August Photo Challenge (8/9/2018)

Hey everyone! I’ve wanted to share this photo challenge that I am trying to do this August and I will be uploading the results sometime soon! I wanted to do a photo challenge because it’s something that not only I could challenge myself with but I could share the challenge with you all.

So, for the challenge you can either choose to do the pictures whenever in August or you can do one everyday for this month. It’s up to you how you want to do this. Just make sure if you are Blogging this, to provide a link to my website and credits to this challenge. Also, if you are posting this on social media please @me and hashtag #NotTooShabbyChicFashion #AugustShabbyPhotoChallenge and I will take a look at the pictures!

This should be a ton of fun and I’m super excited to do a photo challenge. I haven’t done one of these since I was 17 and I am so happy that I get to share the photo challenge experience with you all! I will post the pictures for it soon on my blog! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Feel free to use this challenge, and comment down below if you are going to join!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Finally 21 Q&A (8/9/2018)

Hey everyone! I’m turning 21 soon and I couldn’t be more excited. I wanted to do a fun “finally 21” Q&A that asked 21 questions, some to do with drinking and others are just random! This should definitely be a fun Q&A! I love to do Q&A posts because it allows you all to get to know me better and it’s also just fun in general!

1. What is your go-to drink?

I’d have to say I really like Smirnoff Ice Green Apple but I also really love Malibu and Pineapple!

2. How old were you when you went to your first club?

I used to go to teen night when I was about 12 years old!

3. What are you most excited for being 21?

I would have to say getting ID’ed. I’m not big into drinking but if I pick up alcohol for my friends or family I am excited for the person to ask for my ID.

4. Are you close with anyone now that you initially disliked?

Yes, I actually really didn’t like my best friend because when we first met she actually punched me really hard in the arm because I was trying to hide something from our friend group and everyone was fighting with me to get it and she punched me and I was so mad.

5. Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage with it head on?

I hate confrontation so I usually try to avoid conflict unless there is no other choice.

6. What age did you go on your first date?

I was 17 years old!

7. What was a recent dream you had?

I actually dreamt last night that I had a birthday party with my friends and family at my house!

8. Do you have any birthmarks? If so, where?

I do! I have two, one on my arm and one on my leg!

9. Have you ever taken karate lessons?

I’m actually a brown belt (belt right before black) in karate!

10. How and where do you prefer to study?

I prefer to study in the library and I like using flash cards, notes and quizlet!

11. What are your 21st Birthday plans?

I am going to the DMV in the early morning to get my license renewed. I am then going to NYC and then going to a club with some of my closest friends when I get home.

12. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

Only one boyfriend!

13. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

About 110 pairs!

14. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

I’m hoping I’m engaged by 22/23 and married by 24.

15. What app do you use the most?

Facebook messenger

16. What book are you reading at the moment?

Tale Of Two Cities

17. What did you do for your last birthday?

I opened a ton of presents and I went out to dinner with my family and had cake when I got home!

18. What does your name mean?

Crown– it’s fitting!

19. Favorite Birthday Memory As A Child

I would go to Chucky Cheese for my birthday a lot and I remember one year where I got a ton of cool gifts and as I opened them at home I got calls from my family members and they were saying happy birthday to me. I realized the call mattered more than the gift ever could!

20. What activity do you procrastinate the most?

Definitely getting ready to go somewhere or cleaning my room.

21. How do you feel about turning 21?

I’m excited but it’s only an age to me! I still feel younger than I am!

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Stephanie Russell

21 Things I’ve Learned Over My 21 Years (8/8/2018)

Learning life lessons is probably one of the most important things in life other than surrounding yourself with people who you love. It’s what gives you wisdom and the ability to guide people when they need your help. So I’m going to share the most important 21 life lessons I’ve learned thus far:

1. Be who you are unforgivingly.

2. Cut off people who bring negativity in your life.

3. Let stupid drama go. It will be irrelevant in the near future.

4. Love your body– and take care of it.

5. Care about your education

6. Do not be afraid to fail, it may even put things into better perspective.

7. Put your personal relationships first.

8. Let go of grudges because having a grudge is something you carry around everyday and you are only hurting yourself that way.

