DIY Brandy Melville/ Victoria’s Secret College Cropped T-Shirt (8/8/2018)

I’ve seen the trend of cropped college shirts everywhere! I personally had seen them through different social media influencers but once I googled cropped college t-shirts I saw that they were being sold through Victoria’s Secret and Brandy Melville! I decided I didn’t want to spend the $30-$40 on a college t-Shirt so I wanted to share my DIY for this!


– Measuring Tape

– Scissors

– Chalk

– College T-Shirt

Step 1: Put the t-shirt on and measure where you would like the shirt to end. Mark it with chalk.

Step 2: Make a light straight line with the chalk or mark the chalk on each side and cut along the line.

Step 3: Try the shirt on to make sure it’s a good length and that it’s straight and trim accordingly.

Step 4: Pull and stretch the bottom of the shirt so the cut isn’t as harsh.

Final product: Viola you have a cropped college t-shirt!

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Stephanie Russell

DIY Graphic Tees (7/2/2018)

Graphic tees have made yet another comeback but sadly they are still overly expensive. So how do you get the cute look of a graphic tee without the cost? I have an easy fix and it has to do with a little DIY-ing and some patience.

What you will need:

– T-Shirts you want to turn into graphic tees. I usually get mine from Target because they are inexpensive. I got the striped shirt for $12 and the yellow shirt for $8! You can probably go to places like Primark, Old Navy or Forever 21 to find cheaper shirts too.

– Go out and buy some transfer paper. This is how you are going to transfer any desired image onto your shirt. The transfer paper is $10 at Joann’s with a coupon! This is a really awesome investment because it comes with multiple sheets of transfer paper which means you can make multiple shirts. You can also make bags, hats, socks etc.

– Get some embroidered patches (this is optional)!

Step 1:

Grab your embroidered patch and clothing item (if you are choosing to do this one)! You can do a shirt, a jean jacket, a backpack, a pair of jean pants/shorts, shoes, a hat and more! I am doing a strawberry on this shirt. I read the directions carefully and i places the strawberry with the sticky backing on the shirt and ironed it on for 2 minutes! This part is super easy!

Step 2:

Print your desired image onto the shirt. I recommend getting the transfer paper where the image has to be reversed because this type goes on cleaner and better. Make sure to size and reverse your image before printing because you only have one try (you can do a test print on normal printer paper to check)! Cut out the printed image and follow the directions that come with the transfer paper (directions vary)!

Finished Product:

These shirts look super cute and it only took me a matter of ten minutes to do each shirt. I’ve done tons of transfer paper shirts in my lifetime so if you don’t have much experience, make sure to take your time and follow the directions to the point.

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Stephanie Russell

DIY Ripped Hem Jeans (5/5/2018)

Seeing the trend of the ripped hem jeans, I totally was obsessed with the rugged look. But I haven’t been looking to purchase a pair by myself because I already have so many pairs of jeans. I also didn’t want to purchase any jeans when it’s going to be summer soon! So I figured I would rip the hem myself and skip the spending money part.

What you’ll need:

• Old Pair Of Jeans (Not Super Skinny)

• Sharp/Heavy Duty Scissors

• Chalk

• Seam Ripper, or Razor, or Tweezer

• Needle

• Ruler

Step 1:

Try your pants on and see how much you want to cut and measure. I could get away with 1/2 inch! Measure with your ruler and mark it with your chalk.

Step 2:

Making sure your pants are even on both sides, cut along the marked line you drew the chalk on. The scissors have to be sharp or heavy duty otherwise it will be a messy cut.

Step 3:

Take your seam ripper, razor or tweezer (I used tweezers) to rough up the bottom. You do this by pulling on the threads sticking out.

Step 4 (Optional):

If you only want the hem ripped/torn, then stop at Step 3 above! If you want more rips in them, cut a horizontal piece out of the jeans (keep the edges attached).

Step 5:

Take a safety pin or needle and separate the threads by running the needle through the threads vertically.

Step 6:

Use the tweezer to pull out the blue threads (or vertical threads) out from the jeans. Be careful to not rip the white threads because this will give you the ripped jeans look!

Finished Product:

You can make the rips larger or smaller, and make more rips if you’d like too! I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

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Stephanie Russell

DIY Date Night (4/30/2018)

Date night doesn’t always have to consist of going out and spending money. You can have a date night at home without the large cost. I’ve had a DIY date night plenty of times and it’s even better than going to a restaurant to eat.

