New Shoes: August 2019 (8/25/2019)

Hey fashionistas! If you read my last “New Shoes” post you’d already know that I had cancelled my JustFab subscription because I literally have no room for all of these shoes. I absolutely love JustFab and I will eventually return to getting their shoes, but for now with my storage situation I just have no more room for these shoes.

About two years ago I decided to join JustFab because I felt that my shoe collection was completely full of shoes that didn’t resonate with my style any longer but more importantly were beaten up. I needed new shoes desperately so I joined JustFab to get more shoes that I like and to build my shoe selection.

Well, here we are 2 years later and now I have more shoes than I know what to do with. It’s not a bad thing but my room cannot suffice with the amount of stuff I am accumulating. I already had to take over two other bedrooms in my house for all of my items. Although that sounds like a dream come true, trust me it’s more trouble than it’s worth. So I cancelled my subscription but with the leftover points I had, I got a ton of shoes before I left to hold me over for my “New Shoes” posts until I figure out my storage situation.

This month I wanted to show y’all the super cute pair of silk pink heels that I got from JustFab. They are very classy looking and I love the pointed toe with the knot detail on the shoe. They are also extremely comfortable for a pair of high heels. What I like most is that this is a light pink color which will really match any outfit if I tried hard enough. Some pink shoes are hard to match to everything, but these I think are perfect for wearing with a ton of different outfit combinations.

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New Shoes: July 2019 (7/31/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I wanted to share my new shoes of July 2019! I know I had said before that I cancelled my JustFab shoe subscription because I have SOOO many shoes now. Honestly, I’m not even kidding I literally have no room for any of the shoes that I have currently so I had to put an end to it. It was definitely sad because I love JustFab but reorganizing my whole shoe closet and organization system every time I get a new pair of shoes is kind of getting old for me.

So, I did cancel it but I was able to use the last of my credits as a JustFab subscriber to get a few pairs of shoes that will last me for a while so I can share them with y’all and once that dies out I will be sharing new shoes of each month that I had purchased that aren’t JustFab.

This month I wanted to share a beautiful pair of gray velvet heels that I had gotten from JustFAb just before cancelling my subscription. I had needed a nice pair of gray heels for a while. I definitely want one or two more pairs because in all honesty there are different shades of gray that I need. I got a darker shade of gray with these shoes and I am totally loving them! They’re pointed toe heels and they have ruffles which add an extra layer of design and texture to these cute heels.

I believe they were on sale plus there was a buy one get one sale on top of the cheap price so I was able to get these heels for around $12 from JustFab. It honestly is such an amazing deal and I will definitely be wearing these often so it is a “totally worth it” purchase! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for notifications for when I post new content! Also, make sure that you comment down below what you think of these heels!


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Adidas Purchase Haul And Try-On (7/10/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I have another haul for y’all today but today’s haul has to do with sneakers. During my Daytona trip we got stuck in the rain and I was wearing my white Adidas sports sneakers. Well, I happened to be on a grass field when the storm hit and the field ended up getting extremely muddy in a small amount of time. After the storm my shoes were no longer white, they were a light shade of brown. 

