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Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Setting Spray Review (8/3/2019)

Hi beauties! A crazy thing had happened the other day, as I was about to help a friend by doing her makeup for an event I forgot that I ran out of setting spray earlier in the week. I had no other choice but to run to the drugstore before I went to her house to pick up some affordable setting spray. I chose the Wet N’ Wild Cucumber Photo Focus 3-in-1 Primer Water Prep+Set+ Refresh setting spray. I got it from my local Rite Aid for about $5 which is VERY affordable for a setting spray.

I wasn’t sure how well it would work because I never used it before but I explained to my friend that we didn’t have to use it since I wasn’t sure if it was good or not and she didn’t have a problem testing it out. She has oily skin and she explained that it was pretty good for her skin type and it was light and airy. She also explained that she liked the smell a lot. 
I decided to give the setting spray a shot myself and I used it for a few days and honestly it was an amazing setting spray. I felt like it did a pretty good job of setting my makeup, it wasn’t a heavy feeling setting spray, it also wasn’t sticky either. I also felt refreshed after spraying it because of the scent of cucumbers. I definitely recommend getting this setting spray if you want to try a drugstore brand alternative or if you run out and need something affordable but works well. A trick that I like to do with this setting spray is leave it in the fridge so when I go to set my makeup it gives me a nice and cold mist. It’s super crazy that I chose to get a quick and affordable setting spray and I ended up liking it just as much as the leading brands. 
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Bar Outfit, Hair and Makeup Look (7/30/2019)
Hi beauties, I wanted to do a quick post on the outfit, makeup and hair look I wore to a bar recently. I’m actually not much of a bar person (unless there is a place to dance at said bar). I normally enjoy clubbing more because I am super passionate about dancing my heart out. But I figured for someone who doesn’t go to bars often I can show you what I wear there!
I suggest if you want to go to a bar you figure out the dress code just so you dont show up under or overdressed. I always call or go on Google to figure out the dress code or I’ll pick something out that is one step up from casual just to be safe. I guess better to be safe than sorry. Plus, I would feel super out of place if I were under dressed rather than if I were only a little bit overdressed for the venue. I mean, super overdressed is definitely not fun either (I have experienced this before at a “formal” dance event, and YIKES was it embarrassing). I’ll leave the story for another time and save myself some face today (lol)!
For the outfit I wore a yellow, summery floral dress that was a tad bit of a high-low dress. I paired this outfit with a pair of brown strappy open toed booties. I felt super comfortable in this wrap-dress because it was flowy and great for a summer casual look but not too casual. I made sure to be careful and not to dress it up with jewelry too much so I just wore the silver cuff bracelet that I wear on a daily basis. 
For my makeup I figured that if I were to go all out and actually DO my makeup, the outfit might also look a bit extra for a bar scene. So I decided to not go full glam and I kept it simple and gave myself a natural look, no eyeshadow or lipstick either! I actually really loved the makeup and what really pulled it together were the eyelash extensions. 
My hair was a little difficult to figure out because I truly wanted to leave it down but the head and humidity was way to high for a curly haired girl to bare (if you have wavy, kinky or curly hair you definitely can relate to the #struggleville)! So I even went a step more casual and put my hair in a dressy-ish bun and called it a day! I absolutely loved this look and I hope that you did as well, remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what part of this whole look was your favorite!
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$350 Sephora Haul (7/9/2019)

Hey beauties! My best friend and I went into a Sephora and we decided to go on a shopping spree. Well, needless to say I walked out of the Sephora with $350 of makeup. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be (lol)!

So what did I get that costed me this much?! I’m going to be hauling all of the stuff I purchased! Another haul? Again, I wouldn’t be surprised considering that’s one of my favorite kinds of posts.

Anyway, I usually don’t go into the Sephora stores I usually purchase my stuff online so this was actually a little different of an experience for me. Instead of shopping online and looking at all that I can get, I am actually playing with the makeup on display and testing things out. I also went into the Sephora store without a specific item in mind. I was just picking things out as I went along.

Here is what I got:

  • Tarte Unleashed Palette
    Violet Voss Creme Brûlée Mini Palette
    Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
    Eye Love Sephora Mini Palette
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette
    BECCA Cosmetics Collectors Edition Champagne POP Highlighter
    Tarte High Tides & Good Vibes Palette
    Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette
    (Not Pictured) Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette
    KVD Tattoo Liner
    Laura Mercier Lipstick

I am in love with all of the items I got. Sadly my highlighter was broken when I brought it home so I’ll have to exchange that but otherwise I have no problems! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what item is your favorite!

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Drugstore Makeup I Love (6/30/2019)
Hey beauties! I wanted to do a post today about drug store products/ makeup that I love. I feel like drugstore products get a bad wrap but in reality there are amazing drugstore brands that I actually really love. I am going to take some time to list my top 15 drugstore makeup products and the price point of each as well as provide a link for y’all to purchase the product for yourself. 
These are definitely my drugstore go-tos! I hope you all liked this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and let me know in the comments down below if any of these products are also your drugstore favorites!
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Best 10 BB Creams For Summer (6/27/2019)

Hey beauties! Since it’s finally summertime I think we are due for a best BB cream makeup list because in all honesty full coverage and even medium coverage foundation is just way too heavy to wear in this heat! This is makeup melting season everyone, so lets dive into the best BB creams to get this summer: 

1. Elf

Elf BB Cream

2. Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+

3. Maybelline

Maybelline BB Cream

4. Burt’s Bees

5. NYX

NYX BB Cream

6. Tarte

Tarte BB Cream

7. Too Faced

Too Faced BB Cream

8. bareMinerals

bareMinerals BB Cream

9. KIKO Milano

KIKO Milano BB Cream

10. L’Oréal

L’Oréal BB Cream

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GRWM For A Wedding (6/22/2019)
Hey beauties! Today I have my cousins wedding to attend and I wanted to do a really quick get ready with me (GRWM) post. I am talking a full on get ready with me from makeup to hair to getting dressed! Lets jump into it:
I hope you enjoyed this GRWM post and make sure you comment down below what you think about this look and don’t forget to subscribe for emails to be notified when I make a new post!
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Night Out Outfit and Makeup Look (6/14/2019)

Hey beauties! I recently went out to a club with a couple of my friends and Ryan and I was so in love with my outfit and makeup that I just HAD to share it with y’a;ll! I wish I actually took better pictures of my makeup because I loved it THAT MUCH, but sadly we were in a rush to leave so I don’t have pictures showing my makeup in bright lights but I do have selfies and pictures from that night to give y’all an idea of what my makeup looked like!

For my outfit I actually ended up dragging Ryan with me to my go-to quick shopping store, Forever 21. Usually Ryan hates shopping with me because it’s basically a 5-hour event but he managed because I wanted to pick up an outfit really quick. I ended up finding an outfit that costed me no more than $17 which was such a deal! I got a bright coral/orange skirt with a silver zipper and a paired that skirt with a black sheer low plunging v-neck bodysuit and a pair of black sandal heels.

The outfit was definitely minimalistic, so I had to do something extravagant with my makeup. I started off with doing some bright coral/orange eyeshadow to match my skirt, but the look needed something. SO, I ended up blending the shadow to the inner corner of my eye and adding some vibrant teal glitter shadow in the middle of my lid for a spotlight eyeshadow look. I was obsessed with it and I added a black winged liner and some Lily Lashes to top the whole look off.

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Dollar Tree Silisponge Review And Face Off (5/26/2019)

Hey beauties! I found a really interesting brand from the Dollar Tree the other day. I wanted to try something from the brand that didn’t involve makeup so I chose the silisponges they have! In this post I will be testing the quality and outcome of my foundation with the silisponge from the Dollar Tree and the silisponge from Milk Makeup.

Dollar Tree Silisponge

For each sponge I am using my FIT Me liquid foundation from Maybelline. The Dollar Tree Silisponge right off the bat seems a lot thicker but the edges are very harsh and the “skin” on the silisponge is not on there very tight. As I applied the makeup it seemed pretty easy to move the makeup around but it was very hard to blend. I already know that silisponges are hard to blend in general. But each time I tried to blend out a hard to reach area (bridge of my nose) the sponge would wrinkle and make the uneven foundation worse. It’s important to mention that the makeup that was rubbed on there permanently stained the “skin” of the silisponge. I tried all different soaps, even Dawn wouldn’t get it off.

Milk Makeup Silisponge

The Milk Makeup is $14 in comparison to the only $1 Dollar Tree silisponge but I can tell that whatever this one is made of, the “skin” is tighter and the edges are a little smoother. When applying the makeup it was easier to blend due to the firmness of the silisponge and it is smaller so it can get in those hard to reach places. But overall silisponges are not easy to use to blend makeup out so I don’t like them in general.

For the silisponge face off I think Milk Makeup wins because it did have a better and more pleasant performance. Plus, they get brownie points for the cute design of theirs with the sparkles. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what you prefer to use to blend out your makeup.

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Hey beauties! I got lash extensions, and to my surprise (just kidding I expected this) everyone started asking me questions about extensions, how they feel, if they’re worth it, if they should do it and so much more! I am here to talk about my experience because I had them for a little bit and I want to help answer these questions as well as help you decide to get them or not.