What you’ll need:

• An On Demand movie

• Your favorite dinner to cook together

• Snacks

– Optional –

• Tapered candles and candle holders (Dollar Tree has this)

• Fresh flowers

First, you can both cook together your favorite meal. My boyfriend and I love making chicken pesto pasta together, so that is our go-to. We then go outside either on the terrace or down at the gazebo and set up the table with a table cloth, fresh flowers in a vase, lit tapered candles, the food, drinks, and some desserts to snack on later (s’mores and skittles).

We then pick a movie and watch it on the projector screen outside (we use amazon fire stick to do this but you can be inside and watch it on your TV On Demand/ on Netflix). We then eat our snacks and watch the movie together by the fire pit.

We do this a lot instead of going out because it’s more romantic and intimate than going to a loud restaurant. We like to be on the terrace or at the gazebo because we like to decorate the walkway with streamers and balloons and also both places have string lights which set the romantic mood. You don’t have to be THAT extra but sometimes it’s nice to have a little date that costs you next to nothing!

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Stephanie Russell

DIY At Home Spa Night (4/25/2018)

Going to a spa can be extremely expensive and even doing DIY spa stuff can get pricey. So how can you transform your home into a relaxing spa without it breaking the bank?

You will need to take a trip to your local dollar store and Target to do this and I promise it will be cheap (as long as you don’t end up like me who goes into Target for one thing and comes out with stock in Target)!

What you will need:

Dollar Store:

• Bubble Bath (most dollar stores have safe bubble bath for kids, this will work just fine)

• Baby Oil (I’ve seen small bottles of baby oil at many dollar stores and this can be used for massages)

• Foot Soak/Epsom Salt (this might be dollar store brand but as long as it has the same ingredients as leading brands as well as safe ingredients you should be fine)!

• Nail Polish (if you don’t have nail polish at home then grab some dollar store nail polish, they sometimes have brands like Milani, Revlon, Maybelline and more)


• Face Mask (Que Bella, and Miss Spa are fairly affordable starting at $1.17)

• Bath Bomb (Zoella is only $4.50 which is very affordable for a bath bomb)


• Grab a Hask (hair masks are great to do during a spa night, I recommend Palmers Coconut Oil hair mask which is $1.39)

• Grab some lemons, limes, cucumbers and mint to make detox water and also cucumbers can be put over the eyes.

• Rose Water mist (Garnier has one for $6.99)

All of this would cost about $20 and that is saving you a lot more than if you would have gone to an actual spa! You can use dollar store baby oil to get a massage from your significant other or look up ways on YouTube to massage yourself. You can then wash off with dollar store bubble bath and an affordable bath bomb to make your bath time enjoyable. During your bath you can even do your hair mask. If you want to turn it up a notch then pour yourself a glass of wine (as long as you are of age to drink) play some relaxing music and light a candle. Then when you get out of the bath you can spray your face with some rose water and do a face mask with some chilled cucumbers over your eyes.

After, you can drink some detox water while soaking your feet in epsom salt or a foot soak from the dollar store in your bath tub, a personal foot spa or even a rectangular container from the dollar store. Once you’ve finished your foot soak then you can do your nails! And voila you have just had yourself a nice DIY at home spa night that won’t break the bank!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what you like to do to make your spa night relaxing!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

DIY Wall Letters (4/24/2018)

Whether you are in a sorority or just want your initials on your wall, wall letters are a cute way to display your letters! I recently made a pair of wall letters and I wanted to share them! I thought they were very cute although they were not for me to have but were a gift!


• Wooden Letters

• White Paint

• Colored Paint

• Paint Marker

Step 1:

Purchase the supplies at local art supply store, I recommend Michaels because you are able to use competitors coupons.

Step 2:

Paint the letters white for a base coat. I suggest this as a step because you want the color you choose for the letters to be as vibrant as possible.

Step 3:

Paint the letters the color you chose!

Step 4:

Take the paint marker in the color you chose and draw scallops around the edges of the letters.

Step 5:

Draw paisley-type doodles in the corner and edges of the letters. You can either print a picture for reference, look it up on Pinterest or do it free hand.

I think the letters came out super cute and I am super obsessed with the way they look. Since I have three letters I kept the middle one plain to add contrast!

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Stephanie Russell

Party Theme Ideas (4/4/2018)

We’ve all been there, when we have to choose a party theme and cannot think of anything! Well, luckily I am huge into party planning and have been coined as The Hostess With The Mostess! I’ve got you covered with party theme ideas.

• DIY Party- Everyone comes over and there are DIY stations for everyone to participate in and they get to go home with tons of goodies!

• Fiesta- If You Love Mexican food then have a culturally appropriate party for it! Have your friends make traditional Mexican food together and you can even have stations that explain true Mexican culture.

• Pancakes And Pajamas- I’ve seen this party theme all over and it’s super cute! Serve pancakes at your party as well as breakfast food and the only required attire would be Pajamas! It’s a comfy way to have fun

• Great Gatsby- Go back to the 1920’s with friends and dress up like you live in the roaring 20s! There are a ton of cute decor ideas for this party theme, you can even have a photo booth with flapper outfits and more!

• Unicorn- If you are into trends then a unicorn party might be for you! There are tons of cute things you can do for a unicorn party, like pin the horn on the unicorn!

• Starbucks- This is very simple, and a good last minute idea! You can just run to your local Starbucks, pick up some packages of coffee as well as K-Cups and ask for coffee cups with their straws etc.! Then you can brew the coffee you purchased, leave out your Keurig and make Starbucks cake pops with recipes online, and just fill the rest of the table with sweets!

• Garden- This is a ton of fun to do! You can have a garden party theme and decorate the rooms with foliage, flowers, and you can even have the party outdoors if you wanted to! For fun games during your party you can have groups make a floral bouquet with provided flowers in 3 minutes and vote for which one is the best. You can also have a bowl full of pedals and have guests guess how many pedals are in the bowl. You can even give succulents and flower seeds as take-home gifts.

• Vine/Meme- If you are a huge fan of Vines or Memes you can have this themed party! Everyone will come dressed as their favorite Vine/Meme and you can have Vine compilations playing the whole time! You can also give an award to best dressed, and even give goody bags with different funny memes taped on the bag.

• Perfect Instagram Picture Party- This is honestly the best theme I’ve come up with I think! This is a party where you have tons of stations that are amazing for Instagram backgrounds! You can take tons of cute instagram pictures and there can be a vote and prize for whoever posts the best Instagram picture. You can take small cut outs of the Instagram logo and attach them to toothpicks and stick them in cupcakes. You can have a designated hashtag for your party, you can also get a Snapchat filter for your party. This could be a super fun party to have! The take home gift could be Polaroids you take at the party or a picture frame both with assorted goodies!

• Spa Party- You can have a party like this as well. You will have designated stations for certain spa stuff and you can make everything at home and it will be your guests take home gift! I have a post on a DIY Spa Party I had!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and if you ever use any of these make sure to tag me on social media!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

DIY Sorority Letters (3/20/2018)

Sorority lettered shirts can literally cost you a fortune. They range from $20- $40 and that is only for one pair! I’ve thought to myself, I could probably make this. But I never do. Finally, my cousin taught me the trick and I would like to share it with you!


• Heat And Bond Adhesive Iron On

• Fabric (Fabric for the letters and the backing of the letters)

• Stencil Of Letters (Front letters and Back letters)

• Shirt

• Sewing Machine with Assorted Color Threads

• Purchased Letter Shirt For Reference


• Step 1: Trace letters on fabric (make sure to trace letters for the back letters and the front letters)

• Step 2: Trace letters on heat and bond (make sure you trace these backwards because you want the front of the fabric to show)

• Step 3: Apply heat and bond to back of the front letters and the back of the back letters (with fabric Facing out). Iron the front letters onto the back letters while still keeping the peeling on the back of the back letters.

• Step 4: Measure the middle of the shirt and where you want to place the letters (this is where a purchased set of letters comes in). Reference your purchased letters and where they are placed.

• Step 5: Peel off backing of heat and bond and place letters on shirt where you measured. Iron letters on shirt until they stick.

• Step 6: After shirt cools, pick out colored thread you want to stitch the letters on with.

• Step 7: Sew letters on the edge of the letter and the shirt.

• Step 8: Wear them!

These are mine and my cousins finished products! My cousin helped me with the sewing machine because I hadn’t sewed before!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you purchase or make your lettered shirts!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Valentines Day Gifts On A Budget (2/9/2018)

Being on a budget is so hard sometimes and it’s even harder when you’re in a relationship. All of the anniversaries, holidays, and their birthdays can become costly, that’s not even getting into the vacations and dates you go on either. But being on a budget, and still being able to give your significant other something sweet as a gift on a holiday like Valentines Day isn’t impossible! Here’s 5 gift ideas that are super cheap but still meaningful:

1. Decorate their room

This is so cute and super romantic! You can get balloons and streamers from the dollar store and the giant bear is optional!

