Life Update: What’s Been Going On (8/24/2019)

Hi beauties, I’m sorry that my posts have been a bit sporadic lately but a lot (and I mean a lot) has been going on in my life! Of course if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I just recently graduated from college. Which by the way was an amazing and very emotional experience for me. I graduated with a BA in Communication Studies and was searching high and low for a job in Public Relations.

Well, after two weeks of being an Alumnae of my university I found a full-time job as a PR Media Specialist. I have just been so busy with work trips and doing my job that I’ve barely had time for anything else. I have just been trying my best to live my life still while working 40 hours a week. I am somewhat adjusted to the lifestyle of working full-time and now can find a way to balance my work-life- hobby ratio.

I wanted to post everyday since April but that just wasn’t in the cards after getting my job but I am back at it and better than ever. I have to set a schedule for posting content because everyday is impossible at this moment for me. Maybe when I get more comfortable and used to working the 40 hours a week I can finally get back to the constant content. I will be stopping my YouTube channel until further notice as well for the sake of business.

Here is the schedule that I’m sticking to for my blog posts:

Monday @ 3pm

Wednesday @ 2pm

Thursday @ 1pm

Friday @ 11a

Instead of being consistent with YouTube I will be updating everyone on my Instagram account @stephanierussell11 and my Snapchat account @the_stephruss, so make sure to add me and watch my weekly vlogs and posts!

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Happy Birthday To Me: I’m Feeling 22 (8/11/2019)

Hey babes, it’s my birthday today and I’m feeling 22 (cue the Taylor Swift song)! I turn 22 today and I couldn’t be happier with the past year of my life. I will be making a post tomorrow on what I did for my birthday so I can sit back and truly enjoy my birthday! Today’s post is going to be short but I am going to list 22 things that made me happy this past year in honor of my 22nd birthday! Lets get started:

1. Spending my 21st birthday with my family and best friends
2. My new car I got for my 21st birthday
3. Having an amazing year for my blog
4. Going to Disney for my 21st birthday
5. Rescuing a neighborhood cat 
6. Getting two amazing internships
7. Traveling to new places with Ryan
8. Getting something I wrote published on A1 on the newspaper 
9. Finding love for skiing 
10. My niece/goddaughter was born
11. My niece and nephew turned 2 years old
12. Ryan turned 21 and had a fun birthday
13. My best friend threw a successful concert on her own
14. I got an academic excellence award
15. I got closer with my friends and family 
16. I graduated college
17. Landing a job within two weeks of graduating 
18. Ryan and my 4 year anniversary
19. Ryan and I are godparents
20. I had a successful family and friend beach day
21. Threw an amazing and memorable birthday party for myself
22. I saw some amazing concerts (the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Santana, Doobie Brothers, Yes, Asia)
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Netflix Shows I’m Binge Watching (8/1/2019)
Hi everyone! As you may or may not know I am such a fan of movies and television shows, not only do I love being immersed into the world of a movie and television show, I also love the work that goes into making them! If you have been subscribed to my blog for a while you probably know that I was a Communication Studies major in college. So, as you can imagine, I spent a lot of time studying how things work in all different mediums such as movies and television. With that being said, I wanted to share the Netflix shows that I am binge watching at the moment! 
1. Working Moms 
2. Mind Hunter
3. You
4. Madam Secretary 
5. Arrested Development
6. Queer Eye
7. Black Mirror
8. Schitts Creek
9. Dead To Me 
10. Call The MidWife 
I definitely suggest watching these shows, they are so so good! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what shows you are watching!
-Stay Chic,

Hobbies: Trying Astrology (7/15/2019)

Hey babes! So I did finish another hobby recently and this one took a lot faster because I was already interested in this before I decided to actually do it as a hobby. Going into this hobby I had good background information on what it’s all about so I caught on pretty quick.

I was able to learn how to figure out people’s Star charts, what different placements mean, I learned different signs characteristics and their good/ bad sides. It’s so interesting how true Astrology is. I really believe in it and I wanted to share a little what I found out about myself.

I first found out that you have 3 signs. A sun sign, a moon sign and an ascendant/rising sign. That is really the basics. Don’t worry I won’t go into how you make charts or what other placements mean. It took a lot of reading for me to even have the slight grasp that I do on how all of it works. I will only be going over my three signs and what I learned about what that means about me. All of these signs come together and make up who you are in some sense. In a very basic way to explain moon signs and sun signs is the moon sign is who you are and the sun sign is who you are working/ learning to become.

If you know your Zodiac sign that aligns with the month and day of your birthday, this means you know your sun sign. I am a Leo, and my sign is of a lion. Leo’s are very loyal people, they are courageous, outgoing, and they are leaders. Leo’s are also stubborn, they spend money as fast as they get it, and they hold themselves to such a high standard that if they don’t meet that standard, they beat themselves up about it.

