Primark Haul (4/15/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I, of course, went on a huge shopping spree recently with one of my best friends and we ventured our way into Primark. I ended up spending more than I anticipated but I’m super happy with everything I got. Primark is such an amazing store because everything is super affordable.

I got a ton of stuff but I actually ended up purchasing about five pairs of shoes. The shoes were on sale from $5-$10 and I was in my heaven. I got so many cute pairs of shoes on top of some clothes that I decided to purchase. I asked a worker why the shoes were on sale for so cheap and she said it was because fall/winter is over so they are super discounted. So naturally I needed five pairs.

I got this really cute fedora straw hat because I needed a new beach hat. I only have the beach hat from Lulus and it’s basically falling apart so I got this one. I love the way it looks on me and I like that I can cover the scarf on the hat with another scarf to match my outfit.

Speaking of scarves, I also got this really cute yellow scarf. For some reason I’ve been super drawn to tassels lately as well as the color yellow (I think the spring-lover in me is coming out). But I couldn’t not have this cute piece in my wardrobe.

Next up, the five pairs of shoes I got! Of course as I was buying all of these shoes I asked myself “Do I seriously need these many shoes” to I replied “yes”. I got these seriously adorable black pairs. I’ve been searching for plain black booties but couldn’t find them anywhere and alas Primark had both them for $5 and $10. I also got a cute rust pair which is another color of boot that I was looking for. The next pair I got were these cheetah ones. I recently got cheetah boots from ASOS but then I realized after I got them in the mail, they were more of a yellow-ish cheetah and I really wanted a pair of brownish cheetah. Then lastly I got a pair of brown boots with super cute tassels on them.

The last thing I got from Primark is a cute pair of cream/tan linen shorts. I’ve been trying to buy more pairs of shorts because I barely have any. So I got a cute pair of shorts that would match everything I have.

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JustFab Shoes That Are On My Wishlist (10/19/2018)

We’ve all been there, where we go online and instead of shopping we add everything we’d want to our account wishlist or put it all in our check out basket and never actually buy it. I do that constantly with JustFab. I have a ton of shoes on my wishlist this fall and I want to share them with you all.

If you don’t know what JustFab is, it’s an online subscription that costs $39.95 a month and each month you get to choose a pair of shoes, a purse, clothes or accessories to spend that $39.95 credit on. What’s amazing is that if you forget to purchase one month JustFab keeps track of all your credits. You also can skip months if there is nothing you want to buy or just want to save that money. It’s east to cancel and if you are interested in signing up feel free to use my referral link to get a deal on your first order:

So here is what’s on my wishlist!

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Stephanie Russell

Charolette Russe Shoe Sale Purchase (10/11/2018)

Hey fashionistas! Charolette Russe had a pretty awesome sale on shoes recently. The shoes that were on clearance were up to an extra 70% off! There were so many pairs that had to be no more than $15. Especially shoes that were originally $35. I was in my glory, the only thing about these sales is that you have to get on the website as soon as you can otherwise your size will sell out.

So, I really wanted to share with you all the pair of shoes I got from this sale. I did get to the sale late which means there wasn’t much left in my size (6 1/2). But I did end up finding one pair that I absolutely loved and that I am now completely obsessed with. More so now that I have seen them in person. They are definitely my style and I couldn’t be more excited to style these!

I got these buckled and strappy open toed heels. They seem like they’d be great for spring, summer and fall! I am excited to see what kinds of outfits I will pair with these adorable shoes. I got these shoes for $13! It was such a bargain especially because previous to this I saw similar shoes at Target and they were $40! I’m happy I held off in purchasing these.

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Stephanie Russell

October JustFab 2018 Unboxing (10/10/2018)

Hey fashionistas, I’m here with this month’s JustFab unboxing. If you don’t know about JustFab, it is a monthly “subscription” to an online website that is known for its affordable gorgeous shoes. This is $39.95 a month and each month you get to use your credit of $39.95 to get a pair of shoes, a purse, clothes and even jewelry of your choosing. It’s so worth it and it’s even great if you don’t need a pair of shoes one month– I like to save the credit and use it to buy gifts for family or even just splurge on a bunch of shoes at once. You can also skip a month and it’s easy to cancel if you realize it’s not for you!

This month I was super excited to get the shoes I had ordered because they are so cute for this fall! I was anticipating getting these booties so I can pair them up with some cute and chic outfits to wear out. I ended up getting two pairs this month because I had some saved up credits.

These are the super chic booties I picked out for myself! The one pair is a white pair of boots that are such amazing quality. Of course white booties are so in right now and I just had to grab a pair. I then got a vibrant pair of reddish orange booties. I wanted a vibrant fall color so I can give some neutral color outfits pizazz this season. I absolutely loved everything I got and I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember to subscribe for email notifications and make sure you comment down below what your thoughts are on these shoes.

If you are interested in joining JustFab feel free to use my referral link:

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Stephanie Russell

Nordstrom Purchase Haul (10/8/2018)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop in and talk about a recent purchase I made from Nordstrom. Thanks to my boyfriend Ryan (who got me a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday) I was able to make this purchase. I am so excited about this purchase and it’s definitely something that will help revamp the contents of my closet.

