quick food and cook it yourself, it will end up being a lot cheaper.

10. Look at prices for travel at least two months before

This is how you can get the best price for a plane ticket. You don’t want to buy a ticket too early or too late because you will end up paying a lot more money for the trip. Plane tickets usually go down in cost– so make sure you are paying attention to the prices.

These are my tips and tricks for affordable traveling! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below your affordable travel tips!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Packing My Carry-On Bag (7/20/2018)

Currently I am packing my carry-on bag to go on vacation. I am so excited to go on vacation I can’t even explain how happy I am that vacation is finally here. I have tons of fun vacation related posts that I will be writing so keep an eye out for them! I wanted to share my carry-on bag with you all and show you the process of me packing my carry-on!

The way I packed my carry-on is by rolling all of the clothes and laying them on the bottom and I put my toiletries and makeup in between my clothing items to help keep everything from breaking. I then add a layer of rolled clothes on top of that and then add my technology and shoes! I put my undergarments and my bathing suits in the front pocket.

This is how I pack my carry-on bag and luckily I am able to fit everything I wanted to bring with me on vacation! I can’t wait to share more vacation related posts with you all! I hope you enjoyed reading this short and sweet post and make sure to comment down below how you pack your carry-on. Remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Traveling With Only A Carry On: Tips And Tricks (7/19/2018)

Hey everyone! I really wanted to do a post about traveling with only a carry on because I will be going on vacation very soon. I’m elated about vacation, so why not make my posts about vacation?! I travel a ton so I know some of the ins and outs of saving money while traveling. The #1 money saver I found is to stop using a suitcase. Not only do you pay more when you bring a suitcase, you also purchase more when you’re away and sometimes end up having to pay the overweight fee.

I’ve been traveling with just a carry on bag for almost my whole teenage and young adult life. Since I have much experience doing this I figured out ways to help minimize items and maximize storage! So without further ado, here are some carry on traveling tips and tricks:

1. Roll Your Clothing

Folding your clothes can really hurt the amount of space you have in your carry on. I have always found that rolling my clothes up as tightly as possible really helps with space.

2. Wear Anything Bulky (Sweaters, Jeans, Sneakers, Hats) To The Airport To Conserve Space

I always give this piece of advice. If you have anything clothes wise that is really taking up space in your bag, wear it to the airport! This will free up room in your bag and airplanes as well as airports are usually cold anyway!

3. Plan And Pack Your Outfits (And Shoes) Beforehand

Planning beforehand is always a good idea but when using a carry on you really should take planning seriously. You don’t want to end up thinking you can fit 20 outfits in your bag to only find out the night before or morning of you can’t.

4. Only Pack The Essentials

Try to stray away from packing items you will never wear or products you will never use. The best way to do this is to try and stick to the basics you will need from a day-to-day basis.

5. Put Plane Necessities In Purse (you can have both a small purse and a carry on usually)

Most people don’t know this but you can bring a carry on and a small purse. If you can free up a little room in your quart size liquids bag by putting solid products in your purse, do so! Make sure to also always have any medicine, on-hand travel necessities (book for the plane, phone, chapstick etc.) in your purse as well!

6. Only Bring Products You Absolutely Need– If You Can Buy It When You Get There Then Do That Instead

If you are traveling with a carry on you will only be able to get a quart size bag and fill it with liquids that are maximum 3 oz. So, make sure you are only bringing products you need and if you are able to buy some of these products you want to bring when you get there then do that! You can always throw the products out the day before you travel home.

7. Limit Yourself To Three Pairs Of Shoes

Shoes take up a ton of room in a carry on, so try to limit the amount of shoes that you bring with you and if you can bring flats and sandals to help conserve space.

8. Use Samples

If you are really trying to save space you can use product samples instead of using the actual product. This will help maximize space within your quart size bag!

That’s all I have for carry on tips and tricks. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. If you have any other carry on tips and tricks comment down below!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

My Day At The Beach (6/25/2018)

Hey beauties! I wanted to share my day at the beach with all of you because this day is especially exciting. I finished my summer classes this morning with straight A’s! I am super proud of myself for doing so well in school even though it was during my break. I couldn’t be happier! Today, I went to the beach with my cousin in celebration of her coming down and also me ending my classes.

We started to lie out once we got to the beach and in this video you can see my purple acid washed Sandcloud beach blanket that helps preserve ocean life, and my $10 watermelon beach chair from Target. If you want a Sandcloud beach blanket or anything from Sandcloud feel free to use my referral code: STEPHANIE25 for 15% off your purchase!

My cousin and I ended up going into the ocean which was super cold at first but we ended up getting used to the water and stayed in for a long while. I love the ocean so much, I really missed swimming in it!

I wore my black Zaful bathing suit which I actually love on me. As you can see we are sun bathing after being in the ocean and I presume this is the moment when I got my terrible sunburn because I didn’t re-apply sunscreen.

I hope you enjoyed this follow along of my day and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Disney Pin Collection (6/23/2018)

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if I discussed this previously but I am a Disney Pin collector. I love going to Disney and collecting the pins they sell. I don’t like to trade but I do like to buy them as souvenirs for myself each time I go (which is once a year). It’s a small thing I enjoy out of the many things Disney has to offer and I wanted to show you all my pin collection because I will be in Disney again soon!

For my Disney lanyard I have a black lanyard with white and blue Mikey’s on it and in white text it says “Disney World” because I go to the Disney in Florida. I really like this lanyard because it’s simple but super cute.

For my pins I have Tamatoa from Moana, Cinderella’s castle, Princess Leia saying I Love You (Ryan has Han Solo saying I know), I have the Mission Space Epcot pin, the Animal Kingdom pin, a Cinderella pin, Kakamora from Moana, a Magic Kingdom pin, a Hollywood Studios pin, a Maui pin from Moana, the Seven Dwarves Mine Train pin, a Coronado Springs Under Construction Pin (We got these pins because when we stayed at the Coronado Springs Hotel they were under construction and gave us pins for the inconvenience)!

I have two more Coronado Springs Under Construction pins (we had two separate rooms so we got two packs of these pins, I gave the other pack to Ryan), a Stormtroopers Pin, a Cheetah Mickey Pin, I’ll Be Your Minnie Pin (Ryan has the I’ll Be Your Mickey Pin), and a Moana Pin.

Lastly, I have a Heihei Pin from Moana and a pin of Moana holding an oar. I love my Disney Pins and will continue collecting them! It’s definitely a small side hobby that I love to engage in once a year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below if you’ve ever been to Disney and/or your favorite Disney character!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell