Lilly Lashes Purchase Haul (12/1/2019)

Hey beauties! I hope you all are in the holiday spirit because I definitely am! I finally got my Black Friday purchase in the mail and I am so excited. Lilly Lashes was having an insane sale and I had to get SOMETHING.

So I spent about $60 which usually would put me at two pairs of mink lashes and maybe two pairs of $11 regular Lashes. Well, considering this sale was so amazing I got A LOT more than just that. 

I was able to get 11 lashes!!! Isn’t that an insane deal?! I got 11 lashes for $60 where usually I could only get four pairs of lashes for the same price.

Luckily I was able to grab my two favorite mink lashes and then nine pairs of regular lashes. For regular lashes I got Houston, Orlando, LA, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, and Atlanta. For mink 3D lashes I got both Goddess and Cabo.

Lilly Lashes are my ultimate favorite lashes to wear. I am so happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend grabbing a pair (or 11 pairs lol)! If you’re interested in shopping for a pair feel free to use my referral code: Stephanie’s Lily Lashes 10% OFF Coupon which will get you 10% off your order!

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Forever 21 Purchase and Try-On Haul (11/16/2019)

Hi fashionistas! I have a Forever 21 purchase haul for you all today. Honestly, when I was 21 years old I still didn’t understand why wishing to forever be 21 was a thing but now that I am no longer 21, I understand. I had so much energy, everything was new and I just wanted to go out and have fun EVERY DAY (lol). Now, I am tired, no longer full of THAT MUCH enthusiasm and need naps. MANY NAPS. Anyway, lets get into my Forever 21 haul!

The first item I got was this super cute navy blue corduroy buttoned jacket. I thought this was such a great piece to add to my closet. I also got it for an amazing price of $13.99. This is a huge reason why I shop Forever 21 a lot, because they have a ton of fashionable items for a pretty affordable price.

I then got this super cute and trendy satin lace up olive palazzo jumpsuit. I thought this was really cute and is a great Spring to Summer transition piece. I really love the fabric because it’s light and silky too! I got this item for $15!

The next clothing item I got from Forever 21 was this super cute denim jacket that has faux pink Sherpa and faux fur cheetah designs on it. I honestly was obsessed with this because it reminded me of something from the 90s that I had in my childhood! It cost $32.99 but it was well worth the quality and nostalgia.

The last piece I got was this super cute black and gold studded purse! I was seriously loving this and you can’t beat it for $13.99. Plus, the quality is amazing because this bag seems VERY durable.

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PrettyLittleThing Purchase Haul (11/11/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I recently just found this online shop called PrettyLittleThing and I am obsessed. I have purchased a few things from here and honestly I can compare this store to Fashion Nova or Nasty Gal. I really love this shop so I wanted to haul my most recent purchases.

I have been planning a ton of outfits and I really needed a cute relaxed black and pink blazer. I wanted something cute yet casual! I found these super cute blazers from PrettyLittleThing. They aren’t super structured but are in-between a duster and a blazer.

I like the button details of these blazers and I like how this can look very professional but still be really cozy and comfortable. They only costed $48 for both of them which I feel like is a steal for two blazers! I am super happy with this purchase and I can’t wait to style these items.

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Earring Holder Haul (11/9/2019)

Hey beauties! I have been getting a lot of requests to do a post on how I store my earrings. Quite possibly the most annoying jewelry to store, but I found a great solution that doesn’t involve sticking them into pieces of ribbon or building a whole display with a drill (yikes, that’s a lot of work)! My solution is so much more simple.

I have had the same problems as everyone else. I honestly think every person that wears earrings has run into this problem as well. WHERE AND HOW THE HECK DO I STORE MY EARRINGS?! Been there, done that. I actually used to search high and low on Pinterest to see if I can find any ideas and even the most creative online space didn’t have a simple solution. Some suggested purchasing ribbon and sticking them into there, hanging a string across your wall, using an egg carton or even putting them into a scrapbook.

All of those ideas just seem too difficult for me, personally. I just couldn’t picture myself using those storage ideas and for years I just threw them into a jewelry box (and what a mess that was). Finding a pair in a huge box full of jewelry was the most frustrating thing out of all.

Well, I decided when I was going away to college I’ve had enough and that I needed something to hold these earrings. So, with that being said I rushed to Amazon (years of dealing with this problem required prime shipping, lol)! I found a tiered earring holder that moved! It was also a really cute decor piece and easy to put together. This has saved me so much storage and so many headaches. It is so easy to add and remove earrings to this and I love it!