So, I needed to replace my white sneakers especially because there was no saving those sneakers. I didn’t even bother packing them in my bag to go home. I actually left the muddy shoes in my hotel room trash can because there was no actual point in saving them. They smelled bad, and they were still soaking wet and dirty. 
I ended up getting two other pairs because they were only $45 each, which is pretty cheap for a pair of nice Adidas sneakers. I got them in white, black and in blue. The sneakers are extremely comfortable, I can attest to that because I spent over 15 hours a day walking around in them while working. I was also carrying camera equipment with me the whole time too. I love these sneakers and I recommend trying them out. If you’re interested in your own pair you can get them here: 
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New Shoes: June 2019 (6/20/2019)
Hey fashionistas! I am starting a new post called “New Shoes” and this post will be happening every month. As you may or may not be aware of, I recently got rid of my JustFab but I did have enough points left over to cash in for a few pairs of shoes which I will be writing posts about. But, instead of covering my JustFab shoes I will be covering any new shoes I get for that month that I feel are worth mentioning.
I am a huge fan of shoes and it all started when I first joined JustFab, I joined it because it was almost like a monthly subscription service but you get to choose which shoes you get each month. Plus, they always had amazing deals on their website that included 60% off sales, and even BOGO sales! It was extremely worth it and it truly did help me in building my shoe collection. Before I had maybe 4 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of sneakers, 2 boots and 1 pair of sandals. In retrospect that isn’t a lot, especially when you are trying to run a fashion and beauty blog. 
I love JustFab and I will always advocate to join their VIP Membership if you think it suits you and your lifestyle. I cancelled my membership because I have SO MANY SHOES. Not only from JustFab but other stores as well and I just don’t have the room for the amount of shoes I already have. So I am taking a hiatus until my storage situation or living situation changes. 
With all of that being said, lets get into this month’s new shoe that I had purchased. Since this is a relatively new type of post I only have one pair of shoes to share but they are a super cute pair if I have to say so myself. I purchased a cute pair of tan suede buckle sandals, these are a fake version of Birkenstock sandals that I got for $20 from Target and they are so comfortable and fashionable. I have styled these shoes with a plain t-shirt and a rolled up pair of ripped jeans to a nice linen material yellow blouse and some rolled up mom jeans. I definitely recommend purchasing these shoes and if you’re interested in your own pair you can get them here:
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Soda Shoes Haul (6/19/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I had just made a shoe purchase that is making me super excited to share with you! I’ve only heard of Soda shoes once or twice and I think once I heard of them while shopping on Amazon for some cute shoes. I read the comments and they mentioned that they weren’t sure if the shoes sold on Amazon were authentic Soda shoes or not but nonetheless they were cute. Recently, I decided I wanted to try and buy a pair of shoes off of SHEIN. I purchased a bunch of clothes (which will be in it’s own separate haul) so I decided I was going to also get a pair of shoes. 

The shoes came in a Soda box and I was actually really excited to finally try these Soda shoes on and also hoping that I didn’t run into the same problem as the woman on Amazon. I got a cute pair of cheetah espadrilles. I am not sure if I am more excited to have my first pair of espadrilles or that they are actually super cute when I tried them on. I paired these shoes with a very chic outfit. I wore some medium washed ripped denim jeans, a fuzzy white sweater, the cheetah espadrilles and I paired it with some light tan and brown tortoise shell patterned earrings.
I was very happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend purchasing these shoes! If you are interested in purchasing your own pair you can find them here: 
If you are interested in the whole outfit you can find similar pieces here: 
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Missguided Purchase Haul (6/11/2019)

Hi fashionistas! I have yet another haul for y’all today and I am so excited to show you what I got! I’ve recently been seeing a lot of ads for Missguided and I have been wanting to purchase from them for a while, but I just never do. I finally caved when there were a pair of shoes that I saw somewhere for $80 and I had to search for a cheaper version. I really didn’t want to spend so much on these shoes, but I found that Missguided had them for less than half the price!

The shoes I got from Missguided are these super cute transparent plastic mules with a nude heel. Once I saw them I knew that I needed them. The only complaint that I have is that at first they were a little tough breaking them in which is to be expected because of the rough edges but after wearing them a few times they are perfect.

I paired these shoes with a pair of jeans that I got from Showpo, a white fuzzy sweater I got from SHEIN and I topped the whole outfit off with a tan conductor hat I got from JustFab a while ago! I am obsessed with these shoes and if you’re interested in your own pair you can get a similar pair here: Missguided Clear Mules


If you are interested in the whole outfit you can get similar items here:

Nordstrom White Fuzzy Sweater

Showpo Remy Jeans


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ASOS Purchase Haul (5/30/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I’m back with another haul (shocker) but this time its a haul for ASOS. This is another one of my favorite stores. They always have amazing items on their website and it’s super cool because they also offer a 10% off student discount. I will probably be doing a post about stores that give student discounts soon too! I love stores that do this because they know that being a student is super expensive in itself.

Well, ever since cheetah has been in style, I have been looking for some super cute cheetah boots that will give me that fun yet trendy look that I’m going for. It was one of those situations where I saw a super cute outfit on Pinterest but can’t find any of the pieces the person is wearing. That really annoys me, but I usually try to purchase something that is similar to what they have but not exact.

I was browsing ASOS for no particular reason, but I ended up finding the cutest pair of cheetah boots. I really love that these boots are pointed toe boots because it gives them a unique look. I also like that they aren’t a neutral cheetah print or a cool-toned cheetah print. It’s more of a warm tones yellow-ish cheetah print. It’s definitely something different than what I’m used to seeing but they are a beautiful pair of boots and I can’t wait to wear them for autumn!

The way I would style these boots is with some acid wash or distressed black jeans with these super cute cheetah print boots and I would wear a rust or warm tone tan colored sweater/ shirt! I am super happy with this purchase and if you’re interested in these boots you can get similar ones here: ASOS Cheetah Boots and if you are interested in the rest of this outfit you can get it here:

Urban Outfitters Black Distressed Jeans

Forever 21 Rust Colored Sweater

-Stay Chic,

May JustFab 2019 (5/14/2019)

Hi everyone! So, I have some bad news. I am taking yet another break from JustFab and I’m gonna let you know why… I have so many points! I gained so many points for being involved with JustFab for so long that it’s basically sitting money. So I cancelled my membership with them and used all of my points to get a bunch of pairs of shoes. I will still be doing JustFab posts but I will be revealing all of the shoes and products that I got with all of my JustFab points over these next few months. From now on the JustFab posts will basically be the JustFab shoe collection/ reveal.

Luckily, as I was cancelling I chose one last pair of shoes for this month before I started transitioning over to a reveal type post. So I got a cute pair of shoes to show y’all for this May of 2019! I already wore them and I am super obsessed, these will be great not just for the springtime but also for autumn which is around the corner (says a lover of fall at anytime of the year, lol)!

These are the booties I got from JustFab and I am super obsessed with them! When I saw these I knew they were perfect for me because I already pictured them with a whole bunch of outfits in my head. They are a camel colored faux suede open toe bootie with a wooden heel. Also, just in time for wooden heels and cork heels to make a comeback. I can’t wait to pair these with all of my super cute spring and autumn outfits.

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Primark Haul (4/15/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I, of course, went on a huge shopping spree recently with one of my best friends and we ventured our way into Primark. I ended up spending more than I anticipated but I’m super happy with everything I got. Primark is such an amazing store because everything is super affordable.

I got a ton of stuff but I actually ended up purchasing about five pairs of shoes. The shoes were on sale from $5-$10 and I was in my heaven. I got so many cute pairs of shoes on top of some clothes that I decided to purchase. I asked a worker why the shoes were on sale for so cheap and she said it was because fall/winter is over so they are super discounted. So naturally I needed five pairs.

I got this really cute fedora straw hat because I needed a new beach hat. I only have the beach hat from Lulus and it’s basically falling apart so I got this one. I love the way it looks on me and I like that I can cover the scarf on the hat with another scarf to match my outfit.

Speaking of scarves, I also got this really cute yellow scarf. For some reason I’ve been super drawn to tassels lately as well as the color yellow (I think the spring-lover in me is coming out). But I couldn’t not have this cute piece in my wardrobe.

Next up, the five pairs of shoes I got! Of course as I was buying all of these shoes I asked myself “Do I seriously need these many shoes” to I replied “yes”. I got these seriously adorable black pairs. I’ve been searching for plain black booties but couldn’t find them anywhere and alas Primark had both them for $5 and $10. I also got a cute rust pair which is another color of boot that I was looking for. The next pair I got were these cheetah ones. I recently got cheetah boots from ASOS but then I realized after I got them in the mail, they were more of a yellow-ish cheetah and I really wanted a pair of brownish cheetah. Then lastly I got a pair of brown boots with super cute tassels on them.

The last thing I got from Primark is a cute pair of cream/tan linen shorts. I’ve been trying to buy more pairs of shorts because I barely have any. So I got a cute pair of shorts that would match everything I have.

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-Stay Chic,

JustFab Shoes That Are On My Wishlist (10/19/2018)

We’ve all been there, where we go online and instead of shopping we add everything we’d want to our account wishlist or put it all in our check out basket and never actually buy it. I do that constantly with JustFab. I have a ton of shoes on my wishlist this fall and I want to share them with you all.

If you don’t know what JustFab is, it’s an online subscription that costs $39.95 a month and each month you get to choose a pair of shoes, a purse, clothes or accessories to spend that $39.95 credit on. What’s amazing is that if you forget to purchase one month JustFab keeps track of all your credits. You also can skip months if there is nothing you want to buy or just want to save that money. It’s east to cancel and if you are interested in signing up feel free to use my referral link to get a deal on your first order:

So here is what’s on my wishlist!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your thoughts are on these shoes. Are there any shoes you want? Which ones are your favorite?

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell