Target Haul (8/19/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I have another haul but this time I went to Target! That’s a little mix up, right?! I should honestly do more Target hauls because I’m there buying stuff all the time I just barely write posts about it. Definitely let me know if you want to see more Target Hauls in the comments down below!

For this haul I wanted to share what I got because I scored some amazing deals and I got some fun stuff that I’ve really been itching to try recently.

I grabbed a cute pair of red heels that only costed me $8! I also got a Pixi makeup eyeshadow stick, I also got the Milani highlighter kit, some Milani blush, and lastly I got some Milani lipstick.

As you might be able to tell I am planning on doing a face using only Milani post soon! I definitely have wanted to try both Pixi makeup and Milani makeup. I haven’t really tried any of their products so I was seriously itching to try it out!

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Online Forever 21 Purchase Haul (8/15/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I’m back with yet another haul, because we all know how much I love hauls and how much I love Forever 21 even more. So are we surprised? We shouldn’t be. I made another unsurprising Forever 21 purchase and I wanted to show y’all what I got!

The first item that I got was a tanish/camel color and cream tank top because I really thought this top would look super cute with a camel colored chunky belt and some medium wash denim. The next item I got is this flouncy white crop top that will be great for going out and I wanted to pair this with a denim skirt and the black open-toed booties I got as well.

I felt that all of those items were perfect summer items and each of these outfits can be either dressed up or even dressed down to be a little bit more on the casual side.

The next items I got were a bright green extremely low cut and open back v-neck Kelly green bathing suit. I love one pieces, especially ones that are revealing because I feel that it definitely gives a more risque look although it’s meant to cover more than a bikini. I also got a straw hat for super cheap because I don’t have any cute beach hats so I figured that I needed one!

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Hollister Purchase Review (8/10/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I recently made a purchase at Hollister and like H&M (if you read my post on my H&M haul) I have not shopped at Hollister in a hot second. I just really have not had the time to actually go out and shop around and that is when I usually waltz into surrounding stores like Hollister or H&M. I think the last time I shopped at Hollister was last summer when they were having a huge deal for Hollister rewards members and they were giving away free ice pop floaties. I of course got one (lol). 

Well recently I wanted a pair of mom jeans that were high waisted and were a light wash denim. I ended up in Hollister and I found the cutest pair of mom jeans that shaped my body very well and they are the perfect balance between mom jean and skinny jeans. I do not like the baggy mom jeans too much on me unless I am going for a specific look.
The jeans only costed me about $30 which is inexpensive for a good pair of jeans, especially if you usually buy higher end jeans like Levis, Guess, or even Lucky Brand. I loved the fit and I was in the market for a new pair of light wash denim, I lucked out with finding these pants because they’re literally perfect. I really love my purchase and I definitely recommend Hollister’s mom jeans to whomever wants to try them out!

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B&B Purchase Haul (8/8/2019)

Hey fashionistas! Today I’m doing another haul because I did kind of go on a small shopping spree lately and I just really want to show you all what I got from my shopping adventure! I am hauling from a store called B&B which is a surf clothes shop near my town. It has a ton of super cute but also beachy items that are seriously something to obsess over.

I went with Ryan’s sister to go look at some cute items at the stores and I left with an outfit in one of my favorite colors, yellow! I love the color yellow because it reminds me of sunshine, smiley faces, sunflowers and yellow daisies. The color makes me so happy and honestly anytime I go shopping I usually end up getting something yellow (lol)! 
I got this super cute yellow linen tank top, I just love the look of the tank top and what drew me to it was the bow that you tie in the back of the top. Very cute. Then I found this adorable and super cozy cable knit sweater that is also yellow from the surf brand RipCurl. I am overly obsessed with this sweater, and the balloon sleeves make it THAT much better. I decided that this together in an outfit would be the perfect outfit for either Fall, Spring or Summer depending on what you pair it with. The yellow sweater would also be good to wear in the wintertime too!
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Forever 21 Purchase Haul (8/6/2019)

Hey fashionistas! Today I’m here with YET ANOTHER haul. Yes, I know I do way too many of these posts. I honestly might cut back and go back to hauls and try-ons because I love trying on clothes for y’all. The only problem is, I shop SO MUCH that taking all of the photos in each outfit might actually take forever! We will see (lol)!

Today’s haul is going to be with Forever 21 because I have a slight obsession with their clothes. Anyway, I went to Forever 21 looking for an outfit to wear to the club and I found a super cute options that I just had to buy! The first item is a baby pink lace bodysuit that has a tiny lingerie feel to it, it was a tad expensive at $18 but I felt that it was totally worth it because of how cute it was.
 I also got a neon orange crop top, although I don’t look good in most neon colors I actually thought this one complimented my skin tone very well ( I also got it on sale for $5) and then lastly I got a super cute silk yellow romper for only $5! I absolutely love these pieces and I couldn’t be happier with the items I chose. Everything was super cheap in cost too!
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Ulta Beauty Haul (8/4/2019)

Hi beauties I wanted to haul a small purchase that I made from Ulta because I am super excited that I not only got the items I purchased but I also got a free gift from Ulta! I love when you get a free gift from Ulta because it’s like a reward for buying something you wanted/needed anyway. In this case I needed the products that I bought but I got a cute gift out of it! The offer was if you purchased $35 or more of Mario Badescu products you would get a small Mario Badescu gift while supplies last! Such a great deal!

I purchased a couple of Mario Badescu products from Ulta.com because Ryan and I ran out of our skincare products we use! I got the Mario Badescu Glycolic foaming cleanser and the Oil Free Moisturizer from Mario Badescu. What’s so cool is that Ulta gave me this free gift with my purchase! A cute green and white plaid clutch, an aloe facial spray, and some enzyme cleansing gel! I was so excited to receive this stuff because they are the perfect travel size items, and I actually use the enzyme cleanser on a daily basis. Plus, I definitely will be using the bag as a statement clutch for some of my outfits because it’s THAT CHIC.

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H&M Purchase Haul (8/2/2019)

Hi fashionistas! I recently took a trip to H&M, which is actually the first spontaneous shopping trip I’ve taken there in a while. I don’t normally shop at H&M because it usually isn’t my go-to “fast-fashion” store because I am more of a Forever 21 fan. I used to shop at H&M more often but over the past 2-3 years I just haven’t. The only time that I take a shopping trip to H&M is around Christmas time because I shop for Ryan there. He likes the way the clothes fit him there, so I usually grab him some items for presents from there. Otherwise this would be the first time in a couple of years that I actually went into an H&M to shop for myself. 

Luckily, the time I went shopping at H&M there was a HUGE sale going on, especially on pants. I forgot how much I loved the sale price points for some of their items. Sometimes you can really find a great deal on a blazer or a sweater or even a dress etc. Forever 21 has good sales but I always feel like I am picking through the leftovers during their sales where H&M I feel that I can definitely leave with a super cute, great quality and fit item for an affordable price. 
I went to the pants sale rack because the items there said “Starting at $2,” and I was not expecting to find super cheap items but I found jeans that were $2, $3, and $5. That is such a steal, plus lately I’ve been obsessed with buying jeans for some reason, I have more than 35 pairs of jeans! I guess there is just something about finding the perfect pair of jeans and how they make you feel that much more confident. 
The items I purchased from H&M were a pair of white jeans (they were a jean material but the fabric was pretty giving which is why I purchased them), a pair of black jeans because my black jeans got washed out and I also picked up a pair of acid wash black jeans. I also had been looking for a white skirt recently so I grabbed one of those and I found some cute Ariana Grande hair clips that say Thank U Next. I just love that song and I thought it was such a cute accessory so I had to buy it! I loved all of the items I got and I will definitely be taking a closer look at H&M from now on when I need to go shopping. 
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Charolette Russe Re-Opened: What I Bought And First Impressions (7/24/2019)

Hey y’all! So, as we all know, Charolette Russe closed and everyone was extremely sad for a while because that was a store that so many of us enjoyed and for some of us, it was a staple from our pre-teen hood like me. I always remembered saving all of the money that I had, to go to Charolette Russe on Friday night and I picked out a few cute crop tops from the $5 clearance section. When they closed a lot of people were upset but then we found out that they had re-opened. 

