Monthly Anti-Favorites

Fashion Items I’m Retiring (1/3/2020)

Hi fashionistas! I hope you are all doing well! As I was going through my makeup yesterday I realized that I also wanted to get rid of some fashion items I had as well that were really taking up space in my wardrobe. Sometimes it’s necessary to retire some items that you’ve had for a while!

The first thing I really had to get rid of was this pink tassel scarf. It just didn’t work for me anymore and it didn’t match my style either. It definitely is cute but I just can’t imagine wearing this anywhere. My number one rule of keeping clothes/ fashion items is to only keep it if you would buy it at a store.

I also figured it was time to retire the huge JLo sunglasses. Although JLo could rock these sunglasses better than anyone, I definitely can’t– even when it was a big trend. I did try though but I’m waiving the white flag on this one and surrendering to my basic sunglasses.

The last thing that I’m retiring is the laptop bag. I really did try to hold out as much as possible on this one. Trust me I did, because while I was in college I did use this for a good month. But I think it is truly time to give this bag the boot. It had a good run in its prime though!

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-Stay Chic,

October Antifavorites (10/22/2019)

Hey beauties! I’m pretty bummed about not being in Disney so I figured why not channel that bummed/sad/agitated energy that I am harnessing and put it to good use– towards a post about some products that I don’t like! I love writing antifavorites posts because it is almost like you get to express products that didn’t work for you but also get that negativity out in the open, because nothing feels worse than buying an item that stinks and you can’t complain about it on the reviews or even to a friend! So, YAY antifavorites, lets get started:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Candle
  2. Elf Lip Scrub
  3. Precision Mascara UD
  4. Miss Spa Eye Gel Mask
  5. Maybelline Brow Studio Pencil
  6. KVD Blushes
  7. Balliste Dry Shampoo
  8. Bath And Body Works Car Scents
  9. Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Cleanser
  10. Naked 24 Hr Foundation

These are the items I chose to be on my antifavorites list this month and it’s not that I hate these brands or products completely or in anyway. These are things that just did not work for me but that does not mean that they cannot work for you! Remember that everyone is different and we all need different things for our specific skin or even like the way things are or aren’t in completely different ways.

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-Stay Chic,

Products That I Donated/ Threw Out (9/2/2019)

Hey everyone I am going through my makeup drawer like I do every 6-7 months and I wanted to share what I was getting rid of and giving away. Some stuff was expired which I had to throw away but anything that wasn’t expired I gave away to friends who wanted it! I also

Here’s the products:

– Two Anastasia BH Liquid Lipsticks

-Tresique Lip Tint

– Ulta Eyeshadow

– Butter London Roll On Eyeliner

– Fit me Blush

– NYX liquid highlight

– Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum

– Baby Lips Maybelline Crayon Balm Color

– Tartiest Lip Paint

– MAC Eyeshadow

– Two Elf Eyeshadows

– BECCA Cream Highlight

– Creative Beauty Longwesr Matte Lip Gloss

– Two Elf Lipglosses

– Wet N Wild Cucumber Setting Spray

– Ulta Lip Crayon

– PUR Co tour Palette

– Ulta mini contour palette and eyeshadow palette

– Sephora Lip Powder

– Elf Liquid Highlight and Concealer

– DLS Eyeshadow Crayon

– China Glaze Nail Polish

– OPI Nail Polish

– Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I gave away a ton of makeup and some nail polishes I no longer cared for. My friends were really thankful that I gave them products that I wasn’t using. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what products you have gotten rid of lately.

-Stay Chic,

July Antifavorites (7/26/2018)

Another month has gone by which means another antifavorites post! This month I don’t have many antifavorites but I do have a few worth discussing. Just because I have an antifavorite doesn’t mean that this product is terrible, but it just didn’t work for me. If you find that these products worked for you then don’t take offense, everyone has different preferences.

The first product that didn’t work for me was Aqua Net. This is a hair spray I got from my local grocery store because it said it was an all weather hair spray. I didn’t like this product because I felt that when I sprayed it, my hair was soaked with wet product and took forever to dry.

The second product that didn’t work for me was Ocean Potion aloe. I recently had really bad sun burn and I used this aloe. Sadly, this aloe sped up the process of peeling. I later found out that the main ingredient (in most of these aloe products) was alcohol which dries the skin out.

The third product that didn’t work for me was Aussie Volume hair spray. I purchased this from my local drugstore after not liking the Aqua Net Spray. This spray says it has a maximum hold but I found that it barely held my hair in place. I also have short fine hair, which means my hair isn’t heavy to hold with hair spray.

The fourth antifavorite is the Ulta Beauty mascara. I felt that this mascara was very thin and didn’t build well. It made my lashes very clumpy after trying to build the mascara up. My lashes were stuck together and felt wet for almost a half hour.

The fifth and final antifavorite is Bath And Body Works Salted Caramel wallflower. I love using wallflowers in my bedroom because it makes my room smell great. I decided to use their salted caramel wallflower and after only an hour of use the scent filled my whole room. It was a way too intense smell and it even made my clothes wreak of the salted caramel scent. The headache I got from this was very painful.