2. Surprise them with flowers at work

If you can’t interrupt their work, then leave the flowers under their car windshield wiper! Such a cute surprise to find after a long or stressful day.

3. Make personalized Jenga blocks

I filled these Jenga blocks with memories we’ve shared that bring back feelings of joy. I drew a heart on the end of each block to give it a Valentine’s Day feel! It’s a cute thought and a fun game to keep and play!

4. Decorate Their Car The Night Before

I do this for my boyfriend every year. I sneakily decorate his car for Valentine’s Day the night before and he wakes up to a decorated car every year! Just make sure this isn’t going to make your significant other late to work.

5. Make your own bouquet of flowers

It’s so simple to ask the florist for a personalized bouquet of flowers (obviously making the request before Valentine’s Day). It’s not much of an extra cost and you can even have them make the bouquet with glitter and ribbon! It makes it more special for your significant other, and don’t forget a cute card!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and comment down below which one you like the most!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Fashion Blog Post Ideas (1/6/2018)

Sometimes, as writers, we get a mind-block where we cannot think of any more topics to write about or how to continue a story. This is completely normal, and sometimes we need inspiration! I’m going to give you 15 fashion blog post ideas for you to use:

1. A Fashion Trend You Are Living For

This is fairly easy, if you love the comeback of mom-style jeans or thin cat-eye sunglasses then write a post about it!

2. Runway Inspired Outfits

Take some inspiration from Fashion Week and make your own interpretations of those outfits!

3. DIY Thrift Shop Clothes

Turn a plain pair of clothes and turn it into a beautiful fashionable piece! For example, if you find old high waisted jeans that are dull and lacking, grab some iron on embroidered rose patches from a craft store and apply them to the pants.

4. Store Dressing Room Photoshoot

If you are looking to show some cute outfits off, but are trying to budget your money, try the clothes on in the store and take pictures! This way you can show your followers/subscribers cute outfits to find at specific store without spending a lot of money!

5. Try Weird Fashion Trends

Research some strange fashion trends that are circulating and try them out yourself! You might even find that you like them.

6. Buy An Item Online And Review

Be careful with sketchy websites while searching for an online clothing store to purchase from and review! There are online clothing stores like ROMWE, SheIn, and Fashion Nova that have mixed reviews on how the clothes fit, look etc. There are other places to purchase clothes like the Wish App, Amazon, and EBay! Once you get the clothes do a Try-On post and review your final thoughts on the quality, fit, look and the brand.

7. Work-Safe Stylish Outfits

Sadly, not every place of work allows it’s employees to wear the cute Levi’s and a crop top. So make a post about work-safe outfits that are still cute and stylish!

8. Styling The Oldest Piece In Your Closet

Grab the oldest article of clothing you have in your closet and style it to your wanting! Show it off in different ways and with different outfits.

9. How You Dressed In A Timeline

Go shopping and pick up some clothes to show how you used to dress in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college! This should be a great blast from the past, and some choices may be cute and some may be embarrassing! Have fun with it!

10. Hella Boujee

Dress to the nines and take pictures of your outfit! See how boujee you can get, and explain where you got each clothing/accessory piece.

11. Best Deals On Clothes

Do you remember a time where you got a $60 blouse for $10? Talk about experiences where you’ve gotten expensive clothes for cheap, or where you can shop to find deals like this!

12. Rate A Clothing Store

I’ve had horrible and amazing shopping experiences in plenty of stores and I would have loved to write a review on them! You can explain what you got and how the experience was when you are a first-time shopper there.

13. Talk About Any Etsy Clothing/Accessory Shops

I am a huge fan of Etsy and I feel that these talented artisans aren’t given enough credit where credit is due! Many people like to shop on Etsy, so give a shoutout to your favorite fashion related shops!

14. Finally Try That Fashion Pinterest DIY

I am not the only one who saves hundreds or even thousands of Pinterest pins on fashion DIYs. From making your own tote bag to a DIY pair of earrings! Go through the Pinterest pins you have saved or look them up and try to craft your way into a fashionable look!

15. Use Different Articles Of Clothing For Things They Are Not Meant For

Think out of the box and grab a piece of clothing and repurpose it to do something else! You can make a button down into a fashion turban, use a skirt as a shirt, a scarf as a bandeau and more! Be creative.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below fashion blog post ideas you have!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell