Dollar Tree Interesting Finds (4/19/2019)

Hey everyone I wanted to pop in and talk about some really awesome and interesting finds from the Dollar Tree. As you may know, I am an avid Dollar Store shopper. I love things at discount and I also love throwing parties for a low cost! The Dollar Tree definitely has some amazing stuff, sometimes all you have to do is a little digging.

One interesting find was a marble design candle as well as a karma candle with cute typography on it! These would be very cute to decorate your house or room with. The marble definitely brings a chic minimalist look to a table. I would be surprised if anyone actually realized that you actually paid $1!

One thing I found to be super interesting but also amazing is that the Dollar Tree was carrying silicone sponges. I purchased my off-brand sponge from Amazon for $5. Considering you can get a similar product for $1 is insane. The packaging is also gorgeous so this can be given as a gift and you don’t have to spend big for the item.

Something else I found was that my Dollar Tree was carrying Almay eyeshadow palettes. They also had all of the different palettes that Almay came out with that was specific for each eye color. I have never used Almay necessarily but I do know that this is a big drugstore brand that usually costs closer to $5 for each palette.

Nail polishes can be super expensive and sometimes it seems unnecessary to spend anywhere from $4-$20 on a single nail polish. I love buying nail polishes but I restrain myself from splurging on it 24/7. Oftentimes I find name brand nail polishes at the Dollar Tree. This is a steal considering how expensive it can get. I recently found Wet N Wild, Revlon and Kiss nail polishes.

Another item I was shocked to see in the Dollar Tree was Global Beauty makeup wipes. I have seen this brand mainly in stores like Marshall’s, Amazon, and TJ Maxx. Global Beauty makeup wipes normally cost almost $3 and for a double pack on Amazon it costs $11. To find a trusted and highly rated brand at the Dollar Tree was very neat.

I know how much kids nowadays are obsessed with Shopkins. I was going through the isles of my local Dollar Tree and I found Shopkins hand sanitizers. This would be a hit with this generations children. I know my niece would go crazy over it. Another cool aspect of this sanitizer is how it has a clip that comes with it. This can be clipped onto the child’s backpack. Overall, $1 is spent on something that may have costed $2-$3, especially if the sanitizer and sanitizer case was bought at Bath & Body Works.

I don’t recommend buying baby products at the Dollar Tree. Dollar stores are famous for selling items that might not have the safest chemicals or isn’t FDA approved. But there are some exceptions to this. At the Dollar Tree I found some very cute terry cloth hooded towels, bandana bibs (which are super big at the moment) and regular baby bibs. I also found waterproof baby bibs with the pocket to catch food (which are also super popular amongst moms and dads). Something else that I found that was not only cool but again, super popular amongst parents is the disposable placemats. These placemats cling to the table and are great for when you go out to eat.

Diverting from babies, I found some very cute packaged Softsoap hand soaps that smell amazing. These look like they were purchased for a lot more than $1! I definitely recommend purchasing soap for the dollar store (unless you have sensitive skin or other skin problems). I buy all of my hand soap, dish soaps and body soaps from here. I usually purchase only name brand items like Dial, Dove, Irish Spring, Softsoap, White Rain etc. It saves money and it does the job!

For hair I found that the Dollar Tree has scünci hair products in stock. I never go out and buy hair clips from the store unless they are on sale. I always come to the Dollar Tree because they are cheap. Scünci is a great reliable brand and won’t break as easily as the actual dollar store off brand. Some of the best clips, bobby-pins, hair ties and headbands I’ve purchased were from the Dollar Tree.

I live for Dollar Tree storage options because they always have some great stuff for the price. For example, my last visit I found that they had acrylic makeup/ beauty product holders. These types of organizers are usually very expensive and getting them at such a discount is a steal!

One of the best bangs for your buck at the Dollar Tree is not only cards (which are 2 for $1or $1 for multiple Thank You cards) but also gift bags and tissue paper. Gift bags are super expensive and run anywhere from $2-$10 a piece not including the $2-$10 tissue paper. I never purchase bags from anywhere but the Dollar Tree unless I find them on sale elsewhere. They usually have really chic options as well.

I was super excited to find jewelry dishes while I shopped around at the Dollar Tree. I really loved the cute glass jewelry boxes that were in the shapes of roses/succulents, so much so that I purchased a green succulent box for myself. I also loved the jewelry dishes with little sayings on them and the rind dishes with unicorns, mermaid tails, cacti, balloon animals and llamas. These are amazing gifts that look expensive but only cost $1.

As a child I needed a nightlight because I was afraid of the dark. I would have loved to have a Disney Princess or My Little Pony night light in my room. These are definitely a bang for your buck if your child is afraid of the dark. They have Disney Princess ones with Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Bell. They also have one with just Cinderella and Bell or Elsa and Ana. The My Little Ponies are also big right now as well which is also a great option. These nightlights can get expensive and I found one at Walmart for $10.99 and another at for $15.

Bolero is a great Dollar Store brand for what they sell. It has been reviewed by many influencers and you tubers– many love their products. Personally, I love their products and I think they work well especially for only paying $1. The brand has body lotion, moisturizing facial serum, hand creams, body-wash/ bubble bath, cleansing facial wipes, bath salts and hand wash. It comes in super cute packaging and you get a lot of product for only paying $1. My favorite thing from this line is the hand cream. It smells amazing, it’s in a super cute tin squeeze bottle and you get two tubes for $1. These tubes are the same size as the hand lotions at Bath and Body Works but you get more and Bolero is $1 for two where Bath and Body Works is $4 for one.

I found some super cute fridge magnets as well at the Dollar Tree. These would look super cute on anyone’s fridge and even spruce up a fridge that needs a little something. This item would even look cute in a gift basket. It is made of ceramic so it’s definitely not cheap looking and it doesn’t feel cheap. I would think this item was purchased at a Francesca’s.

I love giving mugs as gifts but I also enjoy sipping tea, coffee or wine from a cute mug/ wine glass. These items are so cute and they don’t look like they are from the dollar store. I think they work great in a gift basket or just a gift in general. Mugs like these are sold at stores like Target for $3 or even more. It’s definitely a steal.

Coasters from the Dollar Store are great and probably the best kind of coasters you’ll ever have. The coasters are made out of an absorbent tile with a cork on the bottom. This keeps the drink’s condensation from dripping all over the place or ruining the coaster (this happens to wooden coasters). Not to mention these same type of coasters are sold at Target for $2.99 (and the Target coasters are made cheaper than Dollar Store brand– trust me I’ve owned both. The Dollar Store brand is still in perfect condition and the Target brand cracked within 3 weeks of purchase). These coasters are amazing and look super cute as well.

Some great kitchen items are the ceramic plates and bowls that are sold at the Dollar Tree. I’ve purchased many of these plates for different dinner parties and many people believe I purchased them from Target or Marshall’s. My favorite dish that I just found is this teal one that has a swirly design. It seems like the perfect summer plate set for an outdoor party. I also thought that the sink strainer with the decorated ring was an interesting find!

For bedroom decor I found some small trinket pots and cute glass pineapple statues. I thought these were cute items that can decorate your home or bedroom. It could even be some nice small decor for an outdoor party. They are bright and colorful and can definitely bring in some color to a room.

The last couple of miscellaneous things I found were so cute I just had to share them. First, I found some super cute canvas makeup bags (which are in style right now), I also found some very chic floral notecards to add to a stationary set. Both items would be great gifts. I also found some super cute glittery luggage tags. Luggage tags are great gifts and even to have for yourself. Something else I loved was finding the super cute tissue packs and the mermaid makeup bags. Lastly, I found a fuzzy pen and a really cute canvas magnet as well. These items were unique and fun– great gifts for anyone.

These items from the Dollar Tree were all so cute and I wish I had a need for most of these items because they are too cute to pass up. I am so happy with what they had and I will always be an avid Dollar Tree shopper. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I create new content. Make sure you comment down below what your thoughts are on bargain shopping and let me know what your favorite bargain store is.

-Stay Chic,

Big News: I’m Opening My Own Etsy Shop (3/15/2019)

Hey fashionistas! You know how much I absolutely love Etsy and getting personalized gifts for others and of course for myself. Etsy makes my world go round and I’m so happy to announce that I will be opening my own shop. The shop is ready for business right now but it only has one purchase available at the moment. I will definitely be adding more products soon! So let’s talk about what we can expect from my Etsy Shop and also how I designed it.

What is the name of the Etsy Shop?

I named my Etsy Shop after my blog, and it’s called ShabbyChicStephanie. I’m absolutely obsessed with the name choice and my Instagram is @ShabbyChic_Steph

What does it look like?

I finished designing everything last night and it is gorgeous. The design of the shop encapsulates the vibe I’m am trying to put off and types of items I am looking to sell.

What do I plan on selling at ShabbyChicStephanie?

I plan on selling trendy tops with cute phrases, sayings and graphics on them for both men and women. I also plan on selling merchandise for my blog on my Etsy Shop, which is so exciting. Additionally, I will be selling trendy onesies for babies, canvas handbags, tumbler cups, jewelry dishes, makeup bags, jewelry boxes, and even personalized cake toppers!

I hope you all are just as excited as I am about this Etsy Shop and I will make updates on both social media accounts to show when new products are added. Make sure to follow my blog/personal account on Instagram @stephanierussell11 and my blog/Etsy Shop account @shabbychic_steph

Visit my Etsy Shop: ShabbyChicStephanie Etsy Shop

Stay Chic,

Where To Shop For Affordable Decor (11/8/2018)

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some decor tips for those that might be redecorating during this fall-winter purge season. I know I am in the mood for some rearranging and redecorating as well. So, where do I suggest shopping for affordable decor?

First off, I suggest going to the Dollar Spot in Target for one. I have made some very chic purchases there for my room. The items are usually pretty good quality, chic and they are affordable. I have gotten a perfume stand for $3, a few acrylic makeup holders for $3, some cute decor and storage baskets for $1-$3. I have also gotten some cute storage jars and baskets for makeup for $1, and even $1 wall art. And of course Target in general has a lot of great stuff. This is where I got my coat rack, my television wall mount, my end table, my end table lamp, my wine rack, my tiered jewelry organizer, shelves above my dresser and more!

Another spot I suggest is the Dollar Tree– as long as you are up for a DIY. I’ve definitely gotten some great stuff from the Dollar Tree. I’ve gotten 3 baskets for my dresser drawer to separate my underwear, bralettes/bandeaus/ sports bras, and socks. I’ve gotten cute decorative notebooks and coffee table books as well as cute candles and the occasional acrylic makeup holder. I’ve even DIY’ed a glass vase and stuck silk flowers in it for a cute end table decoration piece. I’ve even used the glass jars to hold makeup and perfume samples for decorative purposes. Another creative idea is to buy the picture frames and make a picture wall collage which is something I’ve done as well. All for $1 per item! Such a steal!

The next place I suggest is AC Moore or Michaels. Why? Because you can get cute decorative jars, boxes, mugs, picture frames and other items on clearance or using a 40-55% off coupon. I’ve gotten all of my decorative boxes from AC Moore using a 55% off coupon. I have also gotten decorative vases, jewelry boxes and picture frames on clearance. I also got items on sale and using coupons to make a DIY Boho dream catcher. Michaels also had a cute home decor section where some stuff is on sale and it is where I got a large bird cage basket where I put my scarves.

Additionally, I suggest going to Five Below for some stuff as well. I’ve gotten a macrame wall art piece for $5, decor for my dresser and vanity for $1-$5. I’ve even gotten felt hangers and under bed storage boxes there for very cheap. There are also very cute throw pillows available there for your room’s chair/couch or bed! Lots of decor is at the store.

Another place I recommend is Home Goods because I’ve made some of my best purchases there for my room. I bought all of my canvas wall art there for very affordable prices, my chic trash can for no more than $12, a lamp for pretty cheap and some other decorative pieces. Everything there is affordable and very cute. They even have the cutest bedding and throw blankets and pillows! You name it, they’ve got it!

