My Big Lots Shopping Experience (9/23/2019)

Hey y’all! First off I want to say happy fall, as today is the first day of fall. Which means there’s a lot of fall related things coming up at Not Too Shabby Chic Fashion. Second of all I wanted to talk about my shopping experience at Big Lots today and of course a haul of what I got (ANOTHER haul? Not a shocker)!

Today as I was scrolling through my Influenster I realized there was a ton of amazing Virtual VoxBoxes that I qualified for and lucky enough for me I qualified for the Big Lots one! Big Lots gave me a complimentary shopping trip for their Back To Campus campaign and testing! I am so thankful for it too!

I ran into Big Lots and the moment I walked in I was greeted by a worker and asked if I needed any help. The nice woman directed me towards the decor section where I proceeded to pick out a bunch of decor. Luckily Ryan stopped me and reminded me that we wouldn’t have the wall space for EVERYTHING. But, I did leave with two gorgeous pieces that I am obsessed with.

Big Lots is such a nice store and they basically have everything that you would need for a home, dorm or apartment all in one place! You can even get groceries! What I love most about Big Lots is how affordable everything is. I was able to get both of my decor pieces for less than $16, plus if you sign up for a rewards card you get $5 after 3 purchases from Big Lots. Which means I’m two purchases from my first $5 reward!

The two pieces of decor I got are “the future is bright” wooden sign and the white and gold Aztec design jewelry box. They look so cute on my new shelf! I definitely recommend going here, and I want to thank Influenster and Big Lots for the complimentary shopping opportunity for testing!

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Shop My Poshmark Closet (8/7/2019)

Hey fashionistas! As many of you know, I am a “Posher”. I love to purchase things on Poshmark all the time! In today’s post I will be explaining Poshmark for those of you who don’t know what Poshmark is and I will be talking about how you can purchase some of my own clothes!

Poshmark is an amazing app that allows you to purchase items that are second-hand and basically new/ lightly used in terms of quality. You can purchase items from other peoples closets and you can even purchase from someone’s boutique on the app. A boutique is like shopping online where you can purchase brand new items! If you are the one that is selling, Poshmark takes a small percentage of your sale but the person that purchases your item pays for a prepaid shipping label. So, the only thing a Poshmark seller has to do is sell the item, print the shipping label, purchase a shipment box or bag, and send it out!

Poshmark is an amazing app and as a purchaser, you can negotiate a price for an item being sold, get discounts on bundling multiple items through certain closets and get great deals! What is great about this app is that anyone can sell, purchase and start a boutique! It’s a simple way to make some extra cash. I sell and purchase on Poshmark myself and can attest to all the great things that Poshmark is.

Speaking of being a seller on Poshmark, here is the link to my closet: Stephanie’s Poshmark Closet. You can now browse my Poshmark closet and purchase my clothes! If you are interested in joining Poshmark feel free to use my referral code for $10 when you sign up to go towards your next purchase.

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Charolette Russe Re-Opened: What I Bought And First Impressions (7/24/2019)

Hey y’all! So, as we all know, Charolette Russe closed and everyone was extremely sad for a while because that was a store that so many of us enjoyed and for some of us, it was a staple from our pre-teen hood like me. I always remembered saving all of the money that I had, to go to Charolette Russe on Friday night and I picked out a few cute crop tops from the $5 clearance section. When they closed a lot of people were upset but then we found out that they had re-opened. 

A lot of people, including myself felt like they were misled because of the whole closing process but I now have come to understand that they are under new management and re-opened the same way that Aeropostle was closed and re-opened. It took me a long while to get into one of the Charolette Russe stores because I have had so much going on lately but I have finally made it there.
My first impressions of the new Charolette Russe was that it was not really my style anymore. I don’t know how to explain it but I felt like I walked into Charolette Russe back in 2012. I also feel like the price points are a little higher than they were before but the shoes seem too be a bit cheaper which is a plus. I definitely don’t see myself going to Charolette Russe to look for an outfit anytime soon. But, I did find something to purchase!
I grabbed two pairs of really cute shoes. One pair are these super cute cream colored wedges that are chunky and super cute, and then I got a pair of these suede pink chunky heels. They are pretty good quality in my opinion and both pairs only costed me $25. I like the price points of the shoes more than I like the price points of the clothes. I am still sad that the style of Charolette Russe changed because it used to be a store I would go to often to find a bunch of items that are affordable and cute and now I can barely walk out with a complete outfit.
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Etsy Shop Review: SewAwesomeStore (7/19/2019)

Hi fashionistas! In today’s post I will be reviewing another Etsy Shop! I just recently reviewed a store and I have so many more stores to review! I love getting the word out about small businesses because like I said in my last Etsy Shop review, I believe in supporting small business owners. Plus, Etsy is a great way to get great quality gifts or personalized items! 