I got a really cute pair of Steve Madden fashion sneakers in pink. I never have sporty sneakers other than the Nike pair I wear to the gym, but nothing just for fashion. I figured it was time for a change when I looked for something cute and sporty to wear and I had nothing.

So I’m happy about getting these super cute sneakers and I look forward to wearing them. I actually got these sneakers that were originally $65 on sale at Nordstrom for about $35 plus shipping! It was a steal and I was happy to add these gorgeous sneakers to my cart.

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Stephanie Russell

Charolette Russe Purchase Haul And Try On (8/20/2018)

Hey fashionistas! I am in all honesty on a roll with these haul posts. If you want to see more or less of these posts please comment down below because I don’t want to go super overkill with these. I have just been doing a lot of shopping with my birthday gift cards and I love to share what I got!

Charolette Russe was recently having a huge sale on shoes, an extra 50% off sale price! Some pairs of shoes were even as low as $5. I went online and had to find myself some cute shoes. Problem was, I came late to the game and there was slim pickings. Any cute shoes were in sizes I couldn’t and wouldn’t fit in. But I scrolled all the way to the second to last page and found these lavender beauties! Luckily, there was still some of my size in stock and I was able to snag these for $10.07!

I’ve had my eye on furry sandal heeled shoes like this for a while. I didn’t want to buy a plain color because I felt it would be a waste of money to buy another pair of tan or black shoes. So I waited and waited until the perfect pair came along and they finally did for such an affordable price of $10.07. I was completely in love, especially since lavender is very much in style right now. I am so happy with this purchase!

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Stephanie Russell

July JustFab (7/30/2018)

My JustFab is here and I couldn’t be more excited! I picked out a very cute pair of shoes and I am obsessed. I was waiting for these shoes to get in and now I get to share them with you, finally! JustFab is a monthly payment of $39.95 and you are able to use that credit towards a purchase of shoes, handbags, clothes and even accessories! I signed up for JustFab because I felt that I didn’t have a lot of shoes that I liked to wear. Now, I feel that I have more shoes than I ever hoped for. It’s a great membership to have and I recommend trying it out.

I got a pair of super cute bow fashion slip-on sneakers. I got the pink suede pair and I really love them! They are super comfortable and make any outfit look chic. I’ve had my eye on these for a while, I have seen them at Francesca’s, Lulus and even Charolette Russe. I never ended up purchasing them but once I saw these on JustFab I had to have them.

The bow look is something that I have really been liking lately, I got bow sandals from ALDOs and even bow mules from JCPennys. So, to top off my bow shoe collection I got these bow fashion sneakers from JustFab. I love my shoe collection now and if you want to expand your shoe collection I recommend joining JustFab. If you’re interested in joining JustFab feel free to use my referral link that will give you a discount on your first pair of shoes:

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Stephanie Russell

Lulus Purchase Haul (7/17/2018)

Hey fashionistas! This is the second haul in one day! I’m honestly on a roll with these. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I love doing hauls because personally I like to watch other people unbox and try things on! It’s a ton of fun to write these posts and there are going to be more of these to come. This haul is on a Lulus purchase I made recently.

Lulus was having a huge sale and I am always tempted to purchase things from this online store. A huge sale was a good excuse to make a purchase! I got these super cute pink suede heels that have clear acrylic backs! I thought these were super cool and innovative, I needed them in my shoe cool! Plus side, I got these for about $15!

I tried them on and walked around in them. They are not only fashionable, they are also very comfortable. I had to rough up the bottoms to make the grip less slippery but this wasn’t a big deal for me. Especially for the price, I cannot complain. I was super happy with this purchase!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

ALDO Shoes Purchase And Try-On (7/13/2018)

Hey fashionistas! I recently made an ALDO Shoes purchase and wanted to do a little haul and try-on the shoes I got! ALDOs is having a huge 50% off sale so I obviously had to take advantage of that sale and grab some chic goodies for myself.

The first pair of shoes I was totally obsessed with were these blush pink, tied bow sandals. These shoes are called Enroelia on ALDOS website. These were $29.98 but originally they were $60, which is a total steal! They were super comfortable to wear and can definitely be worn casually but I also think these shoes can be dressed up as well! You can definitely transition from a day look to a night look easily with these shoes!

The second pair of shoes I got (that are also super cute) were these pointed toe flats! These shoes are called Sarezzo on ALDOs website and they are also a blush color, similar to the sandals. These flats have gold embroidered flowers on the front of the shoe which is what made me obsess over them. I feel that these can also be dressed up and can be dressed down. They are probably the most comfortable pair of pointed toe flats I’ve ever had.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

ASOS Shoe Purchase Try-On (7/6/2018)

Hey fashionistas! I recently got a super cute pair of shoes from ASOS and wanted to share them with you all. I’ve seen flatform sandals trending and I needed a pair, so I looked everywhere and didn’t really find what I was looking for. This was until I searched on ASOS and I found my dream pair of flatforms.

They are a blush pink pair of flatforms with silver buckles. When I opened the package and saw these super cute shoes I had already imagined hundreds of outfits I could pair these shoes with. They are very good quality and I only paid $35 for them using the 10% off Student Discount!

These shoes are super comfortable and I am in love. I wore these with a dressy white halter tank top and a pair of ripped light washed denim jeans. I paired this with a rose gold choker, curled hair and natural glowy makeup.

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Stephanie Russell