The next store I suggest would be a thrift store, the humane society, a flea market, a garage sale, an estate sale, Facebook marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo or ask around in your family/ friend group. Secondhand items are some of the best items I’ve owned. I got a bookcase from IKEA secondhand from my sister for free. I got my dresser passed down to me from my late grandmother. I’ve also gotten my vanity secondhand off of OfferUp as a gift from my parents. My television is from my boyfriend who had a second tv he wasn’t using and even my bed is from a family friend who moved. I also went to the thrift store and got a ton of books for decorating. A lot of the time you can find things for free or even at a huge discount than if you were to purchase it brand new.

The next place I suggest going is to Bed, Bath and Beyond because they have some amazing bedding, decor, storage items, and obviously beyond there! I’ve gotten a ton of under bed storage from them, especially for college and I got a full body mirror from them for pretty cheap as well. I suggest going and using a 20% off coupon (which they are usually offering 24/7).

The next place I suggest is Amazon. I’ve gotten so much from here it’s ridiculous. I’ve gotten a jewelry holder, an earring display, a fur throw for my chair, a map and pins for my wall to display all of the places I’ve gone and other decorations like the golden polka dot wall adhesives for my old college dorm. I also have gotten under bed storage, a canvas basket, and so much more for super affordable prices!

The last place I suggest is Lowe’s. Of course Lowe’s has everything you need to do your own DIY molding around the room, make DIY wooden signs, chandeliers, light fixtures, fans and they even have pre-built things as well. I suggest going to Lowe’s because I’ve made some gorgeous looking DIY signs from their wood but I also got my pretty succulent plant and my closet organizer. The closet organizer is a godsend and I couldn’t live without it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below where you go shopping for decor!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Beauty Products I Will Not Be Buying (9/17/2018)

Hey beauties! As you may or may not know there is a ton of new products that have been released on You can find these under the Just Arrived section of Sephora’s website. I skimmed through a lot of the items and I am very disinterested in a lot that was released. I figured I would share a small list of products that I don’t want to buy.

First is Fenty Beauty’s new highlighter, do not get me wrong Rihanna’s makeup line is easily a favorite of mine. I, personally, just don’t think this shade of highlighter will look good on my skin tone. So, I won’t be purchasing unless I test it out and see how it looks.

Next item is Too Faced’s early release of their Christmas line Gingerbread. Maybe it’s just the grinch in me but I don’t want to even think about Christmas right now. Regardless, I feel that a lot of these shades are bland and I would maybe only use a few. Not to say that this isn’t a good quality product, I just don’t see myself using it.

The next item is based solely on reviews. This new Pineapple Of My Eye palette from Tarte has a very low star rating. I have read and seen reviews of this palette and the quality of the palette looks low. I’ve even read that the shadows blend to nothing. I quickly decided against this purchase.

The next product is another Too Faced product. They came out with a Tickled Peach Mini palette and honestly I feel that their peach line is super played out. I loved their initial release of the original peach palette, with the setting sprays and also the Just Peachy Mattes palette. But now I feel it’s time for Too Faced to move on from the Peach line and create something more innovative.

Another Tarte product, I am not going to be purchasing the Let’s Flamingle Brush Set. To me I honestly feel that the shapes of the brushes themselves look super thin, awkward to hold and even top heavy. It’s a good idea in theory but I just don’t see this being of practical use. I do think this would be great for vanity display though.

Last but not least another Too Faced Product. I have to say that I am super happy that Too Faced just had their 20 year anniversary. I do love the brand but the only actual problem I have with this palette is that I just don’t see myself grabbing for it. I think I would maybe use seven shades from the palette and it’s not a worth-it purchase for me.