A lot of people, including myself felt like they were misled because of the whole closing process but I now have come to understand that they are under new management and re-opened the same way that Aeropostle was closed and re-opened. It took me a long while to get into one of the Charolette Russe stores because I have had so much going on lately but I have finally made it there.
My first impressions of the new Charolette Russe was that it was not really my style anymore. I don’t know how to explain it but I felt like I walked into Charolette Russe back in 2012. I also feel like the price points are a little higher than they were before but the shoes seem too be a bit cheaper which is a plus. I definitely don’t see myself going to Charolette Russe to look for an outfit anytime soon. But, I did find something to purchase!
I grabbed two pairs of really cute shoes. One pair are these super cute cream colored wedges that are chunky and super cute, and then I got a pair of these suede pink chunky heels. They are pretty good quality in my opinion and both pairs only costed me $25. I like the price points of the shoes more than I like the price points of the clothes. I am still sad that the style of Charolette Russe changed because it used to be a store I would go to often to find a bunch of items that are affordable and cute and now I can barely walk out with a complete outfit.
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Vacation Zaful Bathing Suit Haul (7/21/2019)

Hi lovelies! If you didn’t read my last blog post, I am on a sort of “vacation” because I am spending the next four days on the Gulf of Mexico for a family event. While I’m here I will be doing some blog posts and today’s post will be a small haul of the Zaful bathing suits I purchased for this trip. 

Zaful has some amazing items at great prices, and I really recommend their bathing suits because they are great quality for an affordable price. I wanted to show off two of the bathing suits that I had purchased  for myself.
The first bathing suit is this super cute water colors floral bathing suit. The top is a tube top and some high waisted bottoms. This bathing suit only costed me $16 for both pieces. You’re lucky to find just a top for that price at Target.
The second bathing suit I got was this super cute orange striped suit. The top is almost like a low v-neck top with a wire ‘v’ in the front. The bottoms are not high waisted but they have high hips. This one is super comfortable and great for a switch out bathing suit that wont give you that high waisted tan line. This one only costed me $18 for both pieces, which is a great price for the whole suit.
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Rainbow Shops Purchase Haul (7/13/2019)

Hey fashionistas I wanted to share some of the items that I got from Rainbows recently. I used to shop at this store when I was 17 and would literally spend money on anything in sight. So I decided to wander back into the website and see what they had and by golly they had so much cheap cute stuff.

Rainbows just happened to be near a popular hangout spot in my town at the time and it was cheap. It still is pretty darn cheap but for pretty good quality items. I still have a ton from Rainbow that I bought when I was 17 and although that was half a decade ago those pieces are still holding up pretty well.

So I got some super cute pieces that I can add to my growing closet.

The first two items I got are a olive green gauze spaghetti strap jumper that also are cropped at the knee. The next item is a white bodysuit that definitely screams “Summer” as it has embroidered flowers and mesh around the V neck.

The third item I purchased is a tan bodysuit that is the same exact one as the white one. I can’t wait to wear these summery pieces out and about. They are great for a nice casual look and they can even be worn as a going-out outfit if they are accessorized the correct way.

The last two items I got are a super cute gauzy white flounce sleeve top. This is going to be great for a casual look, it will still look beautiful dresses up and even can be worn to work! Lastly I got a pink buttoned twist front crop top. The material on this one is stretchy which was unexpected but I am actually happy that it is because it’ll fit no matter if I am bloated or not (lol)!

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