If you’re interested in purchasing here it is:

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Ludic Closet Purchase Haul and Try-On (10/27/2019)

Hey fashionistas! To be honest, it’s been a little bit since I’ve done a purchase haul and try-on. I’m kind of missing it a bit because I love watching other people unbox things so I equally love unboxing things in front of people just as enjoyable for me. Today’s purchase haul and try-on is from Ludic Closet which is an online boutique that I found through Instagram. All of their items are super cute and I totally recommend checking them out and grabbing some cute items to add to the closet capsule. Here is their Instagram and website if you want to see their products:

Ludic Closet Website

Ludic Closet Instagram

The first item I fell in love with is their must-have light pink Vogue cropped crewneck sweatshirt. I am really digging the bottom raw cut that this sweatshirt has, it honestly looks super edgy but what I like most is that it is not EXTREMELY cropped to the point where I am afraid to wear it to a family party. I love that it has the perfect balance of edgy and casual in that sense. Also, the quality is amazing especially because the inside of it is so soft and the sweatshirt is also not too heavy either (I do admit that I’ve worn it to bed a couple of times because it’s so cozy). I was mainly captured by the baby pink color though which is so adorable.

Next, are the jeans that I got! These jeans are pretty nice and are pretty good quality and overall, I really like them. What I like most is that I got them a size up because the oversized fit is very much in right now also the rip details are incredible. The wash of these jeans are not like any other I’ve owned which brings some more texture to these outfits. I actually wore these in an outfit together to show you how cute but I do prefer to wear each item on their own with other pieces of my closet. Since these are staple closet pieces there are tons of ways to style them! I really loved my purchase and I wear these pieces all the time.

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PrettyLittleThing Purchase Haul And Try-On (9/24/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I think I found a new favorite store called PrettyLittleThing, I like to think I’m pretty decent at finding different stores to shop at. I found PrettyLittleThing and I absolutely loved their clothes and I loved their prices even more! Everything was super affordable and extremely stylish. All of the stuff looks like it would be from an expensive boutique from NYC.

It was amazing because I was able to get both of the items I purchased for only $42 because a lot of the time (or at least from what I’ve seen every time I’ve gone on their website) everything is always 50% off. So you’re always getting a bargain no matter what. Plus, the clearance is even cheaper!

The two items I got from PrettyLittleThing are pretty good quality for the price I had purchased them. I got a black blazer, something that I’ve wanted for a while now which I paired with a tan crop top, some retro sunglasses, a pair of black biker shorts and my white Fila chunky sneakers. The next item I got was the same blazer but instead in mauve pink which I paired with a pink top, a pair of jeans and pink heels.

I loved my purchase and I seriously recommend checking out their online store! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment below and tell me how you would style these items!

-Stay Chic,

Forever 21 Purchase Haul And Try-On (9/21/2019)

Hey fashionistas! It has been a hot second since I did a Forever 21 haul, which on my blog seem to come around very often. I shop here a lot but it’s mostly because I love their clothes and I can usually find things at high-end stores here for a lot cheaper but it’s still good quality. I recently made a small but super cute purchase from Forever 21 and I would love to share it with y’all and I love to do try-on posts because I get to show you how I would style this specific piece of clothing/ accessory/ etc.

The first item that I absolutely love is this ribbed mock neck dress in the color marigold. I was able to get this item on sale which was amazing! I paired this with a chambray shawl I got from Rainbow and a pair of white booties from JustFab.

The next item I got from Forever 21 is this zip front corduroy overall set! I got it in navy which is perfect because I have been looking for a pair of overalls that were corduroy! I paired this a white t-shirt and some white converse sneakers.

The next item I got was a lettuce edge mock neck black long sleeve top which is a great basic to have in your wardrobe. I paired this top with two-tones jeans and a pair of Fila chunky sneakers with some golf jewelry.

The last item I purchased was a tan colored faux leather skirt, as we all may know leather is super in so I had to pick up a leather skirt to add to my collection. I paired this skirt with a white blouse and a pair of statement hoops.

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Emptying My Closet Lineup (9/17/2019)

Hey fashionistas! If you read yesterdays post you know that I just got a ton (AND I MEAN A WHOLE TON) of hand me down clothes from Ryan’s sister. I am super thankful for all of those items but I decided that I should probably look through my own closet to see if there is anything I can donate too!