I am in no way coming for any of these brands, even though this was mostly Too Faced and Tarte products it was honestly just coincidence. I have nothing against these products they just aren’t worth spending my own money on if I don’t feel it will look good on me or if I feel that I won’t use it. I honestly love each of these brands but I don’t have to like all of their products. If any of these products worked for you please don’t be offended. Sometimes what works for one person doesn’t work for another. With that being said I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what products you won’t be purchasing.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Back To School Shopping At Target And Dollar Tree (8/28/2018)

‘Tis the season for back to school shopping. This time is my favorite time of year, it’s the best part of the school year! I don’t know if it’s because I love office supplies or if I’m just excited to start the school year but back to school shopping is a favorite pastime of mine. Sadly, this will be my last year to go back to school shopping because I will be graduating college next semester. But I am writing a post on everything I got for school for the last time ever (unless I decide to continue my degree and get a Masters or PhD).

I went back to school shopping at Target (of course) and Dollar Tree. I get so excited about office supplies I sometimes go overboard with what I get for school! But, I have always felt that Target and Dollar Tree has the cutest back to school stuff!

At the Dollar Tree I got two really cute folders. One is a glitter flamingo folder that says “Stand Tall” And the other is a mermaid folder that says “Dream Big Little Mermaid”. I then got a black portfolio folder for Ryan because he will be taking classes for his job. I then got a blue and light pink floral binder that says “Love”. I also got a mineral stone/geode designed composition notebook, a yellow and pink floral pocket agenda that says “Blossoms and Blooms”. I also got Ryan a blue colored Mead 3 subject notebook for his class as well!

From Target I got a yoobi notebook that had iridescent graphics on it, a pink and cream flamingo notebook to match the folder I got from Dollar Tree, and a pink notebook that says “Fearless Female”. I also got a gold Mead 3 subject notebook with a gray folder, a striped colorful notebook with a matching folder. I also got a large pink marbled planner. For supplies I got whiteout, mechanical pencils and a pencil sharpener!

I loved everything I got and I am obsessed with my school supplies this year. After this year all of my supplies will be for an actual job/career. I can’t wait to see what this school year will bring me. I hope you all enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what supplies are your favorite out of the ones I got!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Amazing Dollar Tree Finds (8/7/2018)

Hey everyone! I recently went to the Dollar Tree to shop around and I found a ton of amazing products there that are worth the buy. I was super happy with this trip and I wanted to honestly buy everything. Sometimes the Dollar Tree is a hit or miss and this time it was definitely a hit. I went around the store and took pictures of some items I thought were a good purchase!

I thought these candle holders were a very fun and cute purchase! They could spruce up any decor and it wouldn’t seem like these were from the dollar store. I love the gold one!

Next are these super cute fashionable candles! These would be cute being put on display in your bedroom or it would be very nice to give these as a gift! They also smell very good!

I usually don’t spend too long in the picture frame area but I saw these two boxy frames that I thought would be such a cute gift idea! They don’t look or feel cheap and they would definitely look cute on display!

Another gift idea I thought was cute were these fragrance sachets! I’ve seen fragrance sachets in stores like Francesca’s, Bed Bath And Beyond, and Target. They smell very nice and definitely don’t look cheap.

I thought this hanging love story sign is cute as an anniversary gift or a Valentine’s Day Gift for your significant other. I also really liked the decorative drawers beneath the sign. They would be perfect to store lipsticks, hair ties and jewelry!

These fake cotton plants are very chic and rustic. I’ve seen these being sold at stores like Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Hobby Lobby. They are usually very expensive but this is only $1 and it looks just as good as the ones from higher end stores! I feel a DIY coming on!

I love when the Dollar Tree sells acrylic holders. I have a few of these myself to hold eyeliners and other products! They are very good quality and can be given as gifts too!

Of course I found some good makeup from the Dollar Tree. Sometimes they have name brand items and sometimes they only have normal Dollar Tree makeup. But when I went recently I found some great stuff! First off I found a Liquid Lipstick from Melani. I then found some Wet N’ Wild Brushes, they had a ton of different kinds of brushes I would think it could be an affordable gift. They also had Wet N’ Wild single eyeshadow shades as well as lipsticks (which are surprisingly good quality)! They had Elf Lip Lacquer, I’ve seen Elf at my Dollar Tree many times and although Elf is already affordable, most items that I find at the Dollar Tree are over $1 so you are still saving money. Lastly for makeup, there was Palmers Coconut Oil Lip Balm which is a great chapstick!