You can find your moon sign and ascending/rising sign by going to google and looking it up by a highly rated website. All you need to know is your birth date, year, time, and where you were born. I found out that my moon sign is Scorpio, this means that I am very sensitive to others emotions/ energies. Scorpio moons are intense, and bottle up their feelings. It also means that I am able to easily understand others motives and context of what they say. I am said to be alluring, mysterious, jealous, obsessive and secretive.

An ascending/rising sign is said to show the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences you need to make your life meaningful. My rising sign is a Virgo which means I’m highly critical of others but mostly of myself. I’m sensitive and my health can be impacted if I am exposed to negative emotional energy or stress. I am always aiming for perfection, I fear chaos and I am always willing to help others.

These are so me and I definitely suggest looking into your own! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your signs are.

– Stay Chic,

Ambassador Programs To Take Advantage Of (6/28/2019)

Hey beauties! Today I wanted to list some ambassador programs to take advangtage of if you’re a blogger or a social media influencer. Ambassador programs give you free stuff, discounted stuff, or a promotion code (which can help get you money or free products/items)! So what companies have ambassador programs? Here are 5 to take advantage of:

  • Pura Vida Bracelet Affiliate 
  • Sand Cloud Ambassador
  • Poppy Apparel Ambassador
  • Farai Ambassador
  • Trendy And Tipsy Ambassador
These ambassador programs offer amazing deals and products to their ambassadors and it’s an amazing way to get free or discounted stuff as well as make some extra money! A few other ways to get free or discounted stuff is to reach out to start-up fashion businesses as well as Etsy stores and tell them that you’re willing to be an influencer for them. I’ve done this and have gotten some amazing feedback! If you just want dicount codes to help you get free products there are also bigger companies that give out discount codes:
  • Ipsy
  • Birchbox
  • Boxycharm
  • JustFab
  • Influenster
  • Poshmark
  • BootayBag
  • Ebates
And so many more! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure you comment down below what your thoughts are on these programs and other ones you know of!
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Hobbies: Trying Upcycling Furniture (6/26/2019)

Hey y’all! I wanted to hop on here because I finally finished trying ANOTHER hobby. For those of you who have been following me for a while know my journey, but for those who don’t let me explain! A year or more ago I decided that I wanted to try a new hobby whenever I had the chance and I have tried a ton of hobbies already and here I am about to check another hobby off the list. I usually try the hobby for at least 3 months or so and I try my hardest to get proficient in that hobby before moving on. Sometimes if I like it enough I will adopt it as a hobby I do often.
This time I tried upcycling with Ryan. We upcycled A LOT of furniture and either gave it to family members or we sold it for profit. We would try to do this hobby in a cheap way because we don’t want to spend a lot to upcycle antique furniture. So, what we would do is go out on a Sunday morning or drive around on the weekend and see what we can find for free on the side of the road. To our surprise we found most of the things we upcycled this way. 
All of the things we’ve upcycled and got for free or for extremely cheap from a garage sale or second hand store includes an entryway table, two end tables, a natural wood wicker bench, a high top kitchen table, a child’s vanity, two outdoor tables, two outdoor chairs, eight outdoor chair set, a Little Tykes playhouse, a small child’s wooden chair, a brown leather storage ottoman, a metal letter “R” and a jewelry stand. 
It was a pretty easy hobby to get into because it’s all common sense if you’re already into DIY and even if you need to learn stuff, there is a ton of information out on the internet and on YouTube. I enjoyed this hobby a lot especially because I used most of the items to re-vamp my own house or for some extra cash in my pocket! I will definitely be adopting this as my own hobby and so is Ryan! We love upcycling furniture!
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-Stay Chic,

Life Update: Ryan and I Are Godparents (5/18/2019)

Hey everyone! Recently I’m starting to post life updates post because I really want you all to know a little bit more about me and what’s going on in my day-to-day life. I enjoy these posts because I feel closer with you all as I update you with what has been going on and most importantly what I go through. Life experiences are so important to share and I am so lucky that I get to share them with all of you!

So, recently my sister had a baby and I could not be any more thrilled to have another beautiful niece. I now have 5 nieces and nephews (and counting)! Her name is Savannah and she is so beautiful. In my family we choose to give the children Godparents not solely for the religious part but because traditionally if something (God forbid) happened to the parents, the Godparents would help raise the child. It is an important role that we take seriously in my family and I am so happy to announce that Ryan and I were chosen to be Savannah’s Godparents.

I am so thrilled to have another Goddaughter and Ryan is so excited (probably more excited than I am) because this is his first EVER Godchild. We are so blessed and thankful to be chosen for this role as Godparents.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are just as excited for us as we are! Make sure to subscribe for emails so you can be notified when I make a new post! Comment down below some traditions you do with your family!