This first item, a purple exercise top is actually from Ryan’s sister which didn’t fit me well, so I am deciding to pay it forward to someone else by giving it away!

The next item is a black and white polka dot tank top, I liked it and I purchased it from Rainbow but it fits weirdly on me so it had to go. To the donation bag it went!

The next item is just a plain blue t-shirt that I had no use for, so I decided it would be better for someone else to have rather than it being 1 shirt out of 100 pajama shirts. Which reminds me, I need to get rid of some pajama shirts (lol)!

I also got rid of this blue ombre O’Neill dress that I’ve had for a long time. I’ve kept it because I thought it was cute but it doesn’t serve my style anymore, someone else will definitely enjoy this more than me.

I got rid of the blue and hot pink romper that I got in a mystery box from Poshmark. It just isn’t me at all but I didn’t want it to go to waste not being worn and sitting in my closet!

I also got rid of the two coral maxi dresses that were given to me a while back but I stuffed it in my closet because I didn’t know what to do with it. I was undecided if I liked it or not and after 6 months of finding every excuse to not wear it, I realized I didn’t want them!

Another item I got rid of was a pair of H&M jeans and Hollister jeans, they both were just way too small on me. I had them since I was in my Junior year in high school so I realized it was time to let go of those pairs of pants!

I got a huge hand me down bag of clothes a while back from a friends family friend and in there was a pair of ripped jeans. They were cute but the material actually bothered my skin so they were kind of my go-to jeans when I had all of my jeans in the wash. Well, now that I work I am on a mission to find my perfect pair of jeans, which means buying tons of jeans. So, I no longer have the problem of running out of jeans in turn, I decided to give them away!

The next item I am giving away is this black bodycon skirt. Yes, I still have mine from 2012. I figured it was time to get rid of it finally! Sometimes you just have to hold onto your favorite past styles.

Another item I am getting rid of is a gray pin striped blazer. I do like this blazer but it is too big and although I LOVE over sized clothes this item just looks a tad awkward on me. It had to go!

I got rid of a SHEIN sweater as well because it was advertised as a cute bell sleeved top but then I received it in the mail and it literally was made out of one of those cheap fuzzy blankets. I mean I am all for those cheap fuzzy blankets (I literally have like 10 of those blankets) and I love fuzzy sweaters but I never wanted those two things to be combined (lol)!

The next item I got rid of was this super cute navy blue tight turtleneck bodycon sweater dress. I was obsessed with this thing but it doesn’t look as good as it used to on me. To the donation pile it goes!


Some of the last items I got rid of were these two collared dress shirts that no longer fit me. I tried to keep them for as long as possible but they had to be retired from my wardrobe sadly. Someone else will have a chance to enjoy these tops now!

Another item I got rid of were these green cargo pants, these were a hand me down from 2005. Are we surprised? I’m not! I had two older sisters and they both wore these and then they were passed down to me and after wearing them for a few years I decided it was time to retire these pants!

The next item I got rid of was a pair of tribal print exercise shorts. I used to wear these all the time but then I realized the style of them wasn’t my style anymore. I had a great run with these but it was time to finally give them up!

I also got rid of the floral crop top that Ryan’s sister gave me because it didn’t fit me nicely. I just didn’t like the way it looked on me so I had to put it into the donation pile.

Another item I donated was this black sheer quarter sleeve top. I was given this as a hand me down a while ago but I decided someone else would appreciate it and possibly wear it more often than me!

The last item I gave to the donations bin was this sunhat. I actually accidentally ordered two so why not just give it to someone who needs it more!

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Hand Me Downs Clothing Haul (9/16/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I just got a huge box of hand me downs and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would know that I am literally obsessed with hand me down clothing. To me, nothing is better than getting pieces from others closets and re-purposing those fashion items and re-styling them. I used to get hand me downs a lot as a kid, especially being the youngest sibling but also being the youngest girl cousin. Back then I didn’t like it so much as the other kids would get to shop at Limited Too and other like stores but now that I am older I am able to truly appreciate hand me down items.

I am huge into hand me down items not just clothes but, furniture and other items too. So, how did I get these hand me downs? Well, Ryan’s sister ended up feeding into my fashion addiction and gave me a bunch of the clothes she was getting rid of (and I mean a huge box)! Here Is what I got!