I also found some great nail polish at the Dollar Tree. I found some pretty shades of Sinful Colors, KISS and Wet N’ Wild which are pretty good polishes!

Something extremely cool that I found, especially if you are into DIY’s, are these Comfort Colors t-shirts! They had normal shirts and shirts with pockets in all different colors and sizes! It’s definitely a good purchase since you’d otherwise spend almost $4 on a shirt somewhere else!

I also found that the Dollar Tree sells no show socks and other good quality socks. No show socks can get very expensive and these are only $1! It’s definitely a good purchase especially since socks come and go so often.

I found this loofah set which I thought would be perfect as a gift for someone or to have in your bathroom. It’s worth it to get a pack of loofahs because if you aren’t cleaning your loofah once a week then you should be changing it to a new one once a week.

I found some very cute hair clips that I am totally in love with! I don’t have a ton of hair clips but I felt that I should get some and these were great quality and super chic!

My bobby pins are always getting lost and I run through them like crazy! I found some Goody bobby pins for $1 which is a good deal, the dollar store also sells a 100-pack Of their own brand of bobby pin.

I also found the hair donut for $1 which is good if you wanted to do a sock bun! It could also be a great gift for someone. They even have it in all hair shades from blonde to brown to black!

I found 2 scunci hair products there which is a steal! I found a pack of scrunchies which are coming back in style, and I also found a pack of regular elastics that come with a spiral twister hair tie! This is great for a stocking stuffer type of gift or just to have for yourself!

Of course I found the rubber band elastics which are great hair elastics and they are super cheap for 500 of them! I use these for braids, and half up half down hairstyles. They are really good if you have thin hair!

This Dollar Tree Trip had my DIY senses tingling. I found these really adorable plain to-go coffee mugs and you could definitely decorate these with a decal, sharpie paint markers and the list goes on! Such a cute buy!

I also found insulated tumbler to-go cups which were super cute! They usually have these in all different colors but I could only find bright green ones. These could also be DIY’ed and personalized!

Cups and cups galore! I found really chic glass mugs and these cute gray glass mugs which can be DIY’ed but can also be used for your home cupboard. They don’t look cheap, these are good quality!

I found super cute silver serving trays which can be used for decor, to serve food, or to put products on! I’ve used them before and they are very nice for the price.

I had also found these super cute coasters that have little graphic sayings on them! They are good quality coasters which usually would cost a fortune but these are only $1!

Moving more towards kitchen accessories, there is a paper towel holder. These holders can be extremely expensive but this one is only $1! This would be great for someone moving into their own house, apartment or college dorm!

I found these super cute rose gold mermaid tail nail clippers! These would be cute as a stocking stuffer type of gift or even for yourself! I’m obsessed especially because it looks like it would be from Forever 21, Charolette Russe or Icing!

I also found some cute tassel key chains which would be super cute as gifts and to put on your keys or backpack! They are good quality and I almost purchased them!

Lastly I found these super cute stationary stickers which would look super cute to decorate a binder, notebook, or even a cork board with! I thought they were super chic!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below what you think is the best deal out of everything I shared with you all!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Best Birthday Freebies And Deals (8/5/2018)

Tis’ the season to sing happy birthday to me! It’s my birthday on August 11th and I’m turning 21! For this post I’m going to be telling you all about the astronomical amount of opportunities you can have for freebies and great deals you get for your birthday! This is everything I am signed up for!


Sign up to get a free appetizer once you sign up and get a free dessert on your birthday.


Get 10% off your purchase when you sign up for ASOS.


Get a free product from Bareminerals when you sign up for their fab membership


Get a free dessert on your birthday at Chili’s when you sign up for an account!


Get a free 4-ct of mini Cinnabons when you sign up for an account and get a special treat on your birthday!