-Stay Chic,

Life Update: College Graduation Re-Cap (5/11/2019)

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a small re-cap of my graduation that was held yesterday. Yesterday a college student, today a college graduate who is ready to take on the real world. Honestly, my graduation was a bit of a dream if I can explain the feeling of it. The day started off with me getting ready for my graduation. As simple as that sounds it was actually a really difficult thing to do because I kept tearing up while picking out my outfit and doing my makeup. I was mostly nervous about closing this chapter in my life because I didn’t know what the next chapter held.

I got to the concert hall that my graduation was being held at and my parents, Ryan and I waited in line to enter. I was ushered to take pictures for the school website and of course I did and then I was ushered to go into the entrance for graduates only. I said goodbye to my parents and I met up with my sorority sisters and friends. We all anxiously waited for us to walk and finally after a long 2 hours we lined up.

The walk to the entrance of the concert hall seemed to go on forever and in all honesty I was surprised that the only feeling I had was nervousness. I thought I would be more emotional about graduating college, especially after going through what felt like hell and back to get to that point. But then, just as the opening to the concert hall came into view and I heard the graduation music the tears started to well up. A huge wave of emotion came over me and in a way it felt like I was playing over the most memorable parts of college in my head. I was teared up for the whole graduation but was able to calm down when it came to walking across the stage. I hugged all of my professors as I walked back to my seat and I started to cry. It was finally happening and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted it to happen anymore. In that moment I wanted to rewind and relive everything.

After my graduation I was so happy, I hugged my college friends and ran to take pictures with my sorority sister and my family. My family took me out to dinner for my graduation in the small town right near my college that I would visit very often. So, it was almost like it all came full circle and it was truly a perfect end to an amazing and forever memorable day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe so you can be notified when I make new posts and make sure to comment down below what year you graduated middle school, high school or college!

-Stay Chic,

A Final Goodbye From A Graduating Senior (5/10/2019)

Today is the day that I graduate college. I honestly wasn’t expecting this to go so quickly and now that it’s here, all I want to do is go back. I want to go back and re-live all of the yesterdays I didn’t appreciate. I want to go back to the days of carefree life and adventure. I want to go back but all I can do is walk through the halls of this school and say goodbye.

Enjoy a poem written by me:

In my next life maybe//

I don’t want to leave although I have to move on.

These halls used to be a jail

but now they’re something that I’m longing to come back to

and I haven’t even gone.

Sometimes I look back and wonder if I should have done more.

I look back and reminisce. —

I don’t want to leave although I must grow up

A phrase that was once a dreamlike bliss

and as scary as that sounds now–

I can’t control it.

I know I will miss this.

I hope you enjoyed this post, wish me luck on my graduation day in the comments down below.

-Stay Chic,

Happy Easter: 2019 (4/21/2019)

Hey everyone! Happy Easter and for those who do not celebrate Easter– Happy Passover/ Happy Holidays! I hope your holiday season is perfect and you are enjoying your day with your family and friends. Since Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to share my day with you all and what I usually do on Easter each year.

Good Friday:

This day I usually commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by going to service at my local church. This year Ryan and I also went to my cousins house so I could get eyelash extensions (a post is coming soon– I promise)! Then we went to the mall to see our niece get her Easter bunny pictures taken. She looked absolutely precious. Afterwards, we went back to my cousins house to have some wine and play the escape room game on their Amazon Alexa.

The Day Before Easter:

The day before Easter, I usually visit Ryan’s Grandma with his sister and her boyfriend. We take her to breakfast and enjoy our time together. This year we went for breakfast at a small diner near us. Afterwards, Ryan and I spent the whole day upcycling some furniture (there will definitely be blog posts about the soon)! We then ended our day with a movie night and I finally caught up in watching all Marvel movies. It might be hard to believe but I only saw a handful of Marvel movies and recently Ryan and I watched all the Marvel movies in order so I can see Avengers: End Game. I will also be writing posts on these movies and how I feel about them! I’m also really interested in getting my hair done almost like how Black Widow has it in Avengers: Infinity War but maybe not as short although I love the color!

Easter Sunday:

The morning of Easter I usually go to early mass at 7AM and then meet up with Ryan’s mother with Ryan, his sister and her boyfriend for breakfast. We then meet my family for lunch around 12PM. Afterwards, we all meet at my house to have an Easter egg hunt with my niece and open Easter baskets. Then later on some more family stop by my house and we have dinner and dessert together. This year we went to a cute breakfast place to meet Ryan’s family and I had the best omelet of my life (lol)! We then went to meet my family for lunch at an Italian Restaurant and after we had a ton of fun doing an Easter egg hunt with our niece. We also watched our niece open our Easter basket to her and she had the cutest reactions.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday and please let me know down below what your traditions are in the comments down below. Remember to subscribe for email notifications to be notified when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,