These are my July antifavorites. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what your antifavorites are for this month.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

March Antifavorites (3/24/2018)

It’s time for March antifavorites! I already have done the March favorites for this month but with favorites sometimes comes antifavorites. I tried some products that I wasn’t particularly happy with and would like to share them! I don’t have many antifavorites for this month so let’s dive into what made this list.

• The first antifavorite of this month is Mally volumizing mascara. This mascara made the list because it was super drying and I used 3 different makeup removers and it barely came off. It took me picking the mascara off my eyelashes to get it off.

• The second antifavorite Apple Harvest moisture rich hydrating balm smells good and moisturizes the lips for a while but I felt that my lips felt even more dry after this balm wore off.

• The last antifavorite is the Julep lip crayon. They sent me a nude color that was patchy, not long lasting and was way too close to my skin color. It looks like I applied concealer or foundation to my lips.

I don’t recommend these products but different things work for different people! So if anything I mentioned worked for you, then that’s amazing and I don’t mean to offend. I hope you enjoyed reading!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

February Antifavorites (2/23/2018)

Thankfully this month I didn’t find much that I disliked but there were a few things that I purchased that didn’t really work out for me!

The first thing is this Xhiliration dress I purchased at Target. I am working on a secret project and this dress matched what I was looking for. I sadly purchased it without trying it on out of excitement and the cut of the dress is very weird. It has a low cut front, which looks strange because it is crocheted over the cut causing a weird shadow. The waist is also very high yet the sleeves are cut very low. Everything about this dress is uncomfortable, thankfully it was only a $12 clearance item!

Next is Bela Premium Bath Bombs. I actually enjoyed this product, as I tried it in a different scent. But after using it once, I realized that the bath bomb was so compact that a quarter of it didn’t even dissolve. It wasn’t that I disliked the product, I just wish it worked completely. I can’t complain too much though since I did purchase it for only $0.50!

And lastly is the Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon. I wrote a post about this and how I was just not that crazy about it. I will keep it in my collection but I will definitely not be venturing to buy any more from this product launch.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your Antifavorites from this month!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

January Antifavorites (1/16/2018)

With having favorites of January, comes antifavorites. This January I only had a few products that I didn’t enjoy using/ testing out.

One of the products I didn’t like this January was this Arrow Boost chapstick I had purchased this through Birchbox website and it turns my lips purple.

This FARMACY Skin Dew setting spray was not my favorite when I tried it. It was like a geyser was hitting my face and it made my face feel sticky.

This is something I got a few months ago from Birchbox but I just recently tried to use it and quickly realized why I stowed it away to the back of my vanity. It didn’t blend and there was no pigment.

This was from Boxycharm a month or two ago. I tried this illuminating setting spray and it made me look like I was from outer space. There were random clusters of sparkles all over my face. Not cute.

And lastly, these BITE Cosmetics liquified lipsticks. These are not extremely awful but I definitely don’t recommend wasting your money. They don’t dry down whatsoever and the scent is super strong. They smell like melting crayons.

If these products worked for you, don’t take it personally. We are two different people and it’s okay if there is something that works for you that doesn’t work for me! And if it does work for you I’m actually happy that it did! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below some of your January Antifavorites!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

December Antifavorites (12/27/2017)

Since there’s a December Favorites list, here is the anticipated December Antifavorites list! This is a list of things that just weren’t my cup of tea and didn’t work out for me. This doesn’t mean it won’t work out for you so please don’t be offended if I named something that you love. We are different people and there are things that might work out for you that might not work out for me.

Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Mad Max Brown

I generally like the KVD Tattoo Liner but for some reason the shade Mad Max Brown is extremely streaky and doesn’t have good coverage!

Sun Bum Coconut Chapstick

I love chapstick! It’s always great to have with you to keep your lips moisturized. I thought I’d love this chapstick since a lot of people rave about it but it was awful for me. The formula was super oily and thick, and the smell of coconut was not a subtle scent. It wreaked of coconut so badly I could smell my lips for hours even after application. Not for me.

Milani Crystal Lipgloss

I hadn’t really tried much from Milani since there isn’t a store near me that sells this brand. But regardless I’ve heard great things about this groundbreaking drugstore brand, so when I saw this lipgloss at the Dollar Tree I jumped at the opportunity to try it out! I applied this to my lips and not only was the formula sticky, the “crystal” part of this lipgloss was chunky pieces of glitter. This glitter made the lipgloss feel like it had a grainy texture! Super uncomfortable.

Temptu Liquid Bronzer

I got this bronzer in a beauty box subscription and considering it had a shimmer, I was excited to try it with how glowy it looked. Once I applied this it looked a little dark which is to be expected from a liquified bronzer. So I started blending it with a beauty blender, and what started out as too dark ended up blending into nothing at all. So I tried to blend with a brush instead, assuming the beauty blender soaked up the product since it was so liquidity. It again, blended into a patchy mess of dark and almost nothing in some areas. I don’t know what went wrong with this product but it’s definitely not my cup of tea.

Kylie Cosmetics Kourt K Lip Kit

Um. This product has a whole lot of “no” written all over it. I am so saddened by how much I spent on this lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics and it was awful. The formula was so drying it cracked on my lips with only 30 minutes of wearing it and the liner smudged all over my mouth. I also had extremely noticeable stains after removing it with an oil based makeup remover and exfoliating my lips. The stains were even noticeable the next day to the point where I had to use concealer around my lips and wear a red lip to cover it up.

CoverGirl Lipperfection Lip Liner

I got this mauve lip liner from CoverGirl because I needed it for a lipstick I purchased. First off, the product was so hard I got no payoff and trying to apply it was so hard my lips hurt. It felt like I was dragging an actual pencil across my lips. Second, even after trying to warm it up on my hands or using a blow dryer for a few seconds to warm the product it still was hard as a rock.

CoverGirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner

Another CoverGirl product, I liked the product a while ago and I thought it worked well… Until I realized after wearing it for an extended period of time. Anytime I’d wear this liner there was a potent chemical smell, at the time I didn’t know what it was from. Just recently, the chemical smell was so potent it made my eyes tear up and that’s when I realized it was the liner! I don’t know if it’s just mine and it’s a manufacturers issue or they all smell this way but I don’t think I’ll be wearing this anymore.

This was my December Antifavorites so I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below any products you weren’t a fan of this December!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

July Anti-Favorites (7/21/2017)

There are some products that are your all time favorite, and others that will have you questioning why anyone would pay over $1 for it. That is how some of the products I try monthly make me feel, which is why I’m starting to do monthly favorites and also monthly anti-favorites. But before we jump into some of these products please know that everyone is different. So if I mention a product that is your holy grail please don’t be offended, if it just didn’t work for me that doesn’t mean it won’t work for anyone else. With that being said let’s jump into this months anti-favorites. 

The first that I quickly added to the list this month was Elf’s blush. I wanted to see if their blushes were any good, and I was pretty disappointed with the results. I felt that there was no color pay-off, and the product was very chalky. This is the only blush of theirs I have tried so far, so I can’t say their blush’s formula is the problem. But all I know is that this one was not good in my opinion. 

Next is Urban Decay’s lipstick in Sheer Anarchy. I bought this item in the hopes to have a nice sheer fuchsia color for the summer. My first impression was that it was very pretty, but then after I wore it for an hour the color completely disappeared. I had to keep applying frequently which became a hassle, especially since all I was doing was talking. I’d understand if I was eating foods, drinking out of a cup, or kissing but I wasn’t. Although, I had high hopes for it, it wasn’t for me. 

This anti-favorite isn’t a complete hate for the product, because I do like the Make Believe In Yourself Eye and Cheek palette by Tarte. It has so many pretty shimmer colors but applying them with a brush was a hassle. Also, just using the chunkier glitter colors only once, made it look like I dipped into the palette multiple times already. There was a lot of fall out as well, so I don’t suggest doing your foundation before using this. I’ve created cute eye looks with this palette but it was just an aggravating experience while using it. 

This Sephora eyeshadow primer was added to my anti-favorites when I tried to do a makeup look while using solely Sephora brand products. The primer creased my eyeshadow so badly that I would rather have not used a primer at all. It was oily during application and took forever to dry. Then about 2 hours into wearing my makeup the eyeshadow creased, leaving me looking like a crazy person. 

Target’s brand up&up has a blending sponge that I decided to try. This blending sponge landed on this months anti-favorites because it soaks up all of the product, it is very hard even with the addition of water, and it doesn’t blend liquid and cream makeup well at all. 

La Base Pro face primer by Lancôme is one of my least favorite facial primers for one important reason. Even though it works well as a primer for a lot of other people, my face feels very oily when I use it. I have dry skin and the fact that my face feels oily when using this is disappointing. 

Another anti-favorite for this month is Que Bella’s peel off mask. This mask felt very refreshing when I first put it on… until it came time to peel it off. I felt that when peeling this mask off, I was peeling my actual skin with it. It was a very painful experience and it took me about 20 minutes to get completely off. Then when looking at the peeled off mask there were little peach fuzz hairs that were ripped off of my face. My face was irritated for the rest of the night. So this product wasn’t for me. 

Next is Urban Decay’s de-slick setting spray. I purchased this to use for when I do makeup for other people, so I have a setting spray for those with oily skin. When I did my friends makeup for an event, she told me that she felt the makeup setting spray was not good for oil-control because her skin looked very oily after 30 minutes of wearing it. I feel that using Urban Decay’s all-nighter setting spray worked better than de-slick for her oily skin. 

And lastly the bra that has been seen all over Instagram. I got mine from Sculpt Bra and it does not work. What. So. Ever. First of all, it does not give you support or push your breasts up. What this bra does is stick to each breast and push them together instead of up… which creates a uni-boob situation, that doesn’t look good at all. Plus, the edges on this bra are completely lifted from the skin which means to keep it secure you need a bandeau anyway. And you cannot sweat in this bra, otherwise it will come off. So for me, this bra is full of lies and is now the ultimate anti-favorite of this month. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and comment down below a product you tried and didn’t like! 

 -Stay Chic,

 Stephanie Russell