9. Choose your words wisely because this is something that could make or break a friendship, or relationship. Words hurt.

10. Take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.

11. Don’t fight– try to solve the problem.

12. Material things don’t last so don’t live a completely materialistic life. Chase after experiences.

13. Help others

14. Be the bigger person

15. Not everyone will like you. Accept this.

16. Fear is limiting. Let go of your fears and live your life freely.

17. Time will make your past problems seem so unimportant. Don’t worry yourself too much, problems will pass, they always do.

18. Don’t be jealous, it will only make things harder in relationships and in life. Comparison is the thief of joy.

19. Not everyone has the same heart as you.

20. Be honest with yourself.

21. Love is the most important thing in life.

These are my 21 most important life lessons thus far. I’ve learned these things the hard way and it took a long time for me to realize. I hope you took some important lessons away from this post and I hope you enjoyed this post! Please remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

College Questions Answered By A College Senior (7/28/2018)

As an incoming college student or underclassman in college, there are a lot of questions that you may have. I’m here to answer those questions and give some insight into college as a senior! So let’s jump into this Q&A:

1. How is it living with a roommate?

You’re generally in close quarters, which can be hard to get used to but it’s not terrible. Your roommates can either become your best friends or your worst enemy. My advice is to make sure you calmly discuss issues you may have, keep a clean room, and try to get to know your roommate. You might get upset and aggravated from time to time, especially because you feel like you don’t have any privacy but after a while you will figure out ways to deal. I am still friends with my freshman and junior year roommates.

2. How do you make friends?

Making friends is scary in college, but it’s generally easy. You make most of your friends the first week or two you stay there. There’s a lot of bonding that happens when everyone is hanging out the first few weeks and it’s important you take part in this. You will also make friends within your classes, in your major, in the building you live in, and in clubs you join. I recommend joining tons of clubs, be extremely social your first few weeks, make a point to hangout with people in your building, make friends your first day or two of class, join a few clubs and make study groups with people in your major. You will realize there are a lot of times you randomly become friends with people, whether it be giving someone a ride to their car, letting someone copy your notes etc. you will also notice you will make friends randomly through your college experience.

3. How to cope with changing your major?

This happens to almost everyone in college. It can be scary and discouraging when you realize that what you wanted to do previously is no longer something you enjoy. You can’t expect to want the same career path that you did when you were a teenager. Passions can change and that is okay, just think positively and don’t worry about what anyone else says. It is your life and your choice.

4. How do you choose your major?

This has a lot to do with knowing yourself. You may have a good understanding of where your passions lie when you are young but this isn’t the case for everyone. For others that are not so lucky to know exactly what they want to do in life, understanding your passions and yourself takes time. There’s no rush, so take your time and try different subjects out and see what you like.

5. How do you balance everything?

When you go to college, if there is one thing you learn it’s time management. You learn how to prioritize. I say, see what you can fit into your schedule and what you can handle the first few weeks. Then try to eliminate things that aren’t at the top of your priority. Just remember that academics come first.

6. What is the most important part of college?

The most important part is getting real professional experience and making professional relationships. College isn’t only about going to class and getting involved, it’s also about getting internships and professional experience to help further you in your career goals. Make sure you get as many internships and experience as you can before you graduate. This will set you apart from your peers.

7. What have you learned while in college?

DO NOT slack off. Go to class, be there on time, do your work and actually study. This is no joke, it is important that you get good grades and do well. Otherwise you won’t learn anything but bad work habits.

8. Should I work while I’m in college?

I say do what you can. If you feel like you can’t handle both working and school then you could do work during your summer vacation or do seasonal work during break. If you feel you can handle it, then definitely go for it. Just don’t overload yourself, a job is important but you still need time to do homework and study as well as school activities. If you choose to do so, it will teach you a lot about yourself and responsibility. You can even try and get a paying job that relates to your major.

9. How do you adjust to college learning?

Learning in college is a lot different than high school. If you barely just got by in high school you will really need to step up your game in college. My advice is to actually study, find a method that works for you whether it be flash cards, highlighting notes, or making pretests. Take very detailed and organized notes, and if the professor says it twice it will more than likely be on the exam. Buy a planner and ACTUALLY use it, this will help you remember deadlines and manage your time wisely. Get help when you need it, there are amenities every college has to help you when you need it, there is tutors, writing centers, career center, and even professors might help, you just need to make the effort.

10. What are some important things you’ve learned during your college career?

– Kiss your professors butts and try to make sure they remember your name the first few classes for good reasons. Being your professors favorite student will help when you need a letter of recommendation, or the extra bump in your grade (this will only help you in the long run).

– Don’t leave your clothes in the washer– first of all, they will stink if you leave them too long. Second of all, other people will throw your clothes in the dryer if they want to use the washer machine and this can ruin the clothes if you have items that can’t be put in the dryer and those who do this usually don’t put dryer sheets in (which means it will smell).

– Get to the school early if you want a good parking spot (or a parking spot at all). This especially goes for those students who are commuting.

– Actually keep track of your grades because you don’t want to realize you failed when it’s too late to do anything about it.

– Invest in a good laptop, you will need something that will last you past your college days. So make the investment and you won’t have to worry about the computer crashing and losing all of your work.

– If you are tight on money, and the professor has the book in the library take pictures of the whole book. Sometimes you get a sample of the whole book on the kindle for a certain amount of days, take screenshots of the whole book. This will take a lot of time but it’s better than spending the money. Ask around to see if the professor actually uses the book, if not you don’t even have to waste your money to purchase it.

– Be professional, always. Think if college as a precursor to your career. Be punctual, dress nice, and meet your deadlines.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below any questions you may have about college life and I will answer them! Remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

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Stephanie Russell

A Year In Review (5/4/2018)

It has been a whole year with my blog Not Too Shabby Chic Fashion and honestly, having this blog has changed my life for the better. It has allowed me to be more comfortable and confident with myself and in my writing. I am elated I have had such a great experience with blogging thus far and gained such amazing subscribers.

I haven’t even realized it has already been a year until WordPress told me! It was a nice surprise to wake up to. I’m thinking of having a small get together in celebration of my blog being 1-year-old. This blog is like my baby.

My Stats The Past Year:

This was in 2017, and my most viewed has been my homepage with 557 views, and my second most viewed post is Tarte Treasure Box: Review and coming in third for 2017 is Jeffree Star Holiday Collection: Swatch And Review!

My stats for 2018 are a little bit lower since it this year has just started but my first highest post in 2018 was the Jeffree Star Holiday Collection: Swatch And Review with 397 views, in second is Home Page/ Archives with 191 views!

I hope you have enjoyed this year with me and comment down below how long you’ve been reading!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Describe Yourself Q&A (4/10/2018)

I keep finding really fun Q&A posts on Facebook and I love to share them on here! Q&A’s are a ton of fun to do and write about, they really get me thinking and self searching. It also helps you all get to know me a little bit better with every one we do!

This Q&A is asking to describe yourself in 3 fictional characters. It can be animated characters or real life characters! I decided to go the real life character direction because I feel I relate better to these types of characters.

Character 1:

The first character I chose I felt that describes me is Elle Woods. She is a super preppy, happy, Go-getter, smart woman. I feel I relate to her because of her qualities but also because she doesn’t let anyone tell her what she is and isn’t capable of. She also doesn’t mind proving people wrong.

Character 2:

I chose Olivia Pope as my second character. Olivia Pope is a strong, successful and independent woman who is also very powerful. I feel I relate to her qualities also but I mostly relate to her “getting sh*@ done” attitude. She can handle just about anything that is thrown at her.

Character 3:

For the last character I chose Cher Horowitz! She is a trend setter, and has a huge personality. I relate to both of those things but I feel I have the attitude of Cher Horowitz!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below the fictional characters you would describe yourself as!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

The Story Behind The Name Of My Blog (3/31/2018)

Anyone who has a blog, has a reason why they named it the way that they did. There are backstories and meanings behind all blog names! So what is the story behind Not Too Shabby Chic Fashion?

I am a huge fan of the Shabby Chic type of fashion, but there is more to it than that. There is a deeper meaning to this name. Both of my parents would always say “I’m not too shabby” when someone would ask them how they were. I grew up with them saying this, and one day I decided that I wanted to have a blog.

When I was thinking of a name, I knew I wanted the words Shabby Chic Fashion in it. Then it clicked! I remembered my patents would always say “Not too shabby”. I threw it together and viola, it became the name of my blog!

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Stephanie Russell

Summer Bucket List (3/30/2018)

This summer I have huge goals! Let’s dive right into the bucket list I made for this summer!

Summer Bucket List:

Do Well In Summer College Classes

• Go To The Beach Often At Home

• Read At Least 3 Books

• Go On One Mini Road Trip

• Go Camping

• Have Friends Over To Hangout Often

• Have a Fun 21st Birthday

• Revamp The Backyard Successfully

• Game Night

• Have A Yard Sale

• Have A Picnic

• Night Swimming With Friends

• Jacuzzi Night With Friends

• Bring The Dogs To The Park Often

• Go To A Concert

• Take A Hike

• Go To The Gym Often

• Take Artsy Pictures

• Go See A Play

• Watch Sunrise And Sunset

• Movie Night

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will make a separate post this summer once I complete everything or everything I possibly could on the list!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Beauty Tag Questions (3/30/2018)

I love Q&As so here is a beauty related Q&A coming your way!

1. What was your first makeup product ever?

Definitely lip gloss!

2. Do you wear fake eyelashes? How many times a week?

Yes I do and about 4 times a week!

3. How often do you shop for makeup?

Recently, not as often because I’m trying to save money to travel but typically a few times a week.

4. What product do you buy the most of?

I definitely purchase a lot of eyeshadow palettes!

5. Favorite bath and body brand?

Bath and Body Works (I am low key obsessed)!

6. What brand has the best packaging?

I honestly think Pat McGrath Labs hands down. So sick.

7. Do you belong to any beauty groups?

I belong to a few on Facebook!

8. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

This depends on if I do my hair. I try my best to do it often but I always get lazy and put it in a bun instead. But if I do my hair I use about 10 products!

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A and please feel free to comment down below your answers to these questions! I found these questions from The Beauty Section’s Tag post!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Self Care Tips (3/28/2018)

Self Care is extremely important. You have to make sure that you are okay before you worry about anything else. I made a list of tips that have always helped me in regards to self care!

1. Accept the fact that you cannot change or fix everything.

2. Don’t doubt your own beauty, or skills while admiring someone else’s.

3. Stand up for yourself.

4. Get rid of toxic people and negativity.

5. Accept your past and realize you can’t go back and change anything.

6. Learn that it’s okay to ask for help.

7. Know that you are entitled to feel your emotions.

8. See beauty in your own imperfections.

9. Be understanding of others.

10. Love the body you were blessed with.

11. Find a way to deal with your anxieties or emotions.

12. De-clutter- Cleaning as well as a clean environment can promote positive thinking.

13. Make healthier food choices.

14. Workout- this is a natural way to boost dopamine which is a chemical that makes you happy.

15. Cuddle with a significant other or a pet or whoever! This could make you feel better.

I hope these self care tips help, and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell