New Gel Manicure (1/28/2019)

Hey beauties! I just got my nails done and I am actually so obsessed with them I had to share. So, I was going to take my graduation pictures for college (which I am still in denial about) and I realized I was going to be holding my grad cap in the photo. I sadly realized this while in class and when I looked down my nails were atrocious. I had to go and get them done immediately.

This time I was forced to go to a place I’ve only been to a handful of times before (which were also last minute appointments). After telling the nail tech that my natural nail keeps splitting from the years of gel manicures and acrylics, the nail tech made a suggestion. She had told me that gel nail polish wouldn’t help my nails but the new powder gel polish will make my nails stronger. I decided to test it out and so far my nails don’t seem as brittle and I actually love the color of the powder polish as well.

I definitely recommend trying the powder gel manicure because my nails did feel stronger even after taking the polish off. I got a very pretty deep mauve color which pairs well with so many outfits and looks really good with gold rings. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your thoughts are on the powder gel manicure.

-Stay Chic,

5 Secrets to the Perfect Cuticles (11/3/2018)

Hey beauties! I am here with some amazing intel on how to get and maintain the perfect cuticles. This is important information especially considering that the cold weather is coming around. Once it gets cold out it is very important to make sure that you keep your skin and especially your lips, feet, hands and cuticles hydrated! These things can get chapped very easily so make sure to take care of yourself!

So what are these 5 secrets to the perfect cuticles?

1) Use a cuticle balm or cuticle oil

This is an important step because for some, hand lotion just won’t cut it when you need to hydrate those cuticles. Make sure to go the extra length and grab a cuticle balm or oil to moisturize them to make sure they stay healthy!

2) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

It is so important to moisturize your hands during these cold months. If you are constantly moisturizing this will help keep your cuticles in okay shape. Make sure you are using a hand lotion that hydrates well and has shea butter or vitamins in it. Cheap moisturizers don’t help much but if you get the right one then you’re set!

3) Stop pulling and picking at the cuticles or hanging skin around your nails

This is something you must remember to never do. If you peel, pull or pick at this skin you are leaving yourself open to infection. Try to just cut away at these with the cuticle nipper until it resolves itself. If it isn’t resolved and it ends up turning into a cut make sure to treat it with antiseptic, peroxide and a bandaid to prevent infection.

4) Sleep with Vaseline on your hands with gloves covering them.

This is a trick I learned from my mother and grandmother. It’s the best trick to have very soft hands and healthier hydrated cuticles. All you need is the petroleum jelly to be spread in a thick layer on the hands and cuticles then make sure to throw some gloves on. You’ll be able to wake up and feel the difference!

5) Keep on top of grooming your cuticles

A huge problem is that the cuticle has excess skin that needs to be removed. The cuticle itself shouldn’t be removed because this prevents infection but you can push the excess cuticle back a little. Use the cuticle nipper to make the nail bed more clean by clipping off the excess cuticle that was pushed back. Be careful when doing this.

Follow these steps and you should be golden! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below how you keep your cuticles healthy!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Fall Favorite Nail Colors OPI (10/2/2018)

Hey beauties! I recently had gone to Bed Bath And Beyond and I was on a mission to find some cute nail polish for fall as well as a new top coat. When I browsed the nail isle I saw a good size basket full of OPI nail polish on clearance. Usually, OPI runs around at about $9 per bottle. The two OPI nail polishes I got were only $4 and change. I got two for the price of one.

The first shade I chose for this fall was this pink shade that has a tinge of orange to it. The shade name is I’ll Have a Gin & Tonic. I just thought this shade looked like the orangey color of the changing leaves.

The second nail polish I got is this slight army green color. The shade name is This Isn’t Greenland. I thought this was a perfect fall shade and it looks even better in a neutral color pair of open toed shoes.

I loved both of these polishes and I think they are more than perfect for the fall time. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below if you’ve gotten any good bargains from Bed Bath And Beyond.

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Best Spring Nail Colors (5/22/2018)

Spring has sprung and I am excited to jump into what my favorite nail colors for this spring are! I went with a ton of colors seen in the SP ’18 fashion week and seen in recent street style looks! So which nail colors made the cut?

– Hot Pink: I picked this because hot pink was seen a lot during the SP ’18 fashion week

– Lavender: I also chose this because lavender was seen in many runway designs for the SP ’18 collections!

– Gray: I chose gray because I have been seeing a lot of gray plaid designs that look almost like suit fabric in street fashion lately! I took inspiration from this fad and made it into a spring nail color!

– Dark Green: Dark green has been coined by Vogue to be one of the most popular colors of this Spring and Summer so I decided to take inspiration from this!

– Aqua Blue: For this shade I didn’t necessarily see many trends with this color but I thought I would bring a summer vibe color into spring!

– Periwinkle: Periwinkle was seen a lot on the runway this SP ’18 season and decided to incorporate it into my top spring nail color picks! It also happens to be my favorite shade of blue.

These are the colors I chose for the best spring nail colors! I hope you love these picks just as much as I do and I also hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Salon Gel Nails At Home (4/19/2018)

If you have ever wondered if there is a way to get salon gel nails at the comfort of your own home, I’ve got good news for you! There is a way to do it and for a low cost too. All you have to do is run to your local Target or Walmart.

Once you g t to your local Target or Walmart snag one of these SensatioNail polish to gel transformers. These are only $25 and change which is definitely affordable for gel nails. With this you can either purchase their nail polish colors or transform any regular nail polish to a gel manicure!

It’s also easy to do instructions:

1) Prepare your nails for application of gel polish.

• Remove all polish from nails

• Wash and dry hands

• Push back cuticles with the slanted edge of the manicure stick

• Use the silver side of the double sided nail buffer to shape nails.

2) Buff nails with pink side of the double sided nail buffer.

• Buff until natural shine from nail is removed

• Remove any dust from filing and buffing

3) Squirt some of the gel cleanser onto a lint-free wipe and wipe off each nail

• Do not soak the lint-free wipe, simply dampening the wipe is enough

• Let nails dry for around ten seconds after application

4) Apply one coat of gel primer to each nail

• Use sparingly

• Let dry after application

5) Apply a thin layer of the gel base & top coat to the dry nails

• Avoid the skin alongside the nails and cuticles

• Cap the top of the nail by running the nail polish brush along the nail tip

6) Place nails under the LED lamp for 30 seconds

• Place hand under plugged in LED lamp and the sensor should automatically turn on the light

• The light will automatically shut off after 30 seconds

7) Shake the color gel polish or regular nail polish and apply a thin layer to the nails

• Avoid the skin alongside the nail and the cuticles

• Cap the top of the nail by running the nail polish brush along the nail tip

8) Place nails under LED lamp for 60 seconds

• Place your hands under the lamp and it will automatically turn on. Once it turns off you will have to put your hand under the lamp for another 30 seconds

9) Apply a second coat of color gel polish or regular nail polish

• Avoid the skin alongside the nail and the cuticles

• Cap the top of the nail by running the nail polish brush along the nail tip

10) Place nails under LED lamp for 60 seconds

• Place your hands under the lamp and it will automatically turn on. Once it turns off you will have to put your hand under the lamp for another 30 seconds

11) Apply a thin layer of gel transformer to nails

• Avoid the skin alongside the nail and the cuticles

• Cap the top of the nail by running the nail polish brush along the nail tip

12) Place under LED lamp for 30 seconds

• Place hand under plugged in LED lamp and the sensor should automatically turn on the light

• The light will automatically shut off after 30 seconds

13) Squirt the gel cleanser onto a lint-free wipe and wipe each nail

• Wipe until each nail is smooth to the touch and there is no sticky residue

• If necessary repeat step twice

REMOVAL: Picking off the shellac manicure or removing it incorrectly can cause damage to your natural nail; however following the proper removal technique will ensure your nails remain unharmed.

