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How To Wake Up With Perfect Curls (4/7/2019)

Hey beauties! I wanted to write a post on how I wake up with perfect curls. Of course as you may already know, I already have naturally curly hair. But I’m not talking about natural curls, I’m talking about loose curls that are done perfectly without any heat.

It’s sometimes extremely hard to find ways to do your hair at night and wake up in the morning with a perfect head of hair. With the exception of braiding your hair how else can you go to sleep and wake up with your hair done with perfect loose curls? I have the perfect answer.

Wet your hair and use thick and wide leave in curlers. Heatless hair rollers are the best for waking up with nearly perfect hair. They don’t damage the hair like curling irons and straighteners do. Plus they’re easy to use and easy to take out.

I recommend using the mega self grip rollers from Conair. These work the best for getting that loose curl. Remember, when it comes to rollers– the smaller size you get the tighter the curl is. So if you want super tight curls then a smaller roller will be better. Also, remember that the tighter the curl, the closer it is to your head. For example, if you use a super small roller the curl will coil up closer to your head making your hair appear shorter.

I love using heatless hair rollers because they’ve always been a great way to just wake up and have my hair already done. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below if you’d use hair rollers.

-Stay Chic,

How To Style A Sunhat (7/21/2018)

Hey fashionistas! Since I will be leaving for vacation today I wanted to do a post on how to style a sunhat. Ultimately, this is my advice on how to do this but if you like to do it differently then you totally can do it whatever way works for you! This post isn’t to tell you how you are doing it wrong but to show you different ways you can style a sunhat!

1. Wear with summery and tropical outfit

A sunhat always goes great with a summery outfit! They are a match made in heaven and should never be separated.

  • 2. Wear with hair down
  • Wearing a sunhat with your hair up doesn’t look bad but it definitely can be uncomfortable! So go for comfort and wear your hair down with your sunhat!
  • 3. Still use Chanel’s golden rule— take one accessory off before leaving the house.
  • Since a hat is technically an accessory, you don’t want to end up over accessorizing. Just think less is more! So if you want to wear jewelry and carry a purse, it might be best to leave the hat at home!
  • These are my sunhat style tips! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below Ways you like to style a sunhat.
  • -Stay Chic,
  • Stephanie Russell
  • Styling My Oldest Wardrobe Piece (7/9/2018)

    Hey fashionistas! Today I was going through my closet and realized I had a couple of articles of clothing that are pretty old. I wanted to do a post today on styling my oldest wardrobe piece which would be an article of clothing that I’ve had the longest.

    I found this gem in the closet. A New York Jean, jean jacket with sparkles on the front. I always loved this jean jacket so I’ve kept it for forever. This jacket was actually given to me by my eldest sister who had it since she was in middle school. Since my build is pretty petite I still fit into it today. So how did I style this very cute (but very old) jean jacket?

    I wore it with a black and white t-Shirt dress I got from Forever 21 which was in my most recent post Shopping Haul. It was a super easy outfit to throw on and I paired this with a pair of jean mules from ALDOs Shoes which were also in the Shopping Haul post! I really wanted to pair this with a t-Shirt dress because it looks cute wearing it but if I get too hot I can still incorporate the jacket into the outfit by tying it around my waist.

    I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below what your oldest wardrobe piece is!

    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    How To Style A Hair Wrap (6/7/2018)

    Hair wraps are all the rave right now and I am loving the trend! There are so many ways to style a hair wrap and I’m here to show you some ways I’ve learned to wear this really cute accessory!

    You can tie your hair wrap to your purse and this will give an outfit and the purse really cute contrasting look.

    Of course you can tie it in your hair, as a headband, to spruce up a simple bun or ponytail look when you are feeling lazy that day.

    You can tie one on the loop of your pants to give some contrast to an outfit that seems plain or needs an extra something!

    You can tie it to your actual bun or ponytail and let the extra hang down. This is a trend that I’ve been seeing in street fashion and I’m totally here for it.

    You can tie it around your wide brim fedora. This gives the fedora a cute whimsical look and doing so can make it look like a completely different hat.

    You can tie it around your neck which is a trend that I’ve been seeing a lot lately. This look is really cute with a plain white t-shirt that is crewneck.