Cold Stone Creamery

Buy one get one ice cream at Cold Stone when you join My Cold Stone Club.


Get 20% off a shopDisney Purchase when you sign up for an account!


Get $5 rewards on your birthday when you sign up for DSW VIP.

Dairy Queen

Buy one get one small Blizzard at DQ when you sign up for Blizzard Fan Club.

Dunkin’ Donuts

When you join DD Perks you will get a free drink at sign up and a free beverage for your birthday!

Estée Lauder

Get 15% off an online purchase for your birthday when you join the estee e-list.


Get a complimentary entree up to $15 with a purchase of a second entree and a free dessert when you sign up for a Houlihans account.


Get a free stack of signature pancakes when you sign up for an IHOP Pancake Revolution account.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Sign up for Jersey Mike’s Subs account and get a free sub and 22 oz. soda on your birthday!

Kate Spade

Get a free Kate Spade pin at any Kate Spade store during the August month. You will get notified every month if you sign up for email showing you the pin and the nearest shop to you.


Get 50 bonus points added to your account when you sign up for a Kohl’s account!

Medieval Times

Get free admission for Medieval Times for your birthday when you sign up for their account.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Get a free burrito for your birthday when you sign up for a Moe’s account!

Pura Vida Bracelets

Joining Pura Vida Bracelets with an account allows you to get a deal of 50% off $30 or more!


Get a free movie rental from Redbox when you sign up for Redbox Perks and get a free movie rental for your birthday.

Rent The Runway

Get a free $25 towards any item on Rent The Runway for your birthday.


Get a free regular italian ice for your birthday when you sign up for a Rita’s account!


Get a free birthday gift of products from Sephora when you sign up to be a BeautyInsider.

Too Faced

Get a free makeup bag with any $50 purchase when you sign up for an account with Too Faced.


Get a free birthday gift of products at Ulta when you sign up for Ultimate Rewards.


Joining Wawa Rewards scores you a free drink for your birthday!

These are the freebies and deals available for your birthday! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below any other birthday freebies or deals you know about!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

My Favorite Boutique: Island Gypsy (7/11/2018)

Hey guys! On this blog we talk a lot about chain shops and I wanted to go beyond a chain store today and talk about a boutique that I love. There will be more posts like this, discussing boutiques I visit and love, to come!

My ultimate favorite boutique is Island Gypsy. This boutique can be found in Lavallette, Long Beach Island and Ocean City which are all major shore cities in New Jersey. So when people talk about the “Jersey Shore”, these are the places they mean! Island Gypsy is a very shabby chic, bohemian type store. I love the look of both the outside and the inside of the store.

I go to the Island Gypsy in Lavallette, NJ where there is a strip of different stores, restaurants and boutiques. So, I like to dress up a little bit for the occasion because we will be walking around the town and usually we go out to eat after. This trip I wore a tan dress from Forever 21, a blue wide brim fedora from Charolette Russe, and a pair of jean mules from ALDOs shoes. I did my makeup with the Life’s A Festival palette from Too Faced. I took a transition cream shade from a different palette but I then took the shade Desert Vibes from the Too Faced palette and blended this burnt orange shade into the crease. I then did a spotlight eyeshadow look by applying the peachy shimmer shade Euphoric to this middle of my lid. I then applied a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Leo to my lips.

I tried on a couple of outfits while I was at Island Gypsy to kind of give you all an idea of the clothes they sell there. Also, I tried on clothes because I was looking for something to buy! The clothing at the store as well as the accessories are all very good quality. Nothing seems cheaply made and the price points seem fair. At this store you will find a lot of trending clothes as well, so it’s almost like a one-stop-shop if you are looking for something cute and trendy.

I would be content with having more than half of this store as my closet. Everything is very much my style at this boutique, there is not one time I went into this shop and left without purchasing something. I had to restrain myself from picking up almost everything because I love the clothes that much. This fedora was one of those things!

There are also a lot of boutiques that I’ve been to that are way overpriced. Some of these boutiques charge crazy amounts of money for something that can be purchased cheaper somewhere else. But when it comes to Island Gypsy everything is generally affordable. My purchase was only $36 which is cheap for a boutique price. Everything is around $25-60.

Side note: I’m really thankful for Ryan and everything he does because he paid for my purchase as a gift. He wanted to get me something because I got mouth surgery and was really strong during it. I have a fear of the dentist and being put under anesthesia so I had to deal with two fears at once (I got all four of my wisdom teeth out)! Luckily for me, I picked out something that was cheaper so now he is going to take me to get my hair/nails done too!

I got a really cute tie-up, dark denim skirt from Island Gypsy. It only costed $36 and I’m in love with it! I can’t wait to pair this skirt with outfits.

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Stephanie Russell

Etsy Shop Review: Stylish Bride Accessories (6/30/2018)

Hey beauties! I really wanted to write another Etsy Shop Review for the third time this month (I’m really on a roll with these). If you have read my previous Etsy Shop Review posts you know that I love doing these because I like to shine a light on Etsy Shops that I’ve had great experiences purchasing from. This time I’m reviewing the Etsy Shop Stylish Bride Accessories.

This Etsy Shop specializes in hand making items like tulle skirts, lace crop tops, tulle dresses, satin dresses, flower crowns, sequin tops, velvet tops, plain tops and more. I had made a purchase from here for my 20th birthday last year and I am still in awe over how amazing my purchase turned out.

I got a handmade tulle skirt to wear for my 20th birthday party. I chose to have the skirt made in the sky blue color and I was so obsessed. This Etsy Shop really made my 20th birthday party special, and this skirt made me feel like a princess. I paired it with a white ruffled tube top from ASOS and a diamond crown necklace.

I was even obsessed with how great of quality this skirt was. The tulle wasn’t cheap and scratchy, it was the high end tulle that was soft. When I ordered this I had so many requests, questions and I needed it to get to me within two weeks time (which was definitely a challenge since it came from Ukraine and I live in the US). The woman who runs this shop was more than helpful, she answered all of my questions, listened to all of my requests and got it to me a few days before I needed it. The skirt costed $78 but it was well worth it.

I recommend checking out this Etsy Shop and if you are looking for a tulle skirt… this is definitely where to get one. Here is the link to the Etsy Shop: Stylish Bride Accessories Etsy Shop! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Also, comment down below what item you like most from Stylish Bride Accessories Etsy Shop after checking it out!

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Stephanie Russell

Etsy Shop Review: Ali & Ariel (6/26/2018)

Hey beauties! I am back with another Etsy shop review! I love reviewing Etsy shops because I want to give you guys the scoop on the amazing shops I’ve purchased from on Etsy. Sharing the shops that have quality products and bring their shops to light is something that I enjoy doing and this time this shop is Ali & Ariel.

I have made a purchase from this shop and was very happy with what I received. Ali & Ariel carry a ton of sorority shirts, pants, hats and more that can be customized and also (for those not involved in a sorority) there are a ton of cute products not sorority related too! I want to share some of the shirts I am absolutely loving from this shop right now.

I am totally loving these shirts and I love that this Etsy Shop has a good mix of non-sorority shirts and sorority shirts! Everything is very affordable, most shirts are $24 plus shipping. These shirts are on my wishlist and I’m looking to purchase one of these soon!

From this shop I purchased a sorority shirt with white cacti drawings on it and in white script it says Zeta Tau Alpha. I am absolutely obsessed with this shirt. It has such a cute design and the shirt itself is great quality (it’s also super soft)! I usually have trouble with finding sorority shirts that I actually would want to wear in public as an outfit, I’m not big on wearing crazy graphic tees or letters everywhere but this is definitely a sorority shirt I can get away with wearing in public and still look stylish!

I really recommend checking out Ali & Ariel’s Etsy Shop and making a purchase from there, you will not be disappointed! Here is the link to the Etsy Shop: Ali & Ariel Etsy Shop! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below what your favorite item is from the Ali & Ariel Etsy Shop after checking it out!

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Stephanie Russell