I got this super cute tribal print top! This will be perfect for the spring or early fall, I would pair this with a pair of ripped jeans and some matching espadrilles.

I got this super cozy blue open knit sweater, this is going to be great for the office when I need a little sweater to throw on. I would pair this sweater with a pair of tan dress pants and a form fitting top and some matching heels.

Another item I received was this boho cream fringe open knit sweater. This thing is super cute and could take any boho look to the next level. I would pair this sweater with a black top, some ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of Converse or Birkenstock sandals.

I also got this fun crew neck long sleeve boyfriend tee, which will be perfect to workout in during the winter. I would pair this with some black exercise leggings, black sneakers and a black Adidas hat.

The next item I got was this super cute boho red top. I am in love with this item and it’s honestly something I can see Joanna Gaines wearing (just sayin’, where are all of my Gaines family fans?!). I would pair this top with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans and a pair of brown boho booties.

Another item I got that would be perfect for the gym is this super fun Bob Marley black sweatshirt crop top! I always look for nice workout clothes for when it’s chilly because it is sometimes hard to come by something nice but still warm. I would pair this with a pair of black exercise leggings, a plain black and black sneakers.

Another item I got was this pink floral dress shirt. This is absolutely perfect for work for me because I wear tops like this all the time. I would pair this with some gray work trousers, a light pink belt, and some burgundy mules.

I also got this cute blue button down dress top as well which is perfect for work too. I would style this with a pair of tan paper-bag waist pants, a blue floral headband and a pair of navy blue flats.

The next item I got was a cute gray cropped sweatshirt. I love this top for a casual lounging outfit. I would pair this top with some high-waist mom jeans and some sneakers.

I got this really cute and fun white boho kimono too which would be perfect for a casual luncheon. I would pair this with a white tank top, a pair of slim mom jeans and a pair of white squared heels.

Another item I got was this really cute burgundy sweater dress which will be perfect for the upcoming fall and winter months. It’s so funny because this is actually something that I have in a different color. I would pair this with some leggings and a pair of black short rain boots.

I also got this trendy gray longline cardigan from Forever 21. This is great to wear to add another layer or texture to an outfit. I would pair this with a white tied t-shirt, ripped jeans and some cute statement color heels.

The next item I got was a gray and mauve pink winter sweater. I think this will be perfect for sweater weather and I would pair it with a pair of bell bottom jeans and some gray booties.

I got this cute black, gray and cream striped open knit cardigan which I kind of consider to be a tad bit boho. I would pair this adorable sweater with a big black belt, a pair of skinny ripped jeans and black heels.

Another item that I got which I am super excited about wearing is this Adidas zip up sweatshirt. I love Adidas so when I saw this my jaw dropped. I would pair this with my mock Adidas striped leggings, a black Adidas hat and my black Adidas sneakers.

I also got this cable knit gray sweater which really is coming in clutch for the upcoming sweater weather. I would pair this sweater with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of white booties.

The next item I got was this super cute off the shoulder top (which still had tags on it, again jaw dropping cute). This would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans, some espadrille wedges and a sun hat for the summertime!

I got this cute tie front burgundy sweater that I will definitely be wearing soon since the temperature is dropping where I live. I would pair this with some ripped jeans and black knee high boots and a black coat.

I am so thankful for everything I got and I promise to pass on anything that I don’t want later on to someone in need of clothes! I loved everything I got and I can’t wait to wear these items. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to comment below what item was your favorite. Remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,


Showpo Purchase Haul (9/4/2019)

Hey fashionistas! I hope you are ready for another purchase haul that I have from the Australian online shop called Showpo. Honestly, although Showpo gets pricy or is pricy in general I still really love their products. I also feel that for the money you are spending you are getting great quality items as well.

I am going on a NYC dinner cruise at some point in March/April and I decided I should probably get an outfit now so if it needs to be tailored I have time. Well, I got the most perfect and amazing dress on Showpo!

It is a sheer maxi dress with beautiful sheer balloon sleeves and a nice v-neck bodysuit underneath. I absolutely love this dress because it is the right amount of glamour, classy and sexy. I cannot wait to wear this to the dinner cruise. I will probably pair this with a cute pair of clear and glitter ALDO heels I own. I also will only wear earrings because it’s best to keep accessories simple in my opinion so the eyes are more attracted to the dress rather than the long necklace or showy earrings.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your thoughts are on this dress! How would you accessorize?

-Stay Chic,