First off, I absolutely love my lash extensions. I feel so SO pretty with them on and I honestly have felt like an Instagram baddie for quite some time. I had an amazing experience with lash extensions and I truly loved not having to do makeup everyday. So what questions was I getting?

Where do you get them done? Well, I don’t go to a salon or place I actually go to a person that I trust that does them from home and she is my esthetician!

What do they feel like? Honestly, beyond being able to see my lashes now, they feel like normal thicker lashes.

Do they ruin your natural lashes? I am no esthetician so I cannot tell you if they truly ruin your lashes but I do know that if you aren’t taking care of them properly then it could ruin your lashes or if you pick them off. I did notice that my lashes seemed a little thinner and shorter after getting them for an extended period of time so I do suggest giving your lashes a break, taking vitamins and you can even do a lash serum to help with the growth.

Are they annoying? Once they start gettin closer to needing to be filled again then they are harder to manage because they do flip around (all dependent on the person). Sometimes they flip and twist because your natural lashes are growing out. During this time the lash spooley will be your best friend. Otherwise they only get like this towards the end and then you get them filled.

How long do they last? Well in my experience they only last about 2 weeks without twisting and flipping around like crazy but because of the way my lashes grow I was able to go as long as a little over 3 weeks without a fill and although they didn’t look like a fresh set, they were still cute!

How much do they cost? The cost depends on the person and place you go. My esthetician charges around $220 for a full set and depending on the condition of the lashes when you go and get a fill it can be as low as $150.

Should I get lash extensions or a lash lift? That all depends on what you want. If you want drama, darker, volume and length then I say lash extensions are your go to. But if you just want to enhance your own natural lashes then go with the lash lift! Also, keep in mind lash extensions are harder to keep up with and more expensive whereas a lash lift is not as expensive and it’s easier to keep up with. Lash extensions only last up to 3 weeks and a lash lift can last up to 8-12 weeks.

Can I use the same products for my lash extensions that I use for my natural lashes? Definitely not. With my extensions I needed to buy a new mascara, liner and makeup remover that was healthy for the lashes (so they won’t fall out) and you can’t have an eyeliner or makeup remover that uses specific chemicals and oils.

How do you clean them? I had a special makeup pad I used to get off the makeup and then I had a makeup pad to condition the lashes which had to be done everyday. I also had to use the spooley to brush them at least twice a day.

How long does it take for a full set and a fill? It took me anywhere between 2-3 hours of laying still to get a full set of lashes and a little more than an hour to get a fill.

What did you like most and least about having them? The thing I liked most is that I always looked like I had makeup on. The thing I liked least is that most extensions look natural and when I wanted to add more drama to the look I couldn’t use my liquid liner or my fake lashes.

Should I get them? That’s up to you but personally I loved them!

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Latest Drugstore Makeup Purchases (3/9/2019)

Hey beauties! I recently stopped at my local drugstore and purchased some makeup that I wanted to test out. I had an itch to try some affordable products so I made a few purchases. I wanted to show you all what I picked up and my thoughts on each item I bought.

The first item I picked up was a concealer. I was going to just pick up my usually FIT me concealer but I knew I wanted to try something new. So, I grabbed Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer and it works well. I’m not the biggest fan of how the product sits on dry skin but if it is used lightly it is a good concealer. I also feel that the sponge on top soaked up a lot of the product and a lot of what was in the component was lost in that sponge. It felt like the FIT me concealer lasts me a couple of months where this concealer lasted me not even one month of use. This concealer costed around $9.

The next item I picked up was the Maybelline eyebrow define full brow pencil. This is a product I’ve used before but I decided to go for another color. I stopped using this product because I felt that it was a tad bit waxy on my eyebrows after a while of using it. I either got a bad batch or they changed the formula but after buying a basically waste of money product that was too waxy I turned to ABH brow pencil. It was getting expensive as I do my eyebrows everyday and the product was quickly running out. I tried the Maybelline eyebrow define full brow pencil again and I had better luck this time. It isn’t too waxy and works as a good ABH eyebrow pencil dupe. This product was around $8.

The next item I got was the ELF Volume Plumping Black Mascara. This mascara was definitely not the best I’ve ever used as it did run on my makeup after wearing it all day. With that being said I did only spend $2 on it which was a good price for the product. It wasn’t flaky but it just ran on my makeup. I also have a 14 hour day that is nonstop. So, it could be possible that it isn’t the fault of the mascara but it could have been oily or sweaty skin.

The final product I purchased was the ELF Intense Ink Eyeliner. This eyeliner only cost me about $3 and it works so well. I actually loved using this but it isn’t for precise use. If you like a sharp wing you better move on. The chunky nature of the liner and the rougher felt pen makes it near impossible to make a sharp wing. I use this and KVD Tattoo Liner together; one to make the line on the lid and the other to make the wing.

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