The Etsy Shop I’m reviewing today is SewAwesomeStore, this Etsy Shop sells embroidered baseball hats and beanies. I recently finished all Marvel movies which actually completed the Infiniti Series. I came late to the fandom but I love all Marvel movies, especially all of the Iron Man movies. So, once I saw End Game I felt like I needed something nice to wear and showcase my love for the MCU but also for Iron Man. 
I decided to go to Etsy and see if I can find something that I could wear causally and I ended up visiting the SewAwesomeStore where I found an Iron Man baseball hat. I purchased the hat and once I got it I realized that the product was an amazing quality and I loved the hat! I actually asked for a personalization because I wanted a yellow hat but I didn’t want the gold and red iron man mask. I requested to have a gray-scale version of the mask on the hat and I got exactly what I asked for and of course Ryan like it so much he stole it to wear (lol)! I definitely recommend checking this Etsy Shop out and purchasing something from them! They have hundreds of different hats, if you are interested in purchasing your own you can find them here:  SewAwesomeStore Etsy Shop
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Etsy Shop Review: HuntsHandCraftedWood (7/16/2019)

Hey y’all! I am here with a blog post that I absolutely love doing which is Etsy Shop reviews! For me there is something amazing about sharing Etsy Shops and bringing light to some small stores that others might not know about! I love shopping on Etsy and I also love supporting small business owners. Today I will be discussing the item I got from the Etsy Store HuntsHandCraftedWood! 

When I found out that I got a job the second thing that went through my mind was that I want a name tag. So, I took to searching online and there was a ton of really cool items but nothing that resonated with me and my personality. I didn’t want something showy or business-y I wanted to to have an airy, calm and chic aesthetic to it. That is more me than anything else. So once I found HuntsHandCraftedWood Etsy Shop I was elated. 
I got my name tag in the mail and it was absolutely perfect. It is such an amazing crafted piece and honestly I think this would be the perfect gift for a new college grad or for someone who just got their first job. I am very happy with my purchase and if you would like to order one for yourself or as a gift you can find it here:  HuntsHandCraftedWood
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The Best Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts (6/16/2019)

Hey y’all! I had done one of these posts for Mother’s Day and I wanted to do another for Fathers Day to help out my fellow procrastinators (I’m kidding, I’m kidding)! Like I said in the post for Mother’s Day, sometimes life gets in the way and we forget or don’t have time to get something for Mother’s Day or Fathers Day.

I think it’s important to have some last minute gift ideas especially for those of us that are waiting until today to grab the gift. There’s no better minute than last minute, right?! So let’s stop jibber jabbering and get to the last minute gifts (we don’t have that much time):

• DIY Keychain of a picture of you both- At Michaels they have small frame charms that can easily be turned into a keychain!

• A DIY wood burned hammer- If you have or are willing to purchase a wood burner, go grab a hammer and write your Dad a cute message on a handyman tool!

• Make him his favorite meal or bake him his favorite dessert- This is a great small gesture that you can use as a gift.

• Get him a Groupon to do something together at a future date- There’s nothing like a gift that creates memories.

• Pick up some comfy slippers and fill them with his favorite candies and snacks- JCPennys, Marshall’s And Boscovs usually have some good slippers for an affordable price.

• DIY photo block- Grab a wooden block from Michaels or your local craft store, measure the side of the squares, print out pictures to fit around the whole block at home, then mod podge it!

• A new shirt/shoes/socks/etc- Some men are simple and might just be okay with a new shirt or some new sneakers.

• Buy him something for his hobby- if your father is like mine he has a few hobbies and what better way to get an idea for a quick gift than what he likes to do with his spare time. For example: My dad loves cars, so I’ll run to the store and grab him some car wash and wax and maybe pair it with a trip to a local car show.

• Grab him his favorite beer/whiskey/wine etc.- If your dad likes beer or a specific alcohol then get it for him. For example: Ryan’s dad likes to drink wine and smoke cigars so I made him a huge basket with two wines, cheese to pair it with, some nice wine glasses and a few cigars.

• DIY Mug- A mug is always a good go-to and all you need to personalize a ceramic mug is a sharpie paint marker and an oven!

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What I Found In Marshall’s (6/6/2019)

Hey beauties! I will be taking you shopping with me as I made a trip to Marshall’s today. I always forget about going to Marshall’s I don’t know why but it’s always the store that slips my mind. I guess because in my town it’s in a plaza that’s very out of the way but for some reason I barely ever remember to go there. Recently, I had gone to Marshall’s with one of my best friends and we went shopping together. She also works at TJ Maxx which is the same type of company so she was able to get me her employee discount!
We had such a good time shopping I completely forgot how much I love Marshall’s, I appreciate the store even more now that I’m an adult because as a kid I would go there for school shopping only. I wanted to talk to y’all today about some of the amazing makeup I found in Marshall’s! I’m talking name brand makeup!

As you can see in these photos there are NARS, Perricone MD, Covergirl, Becca and Elf Cosmetics foundations. There were Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, Smashbox and Kat Von D products. I even found Laura Mercier translucent setting powder (which of course I purchased)! What makes this find even better is the price point, a lot of this stuff is more than half off. I found a Becca highlighter palette for only $17, I found some Too Faced Peach finishing powder for $8 and a Nars highlighter for $7! I was thrown for a loop when I found these products.
I asked my friend who works in TJ Maxx and she said that she sees a lot of different types of products come into her store as well that are name brand. I seriously suggest going to Marshall’s and even TJ Maxx if you are looking for good makeup for at an affordable price point.
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Forever 21 Purchase Haul (6/1/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I have a really trendy $200 Forever 21 purchase haul for y’all today! I am super addicted to shopping at Forever 21 and it’s probably because the fashion is so affordable, and the quality is very good for the price. They also have tons of coupons, sales and deals all the time and usually it’s hard to pass that up especially when you’re always looking for new items to add to your wardrobe like me!

Recently I realized that I need a revamp of my closet because I got into that rut of wearing the same outfits over and over again. This gets me very frustrated and that’s when I know that my style is changing, and I need to shop for things that align with my evolving style. So, of course I hit the town and went shopping at Forever 21 to start because I wanted a revamp, but I didn’t want to spend everything I had. With all my shopping I was able to find some super cute items that I just have to share!

The first thing that I got was a tan cropped button-down long sleeve shirt that would be prefect for spring and fall, a blue off-the-shoulder flower embroidered top and a rust colored terry cloth cropped sweater that would be perfect for a cozy fall outfit. I then got a super cute summery pink ruffle tank top, a camel colored boxy button-down tee, and a plunging twist-front cream long sleeve top which would be perfect for the springtime and autumn and could be paired with super cute bralettes.

Additionally, I got a beautiful ombre dress that I hope to wear this summer, a green jean jumpsuit that I plan on wearing this coming fall, and I also got some super cute hair tie scarves, a pair of tortoise shell patterned earrings and matching cat-eye sunglasses.

Then I had to get this green comfy long sleeve t-shirt and my favorite purchase out of the whole shopping spree was this super cute denim overall dress. Another item I loved was this very soft cream poncho and I plan on pairing that with these super cute orange striped pants!

Lastly, I, of course, got an outfit for my new job when I picked out this cream and black longline collared duster. I plan on wearing this with a pair of black work pants, a white top and pairing it with these super cute pointed toe burgundy mules. I absolutely love them and the bow on the mules us what truly drew me to them. Overall, I am extremely happy with everything that I got. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content. Make sure you comment down below what your favorite piece was from this haul!

-Stay Chic,

Best Bridal Shower Gifts (5/16/2019)

Hey beauties, today’s post is in theme to where I’m going right now. I am on my way to my cousin’s bridal shower and I couldn’t be more excited for the shower but also of course, for my cousin! I wanted to do a post on the best bridal shower gifts because I’ve run into a problem before that I’m sure we can all relate to, WHAT DO YOU BUY WHEN THERE IS NOTHING AFFORDABLE LEFT ON THE REGISTRY?! For my cousin’s gift I was able to get something off of her registry but I’ve ran into this problem before. So what do you do? You use my list of MUST HAVE gifts that any bride would love:

  • Kate Spade Metal Pot Holder
  • Beautiful Tea Set
  • Hamper/ Laundry Basket
  • Nice Wine Glasses
  • Metal Bar Cart
  • Nice Set of Serving Dishes/Bowls
  • Decor for their house (as long as you know their style)
  • A multi-use dip platter
  • Cake/ Dessert Stands
  • Useful kitchen utensils
  • Blanket and throw pillows (a good filler if you get a gift card or with other gifts)
  • Gift Card for Target, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, HomeGoods (or wherever their registry is with)
  • Personalized items (personalized wall decor, kitchen items etc)

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Best Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts (5/12/2019)

Hello beauties, I hope your day is going well! I’m here with a post about last minute Mother’s Day gifts because it is so important to get your mother a gift for Mother’s Day and sometimes with our busy lives, we can be forgetful. So, you wont have to show up with nothing but an “I’m Sorry” this Mother’s Day with these quick, and easy last minute gift ideas! Let’s stop wasting time and get started so you can get your gifts as soon as possible:

  • A personally wood burned wooden spoon set or wooden cutting board
  • Bouquet of flowers and a pretty necklace
  • Picture album with family pictures inside
  • Something for her favorite hobby (my Mom likes birds so a go-to gift for me is a bird house, a bird feeder etc.)
  • Necklace or other jewelry (Target has ones that have little messages that go along with the necklace)
  • A personalized DIY mug (all you need is a plain mug and a paint marker Sharpie, draw on the mug and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes)
  • New outfit (if your mom is always worrying about others, odds are she doesn’t spend money or worry about herself. She might need a new outfit!)
  • Potted plant/flower
  • Gift certificate for her to get her hair or nails done
  • A massage from Hand and Stone/spa
  • Pay her bills (your mom spent a lot of time paying for you your whole life so pay her back on Mother’s Day by paying her bills for a whole month)
  • Baked goods
  • Something for you and your mom to do together (I once bought my Mom concert tickets for her and I)
  • Buy her dinner
  • Bring her to her favorite place (as long as your family doesn’t already have plans for the day. If so, then schedule a day to bring her to her favorite place)
  • Bottle of wine or her favorite drink

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