Dressing My Tomboy Friend For a Week (9/30/2019)

Hey fashionistas! Today’s post is going to be a really fun one that I have been working for over a week on. We all have that one friend that is super unique when it comes to their style and you just have to love it! My one friend Alexa is like that, and I love how she dresses because it’s almost like she uses her clothes to show how free spirited she is. Because of this, I started thinking about how an outfit can truly impact a person’s outlook and attitude. I wanted to test how this works and I decided to challenge my friend to wear clothes I picked out for a whole week. Of course I made sure she was comfortable with it every step of the way and touched base with her as well as met her for coffee everyday to check in on how the outfits were going and how they made her feel overall. She was more than happy to accept this challenge and explore outfits that she wouldn’t normally wear.

I only chose outfits that I would wear myself but to make sure she was comfortable, I picked outfits from clothes in her own closet but I styled them in a way that suited my style. I had her take a selfie in an outfit that she would wear on a daily basis to give you all context of how she dresses, does her hair and does her makeup:
As you can see in this photo she usually will wear a graphic t-shirt or plain t-shirt with a pair of shorts or jeans on a daily basis. She will usually pair this with a pair of skating sneakers, wafer sunglasses, a bare face and a ponytail. The challenge was to wear the outfits, accessories I chose as well as the hair style and makeup I chose to go with each outfit.
Day #1: The Cozy Fall Look
The first day I decided to put her in a sweater dress that I actually gave her because the sizing wasn’t correct. I paired this outfit with a pair of black high suede boots and a gold initial necklace with some gold hoops and a watch to match. Alexa told me that this first day she loved the outfit but felt a little panicked when the boots weren’t cooperating and kept falling down. Once she solved the problem with some safety pins and high socks, she said she felt like she could “Conquer the world,” in this outfit.
Day #2: The On-Trend Look
On the second day, I decided to pick an outfit that would align with a trend in fashion right now. We all know that snakeskin is very much in fashion right now so I decided to have her wear a snakeskin top, a western style belt, some ripped jeans, and a pair of black high heeled booties. The accessories I chose were a pair of  medium sized gold hoops to pull the whole outfit together. When I first picked out the snakeskin shirt, Alexa said that she thought the shirt was ugly and she didn’t like it but she would wear it anyway. On the day that she wore it she said she actually really likes the shirt and that she felt that it definitely looks cute when it’s fashioned the right way. 
Day #3: The Boss Lady Look
The third day is the day that I chose to really dress Alexa up in something a little more on the professional side. I decided to have her wear a pair of camel colored suede dress pants, some gold hoops, an initial gold necklace, a pair of black loafers and a super cute off the shoulder black bodysuit. When I asked her how she felt about this outfit she immediately said “Confident.”
Day #4: The Cute Running Errands Look
On the fourth day I decided to have hear wear something a little more comfortable and casual because most people don’t dress up EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, I gave Alexa a little break and chose a cute sorority t-shirt from Etsy that she had and I tied a knot on the shirt. I chose a pair of dark wash jeans and a pair of cream crochet sided converse sneakers. For accessories I had her wear a pair of silver medium hoops. She said she liked this outfit a lot because it was almost like a little bit of a dressier rendition of what she normally wears.
Day #5: The Minimalist Look
For day five I decided to go with a more minimalist look because this whole outfit looks so elegant and sleek. I chose to have her wear a plain tan/cream sweater a pair of dark wash jeans, some silver hoop earrings and a pair of black pointed toe heels. Alexa said that she liked the outfit but if she were to dress herself she “Wouldn’t wear heels if [she] were just going out to the store.” 
Day #6: The Casual Friday Look
The sixth day I decided to go for an outfit that would be perfect for a dress-down Friday at the office. This outfit is perfect because it is comfortable but still dressed up enough to wear to the office on casual Friday. I chose a red oversized sweater with a pair of dark wash jeans and black loafer flats. I dressed this outfit up with a pair of gold hoops and a gold heart necklace. Alexa said that this outfit was one of the more comfortable ones but she can’t get used to how much her feet hurt in flats. 
Day #7: The Beachy Look
On the seventh day I chose a more laid back but super chic outfit that would be perfect for people who love nautical or beachy styles. I chose a vertical striped blue and white dress shirt that was tied in the front, a pair of dark wash jeans and a pair of light blue tennis sneakers. Alexa really loved this outfit because she always loved this shirt but she never thought to style it the same way that I did. 
Day #8: The Hipster Look
For the last day of this challenge I decided to have Alexa dress a little more like her own style but with a trendy hipster twist to it. I chose a pair of army green cargo pants, a plain yellow t-shirt, an A initial gold necklace, small gold hoops, and a pair of black skating sneakers. I took this look to the next level by having Alexa put her hair half-up-half-down and wearing a vampy lip. Alexa said “This is my favorite outfit out of all of them”.
After we were finished with the challenge I asked her how she felt about all of the outfits and how this challenge made her feel and she explained that she liked all of the outfits and she felt more confident. She said “After this, I think I will actually want to dress up and get ready more because it make me feel confident and good.” I also asked her what she liked most about this challenge and she said “I liked that I was able to get out of my comfort zone and I really liked that I took the time every day to actually get myself ready for the day.” 
Alexa and I really enjoyed doing this challenge, it was so cool seeing her in different clothes and see how she liked my style in comparison to her own. I hope you all liked this post and remember to comment down below what outfit was your favorite! Make sure you subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content!
-Stay Chic,

My NYC Outfit (9/12/2019)

For this weekend I went to NYC for the day, who doesn’t love the city? I have always loved it there and thought of it as my second home, especially having family from there and always visiting and parents that used to work in Manhattan. NYC will always have a place in my heart. When I go, I always make sure that I dress to impress. I mean what else am I to do in the Fashion capitol of the world (Maybe other than Milan and Paris).

You may be wondering what I went to the city for and I am happy to announce that I went to NYC to see my 15th Broadway show! I love Broadway and it’s most likely because I was a theater kid and a singer for as long as I can remember! My sisters, my mother, my grandmother, and great grandmother were too so I have musical theater, dance and singing running deep within my genes. I went to see FROZEN the Broadway Musical and can I just say, it was PHENOMENAL! I was truly happy with the show.

What are other Broadway shows I’ve seen?

  • Hairspray
  • Mamma Mia
  • Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
  • Chicago
  • Pippin
  • Motown
  • Les Miserables
  •  Once
  • Pretty Woman
  • Carole King’s Beautiful
  • Something Rotten
  • Aladdin
  • Phantom Of The Opera &
  • Rock Of Ages

I had to wear a cute outfit considering I was in NYC seeing another Broadway show! So, I wore a white and beige/tan pin striped midi, button down dress. I paired this with a pair of tan/beige mule open toed heels, and then I wore a cute pair of beige tortoise shell mirrored sunglasses. To accessorize I wore a cute pair of Western style silver earrings from Lucky Brand and I brought my camel colored, round handle purse. I was really happy with this outfit!

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Small Town Shopping (9/8/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I was recently in a cute small town with a huge town square and tons of shopping. We decided to go to this cute little town for my mothers birthday because she absolutely loves it here! We spent most of the day walking to the little shops around town and looking at all of the awesome items they sell in their boutiques. It was definitely hard not spending all of my money in these shops for sure.

I thought the outfit I was wearing was the perfect small town shopping outfit so I wanted to share it with you all! I am wearing a black and white star dress with a pair of cream K-Swiss suede fashion sneakers. I decided to do a natural makeup look with this outfit and to keep my crazy natural curls as well. I also accessorized this outfit with a pair of cat-eye black sunglasses. I am very happy with this outfit! I got the dress from Target, the shoes from JustFab, and the sunglasses from Forever 21!

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Soccer Aunt Outfit (9/6/2019)

I am a proud Aunt of five beautiful and talented nieces and nephews. They are the lights of my life and they mean the world to me. I always make cute jokes and call myself an Aunt of whatever their hobbies are. So I am a swim aunt, a soccer aunt, a dance aunt and a gymnastics aunt. Well, this weekend I am a soccer aunt because my eldest niece and nephew are playing soccer!

I wanted to share my “soccer aunt outfit” because I felt super cute and I never really do athleisure outfits so I definitely wanted to share it! I am super happy with the outfit I chose!

I wore a black and white marled knit sweater with a white baseball cap, I paired the outfit with some boyfriend jeans and a pair of white converse. I also did a natural makeup look but I paired it with a bold coral lip to pull the whole outfit together.

I absolutely loved this outfit and I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your thoughts are on this outfit! What would you wear to a soccer game?

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First Day Of Fall Outfit (8/30/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I am totally a sucker for fall, although I am born in the summer, fall is my second favorite season (first being spring). So, once the temperature drops 10 degrees I am already snuggled up in my first few fall outfits, even if it still is 75 degrees in the morning and then 90 degrees by afternoon.

I wanted to share my first day of fall outfit that you guys can feel free to wear this outfit if you so choose. I wore a snakeskin skirt (which is a huge trend right now) that I got from JustFab. I paired this with a light green sweater from Forever 21 and a pair of brown tasseled booties.

It was the perfect balance of a fall cozy outfit and a flowy summery outfit. The balance is not only great because of the ratio of flowy to cozy is perfect but it is also a foolproof outfit for when it’s chillier in the mornings and still pretty hot during the afternoons.

The whole outfit costed about $50 and I couldn’t be happier with how well it came together. If you want some similar pieces to my outfit you can find a similar

Snakeskin Skirt here:

BooHoo | Snakeskin Skirt

A light green sweater here:

Forever 21 | Light Green Sweater

Some brown booties here:

Kohl’s | Brown Tassel Booties

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Pajama Photo Shoot (8/9/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I am taking a small hiatus from posting hauls because I’m almost positive I did at least twenty hauls in a complete row (lol)! So, today’s post is going to be a little different because I wanted to share a photo I took during my pajama photo shoot. A pajama what now? Yes, I took a photo shoot of me in my pajamas. 

You may be wondering why on earth I would do such a thing but I shall explain. I recently had the idea to throw a birthday bash for myself (as always, lol) and of course I needed there to be a theme like I have for all of my parties and I chose to do pajama party themed! So, I took a photo shoot in some comfy pjs, a bare face and my hair up in a towel. 
I really loved taking these photos and I even posted it on my Instagram, and a bare face of me on Instagram is a very VERY rare sight and I loved every second of it. I want everyone to embrace their natural beauty and share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #ShabbyChicNaturalBeauty!

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Rolling Stones Concert Outfit (8/5/2019)

Hi beauties I have some exciting news! I am currently at MetLife Stadium awaiting for one of the things on my bucket list to be checked off! What is that thing on my bucket list? It’s to see my favorite band EVER, the Rolling Stones in concert live. The Rolling Stones have been my all time favorite band since I was about 14 years old and it has always been my wish to see them play live. 

For the longest time I was too young to ask my parents to spend $500 on tickets for us to go and see them, and then they weren’t touring for a while. I would get so upset at the thought that I would never be able to see them all play together while they’re all still alive and in good health. I even voiced my upsetting thoughts to a co-worker who also loves the Rolling Stones. They explained to me that they were, in fact, on tour in America.
That made me kind of hopeful so I ran to the internet and looked up their tour dates and miraculously I ended up finding that they were playing at MetLife (close to where I live). I say miraculously because they weren’t meant to be playing tonight and this how was supposed to be sold out. But because one of the band members had to get emergency surgery they had to cancel the show and re-schedule it to tonight. I guess some people couldn’t make it for this date so they in-turn sold their tickets and made me (a huge fan with seeing the Rolling Stones on their bucket list) VERY happy. I even scored semi-affordable tickets. 
So long story short, here I am! About to see my all time favorite band and I couldn’t be happier and I wanted to share the perfect outfit I am wearing to this super special event! I am wearing a pair of high waisted light wash mom jeans from Hollister, a vintage Rolling Stones t-shirt that I got from the Mens section in Tilly’s, and then I paired it with a pair of cream Converse! 
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Bar Outfit, Hair and Makeup Look (7/30/2019)
Hi beauties, I wanted to do a quick post on the outfit, makeup and hair look I wore to a bar recently. I’m actually not much of a bar person (unless there is a place to dance at said bar). I normally enjoy clubbing more because I am super passionate about dancing my heart out. But I figured for someone who doesn’t go to bars often I can show you what I wear there!
I suggest if you want to go to a bar you figure out the dress code just so you dont show up under or overdressed. I always call or go on Google to figure out the dress code or I’ll pick something out that is one step up from casual just to be safe. I guess better to be safe than sorry. Plus, I would feel super out of place if I were under dressed rather than if I were only a little bit overdressed for the venue. I mean, super overdressed is definitely not fun either (I have experienced this before at a “formal” dance event, and YIKES was it embarrassing). I’ll leave the story for another time and save myself some face today (lol)!
For the outfit I wore a yellow, summery floral dress that was a tad bit of a high-low dress. I paired this outfit with a pair of brown strappy open toed booties. I felt super comfortable in this wrap-dress because it was flowy and great for a summer casual look but not too casual. I made sure to be careful and not to dress it up with jewelry too much so I just wore the silver cuff bracelet that I wear on a daily basis. 
For my makeup I figured that if I were to go all out and actually DO my makeup, the outfit might also look a bit extra for a bar scene. So I decided to not go full glam and I kept it simple and gave myself a natural look, no eyeshadow or lipstick either! I actually really loved the makeup and what really pulled it together were the eyelash extensions. 
My hair was a little difficult to figure out because I truly wanted to leave it down but the head and humidity was way to high for a curly haired girl to bare (if you have wavy, kinky or curly hair you definitely can relate to the #struggleville)! So I even went a step more casual and put my hair in a dressy-ish bun and called it a day! I absolutely loved this look and I hope that you did as well, remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what part of this whole look was your favorite!
-Stay Chic,

#OOTD Cowgirl Inspired Outfit (7/27/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I recently went with my best friend to a bar for cowboy/cowgirl night and we had a blast. I don’t have any “cowgirl” looking clothes so I had to throw together something that I already had and I was really happy with how my outfit turned out! 

I wore a blue plaid long sleeve shirt that I got a long time ago from H&M and I tied it into a crop top, I wore some high waisted medium denim short shorts that I purchased from Lulu’s (definitely keep an eye out for this haul because it’s coming soon). I then paired the whole outfit with a straw cowgirl hat I borrowed from Ryan’s mom which was definitely an important piece to the whole ensemble. For shoes, I threw on a pair of western style booties I had gotten from Primark to pull the whole outfit together. I also made sure to curl my hair into tight curls to really go for that old 2009 Taylor Swift look. 
Although I don’t normally dress this way, I definitely love the style and I thought it was a ton of fun dressing up! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what you think about this outfit! 

-Stay Chic,
Outfit Of The Day On Vacation (7/22/2019)

Hey fashionistas! Today I am going to share my outfit of the day while I’m on vacation, I went to the most island-y looking part of the Gulf of Mexico where I am and I did a whole photo shoot with the outfit that I chose for today. 

I decided to go for an outfit that was equally island-y in terms of the style and the color but also great to wear during the day because of the lightweight fabric. I am not wearing any shoes with my outfit either because I have to walk a whole mile down the beach to get where I am going. So shoes are a no-go (lol)!
I wore this beautiful coral ombre button down flowy dress I got from Forever 21. The buttons in the front create a front split in the dress, and the buttons themselves have a shiny shell-like look to them. I absoletely love this outfit. To tie the whole outfit together I let my hair keep it’s natural waves and I paired it with a pair of blue and tan mirrored round sunglasses. The whole outfit gives off a great island goer vibe and I am totally here for it. Not to mention, I really like the way it fits me too!
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