This manicure can be removed in three easy steps:

1.) Use the gray side of the Double Sided Nail Buffer to buff the shine off of the polish on your nails

2.) Soak nails in pure acetone for at least 15 minutes

• The longer you soak the nails the easier the polish will come off (don’t do this for more than 30 minutes)

3.) Scrape the dissolved polish off of the nails using the manicure stick

4.) Repeat each step however many times is necessary to fully remove the polish from your nails

I followed these steps and my nails look amazing and are definitely salon grade nails! I was super happy with how this product works and recommend trying it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

I Got My Nails Done (3/21/2018)

It has been such a long time since I got my nails done. I stopped getting my nails done for a long while because I decided I wanted to give my nails some time to breathe. I have had acrylic tips on for over 3 months and have intermittently gotten acrylics put on and off for over 4 years now.

My nails became so brittle and paper thin, I thought enough was enough and I needed to take a break. That’s what I did! My nails have gotten stronger, but they will never be the same. They split and crack very easily so after a few months of taking a break, I decided to get gel manicures. I couldn’t handle having nails that would continuously crack on me.

After deciding to get a gel manicure I wanted to do something different for the color as well. I usually do nudes, pinks and reds but I wanted to change it up and do something that gave a wow- factor.

So I went with my favorite color blue, a sky blue! I love this color because blue skies make me so happy. I also picked to have gold for my ring finger because I thought it would super cute! The manicure costed only $25!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what you think about this manicure!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Best Way To Keep Healthy Cuticles Throughout The Winter (1/19/2018)

Have you ever had the problem of ripped cuticles during the colder months? Yes, I’m talking about the ones that you try to peel off that are on the side of your fingernails. Then when you peel the skin you feel as if you’ve skinned yourself, yes, that is exactly what I’m talking about! Well if you are wondering why this is happening to you there are a number of reasons and fewer solutions.

A few reasons why this is happening might be because with colder weather comes dry skin. Dry cuticles can be an issue, and cause this ripped cuticle situation. Another reason why could be that the person who does your nails is cutting your cuticles off or trimming them too short. There is no real reason to cut off your cuticles, this actually causes you more damage in the long run. Cuticles are there to protect you and cutting them off can leave you open to infection and the ripped cuticles. It could also be that you are pushing your cuticles back too far or using drying agents on your hands (cleaning products, Nail Polish remover, etc.), as well!

I have some solutions to these problems. If it’s not a matter of telling your nail technician to stop cutting your cuticles or to stop pushing your cuticles back so far, you probably have to keep healthier cuticle skin. Cuticles are like normal skin, even though they don’t look or feel dry it’s best to always moisturize. My routine is to: first start off my moisturizing your hands with a lotion that has shea butter or a good moisturizing agent. Then use Burt’s Bees cuticle cream On all of your cuticles, this is a life saver! To go even further, you can even apply Vaseline to your hands and put on gloves at night to soften and hydrate the skin or do a hand mask.

I hope this post helps with all your ripped cuticle problems!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Get Salon Nails For Less (11/4/2017)


Being in college or on a budget sometimes means having to give up the glamorous things a lot of us love. For example, blowouts every week, root touch ups, manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, gym memberships and/or possibly tanning memberships, and the list goes on. If you are anything like me, you hate having unkept nails. So how can we get salon grade nails on a budget? I figured out a simple way that only costs less than $10!


My answer are these very natural-looking press-on tips gelFantasy from the company KISS. Yes, press-on nails can be a pain but there are benefits. On a budget, they can save you tons of money, we’re talking less than $10 versus almost $45 for salon nails! The nail glue you use is a lot healthier than UV Rays and the chemicals that ruin your nail-beds, that you get from salon acrylic tips or gels. Another benefit is that they are quick, easy, and painless. Getting these nails on are so easy and doesn’t need the moving around of your busy schedule just to fit in getting your nails done. Getting your nails done at a salon requires you having to accommodate business hours and open appointments, you can do these press-on nails yourself, on your own time! You might have to carry around nail glue but it definitely saves you money and still looks great!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below what your favorite color nail polish is!


-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

A Gel Manicure For Less (10/3/2017)

Getting a gel manicure every two weeks can get pricey. Especially if you’re on a budget. Doing your own nails can also get difficult because a regular manicure never lasts as long as a gel manicure and takes way too long to do yourself and to dry. Plus, doing your own nails is almost impossible when you’re extremely busy and don’t have the 2 hours to sit with all of your fingers and toes doing spread eagles until it dries. And personally, I feel that you’re lucky if you can get an at home manicure last more than two days! But luckily I’ve found a way to make my manicure stay for about a week and a half and dry down quickly! Which sadly isn’t the full two weeks you can get with a gel manicure but for the price, the half week difference is totally worth it!

I only have one secret to getting a gel-like finish and that secret is my top coat! I just recently switched what top coat I use, from INSTA-DRI by Sally Hansen to Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Not only do my nails have a gel-like finish and last one and a half weeks, they also only take about 5 minutes to dry completely and harden. And even better, this top coat is sold for only $5!

I only stumbled across this quick dry and hardening top coat by accident. When I was doing my nails one night and ran out of my INSTA-DRI top coat I put this Seche Vite top coat on. Of course, I had to quickly grab my ringing phone from my purse right after I was just finished painting my nails. Anyone who paints their own nails knows that plunging your hand into a purse after a fresh coat of varnish has disaster written all over it. But it was an important call that I couldn’t miss, so as I took my phone out of my purse, I found that my manicure was completely intact as if nothing had even happened, and as if I painted my nails 2 hours ago rather than 5 minutes before. I further investigated by tapping on each nail to see if they were all dry and was completely dumbfounded when they were all hard and dried down.

My only question is, where has this top coat been all my life as many of my home manicures have gone awry without it.

I urge you all to try this top coat, it is a game changer and you will not regret it.

– As always,

Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell.

Nail Colors In Style This Summer (6/28/2017)

For many people who get their nails done, the most stressful question is… What color do you want? As we search through thousands of nail colors at the salon, or go through tons of nail polish bottles, swatching for cutest one, sometimes you still just can’t find anything you like! So thankfully I’m here to help make that decision for you and to let you know the colors that are in style this summer!

The first color is a metallic rose gold color! I love the color rose gold which is definitely a favorite of many people, but also metallic looks whether for lips, eyes or nails are coming back in style! You can get this shade from the nail polish brand Essie in the shade “Penny Talk”

Next is this super cute bright red! A red is always great to wear during any season but it’s become super popular this summer for the bold look it gives. You can get this color from Estée Lauder in shade “Pure Red”

This neon aqua polish is a must this summer! As it gives a great pop of color to any outfit and is such a beautiful shade of blue. You can get this color from the brand China Glaze in shade “Aquadelic”

This next color is a light yellow color! Yellow is trending this summer season and I can see why, it’s such a happy color! As you can see I paired this nail with a dark colored outfit and it pulled this look together perfectly. You can get this color from the brand Sally Hansen in shade “Mellow Yellow”

Everyone is obsessing over mermaids, and I think it’s because we are all mermaids at heart. This nail look is a mermaid colored teal glitter and I’m obsessed! It helps me channel my inner mermaid while making my nails look fabulous. You can get this nail color from the Deborah Lippman brand in shade “Across The Universe”

This boho metallic emerald color is so cute and is super in style this season! Emerald is such a beautiful color and the metallic part of this nail polish makes it look super cool! This one honestly reminds me of the ocean. Get this color from Nicole by OPI in “Emerald Empowered”

This dark blue brings an amazing contrast to a lot of looks! The color is so rich and looks great with many summer outfits. This royal blue is on the trend this season, and you can get this color from the brand Sinful Colors in shade “Endless Blue”

Metallic copper is huge right now, people are wearing it on their nails, as an eyeliner, buying makeup brushes that are a copper color and more! This goes well with many outfits too! You can get this nail color from the brand NARS in the shade “Delos”

Yet another metallic shade, I think we can see a trend here. This beautiful metallic is a light green and is mesmerizing! It is such a great color for the summer and personally I’m in love with it! You can get this color from Icing in the shade “Martini, Extra Olives”

And lastly, nude colors and blush pinks are in style this summer and go great for a nail color! It looks beautiful but natural and can be paired with any outfit. This nail color is perfect for this summer and you can get it from the brand Orly in shade “Nourishing Nude”

I hope after reading this, the question that haunts us at the nail salon isn’t as stressful and you are able to pick your next nail color swiftly.

Stay Chic

– Stephanie Russell