    These are such cute ways to style a hair wrap! I hope you enjoyed these looks and reading this post also don’t forget to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    How To Style Mom Jeans (5/26/2018)

    Mom jeans are in and I couldn’t be happier or comfier. They are so cute and I just can’t stop wearing my Calvin Klein vintage mom jeans. But how can you Style mom jeans? I say to each their own but there are definitely some outfits that will look super cute with these jeans!

    1. Style the jeans with a tight shirt or tank top.

    Its a simple yet super cute look and gives shape to your body. I definitely recommend getting mom jeans that fit your body and shape well because you don’t want them to look too baggy on you.

    2. Wear it with a lace corset or a bralette

    As long as the occasion is right then you can wear this with a lace corset or bralette. This is a very attractive look and really makes the outfit pop.

    3. Wear a sweater

    This is such a cute and comfortable look! Definitely great when you want to just hang back and relax.

    4. Wear an oversized t-shirt

    I love this outfit together, there is definitely an 80s/90s feel to it. I’ve been seeing a lot of oversized t-shirts with high waisted mom jeans!

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    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    How To: Cuff Jeans (4/29/2018)

    Cuffing jeans takes some practice and work. It’s almost like learning to ride a bike, once you learn how to do it you will never forget. Someone needs to teach you first! Luckily, I am here with a step by step on how to do it. You want to make sure you have a pair of skinny jeans or straight legged jeans and throw them on!

    First, is step 1 where you start off with the jeans being uncuffed and loose. Step 2 is figuring out how high you would like the jeans to be cuffed and bring the seam of the jeans to that height.

    A huge misconception is that people stop at step 2. You can wear this step 2 look if that is your preference but you can take it a step further with step 3. Step 3 you roll up the end of the jeans to make another cuff and you have the end result looking like the picture above. You can style the cuffed jean look with a pair of booties, heels flats and even sneakers!

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    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    How To Stage Outfits/ Products For Pictures (4/28/2018)

    There’s a method to staging outfits and products for pictures. Having nicely staged outfits can help increase traffic to your website or blog, increase purchases, all because of an aesthetically pleasing product photo. I have some tips that will help you take great products pictures.

    Product Picture Tips:

    • Take pictures of products in good lighting

    • Stage the object by including other objects that bring texture and contrast to the photo. It also brings scale to the photo.

    • Explore all angles to take the photo, this will help you when choosing what frame to use.

    • Take steady photos and make sure to edit them.

    I hope this helps and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    How To Style a Beret (4/17/2018)

    Beret hats are very much in style right now. I have been seeing them everywhere and I think this trend is one of my favorites from this season. I love the Parisian look a beret gives to any outfit! But how do you properly wear a beret?

    Definitely putting the hat just along the hairline wouldn’t give the beret a nice look. It almost has no shape this way.

    Pulling the beret straight down will make the beret look frumpy so this isn’t the best way to style it.

    The way that I recommend wearing the beret is more on the back of your head while letting the beret fall to the back. You can also wear it over your head and allow the hat to fall to the side. I am obsessed with this look and I am looking to purchase more berets in the near future!

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    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    My Go-To Hairstyle (3/13/2018)

    I have a favorite hairstyle that I like to wear any day that I can! I feel like if I don’t have nice hair then I don’t have my life together. So I have a hairstyle that is my go-to that makes me equally feel beautiful and like I have my life together.

    This is my go-to hairstyle! I have a side part and I usually start off by putting products in my damp hair. I then blow dry my hair until it’s completely dry. Then, I take my straightener and I curl my hair in sections. And yes, I do curl my hair with a straightener!

    I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post and comment down below one you style your go-to hair!

    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell

    5 Ways To Style A White T-Shirt (2/28/2018)

    I grabbed a white Hanes t-Shirt and wondered how many different ways I could wear it! It was almost like a little challenge.

    1. Wear it normally

    Who says you have to do something to the shirt to have it still look cute! Wear it normally!

    2. Half Tuck

    Tuck half of your shirt in your jeans! This gives a little shape to your shirt and shows off your pants!

    3. Cuff The Sleeves

    This is simple yet a very cute way to make the shirt look a little more fashionable!

    4. Tie Waist

    Tie the side of the shirt! This looks so cute and this look will be great for the springtime and summertime!

    5. Tuck In The Shirt

    Tuck the whole shirt into the pants! This will give some shape to the look and it’s very much in style right now!

    I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your favorite look!

    -Stay Chic,

    Stephanie Russell