New Vintage Bedroom Decor (11/11/2018)

Hey babes! I just recently got some new vintage bedroom decor for my bookcase and it is absolutely stunning. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it at first but it is now growing on me. I also got some great comments on it so I figured that I would show you all since I’ve decided to keep it where it is!

At first I had doubts because it is an oak wood color and everything in my room is cream and pink– I thought this would be too much of a contrast in my room and wouldn’t flow nice. I also moved my Chanel boxes from here which I didn’t know what to do with after putting the antique in its place.

Thanks to Ryan I got this very pretty and unique radio piece from Crosley that also plays cassettes. It is a beautiful item of decor for my bookcase and adds a ton of character to my room. The wood also works well with my room since I have no contrasting wood furniture. I’m very much obsessed with this piece and Ryan found this for $15 at a flea market.

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Stephanie Russell

JustFab Purchase And Re-Decorating My Closet (9/8/2018)

Hey fashionistas! I am super excited to write today’s post because of course I have a JustFab Purchase which is actually my JustFab from August (I’ve just been super busy with posts and couldn’t review it in August). But I also re-decorated a part of my closet which is also something that I am ecstatic to share with you all!

First comes first, let’s talk about what I got from JustFab! I wanted a pair of white mules and I got exactly what I was looking for with these shoes! They are perfect! I felt that these were super chic especially with them being pointed toe mules. It’s different but they look very unique and fashionable. I’ve honestly been wearing them with everything!

Now, let’s discuss my closet. I had this bottom shelf jam packed with boots and shoes. It didn’t look cute so I wasn’t very happy with it. But I recently went to a Forever 21 (it’s always a hot mess in there so I wasn’t expecting to be inspired by their set up), and I was inspired by how they folded their jeans and laid them on the shelves. I took all of my jeans out, folded them and put them in the last shelf. My room has the feel of a store right now but I wanted it to look a little more stylish than just having jeans displayed. So, I grabbed my white mules and threw them in the middle of the piles of folded jeans and I love it!

I am super obsessed with the way my closet and room looks right now. There are still things that I want to do to my room to make it perfect but for right now I am super happy with this look! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below any ideas you have for a very small nook in a room! I need some inspiration!

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Stephanie Russell

Complete Room Tour Video (7/7/2018)

Hey everyone! I made a long and thorough room tour video for you guys to watch! I hope you like it. Remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

My Complete Bedroom Room Tour Video

Here are the links of posts showing pictures of how my room used to look and also the link to my closet revamp post:

Closet Revamp

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My Bedroom Tour

How To Make A Flower Wall For Your Room

Book Shelf Decor

I Moved Back Home

Before And After Room Cleaning

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Stephanie Russell

Closet Revamp (7/4/2018)

Hey fashionistas! I am super excited to share this amazing news with you all. Ryan and I revamped my whole closet and built my dream wardrobe. I am absolutely obsessed with it and it’s more than I ever wished for. It’s like a beautiful dream come true.

My Closet Before

Please don’t mind the extremely messy room in this picture, this was when I was spring cleaning and trying to figure out how to maximize the storage in my room. I always had a problem with storage which is why I wanted a wardrobe. Previous to this closet revamp I had a shelf at the top of my closet, one rod of clothes straight across, a jewelry holder screwed into the wall, an end table inside my closet and a shoe rack overflowing with shoes. It was really hard to find space and keep everything organized when my closet is constantly growing.

Before The Revamp

This is what the closet looked like after we ripped everything out to build the wardrobe.

After We Built The Wardrobe

It took us approximately four-five hours to build this wardrobe. It came with two clothing racks, a top shelf, three drawers and four shoe racks.

Finished Product

This is what the closet looks like with everything inside. I finally have a place to display all of my shoes, I have a drawer for makeup and skincare (which means I was able to free up the two drawers in my dresser where it previously was). It took me a really long time to figure out where I was putting my makeup since everything was displaced but I figured it all out and my whole room set up is completely different now. I am going to be doing a room tour soon to show the completed room!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and comment down below what you think about the wardrobe!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Best Coffee Table Books (6/21/2018)

Hey babes! I recently went to Barnes & Noble and I saw some books that would be great for coffee table reads. Coffee table books are an important part of decor and even your home. When guests come to your house for a party, wine or just to hangout, a coffee table book can either help liven up the party or give you that homey feel you’ve been looking for. It’s a conversation piece, it can be your savior when a guest shows up too early, and it can upgrade the look of a room. But what are some good coffee table books?

Coffee Table Books For The Homey Feel

Coffee Table Books To Upgrade The Room

Coffee Table Books To Liven Up The Party

Coffee Table Books To Spark Conversation

These are just some of the many coffee table books you can have in your home to upgrade your decor or to liven up the party. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

FreePrints Photobooks Review (6/19/2018)

Hey everyone! I wanted to take this chance to tell you guys about an app called FreePrints by the company Photo Affections. I’ve been a customer with this company for about two years now and have nothing but amazing things to say. I used FreePrints photo app constantly especially for my hobby of scrapbooking. If you like to scrapbook, you know it’s hundreds of dollars to get your photos printed. But with the FreePrints photo app you get 85 free printed pictures a month and all you have to do is pay for shipping! It’s a great deal and I love this company so much, it’s made my hobby of scrapbooking so much cheaper and easier. So when I found out this company has a new app for free photobooks I had to check it out!

I got a free photobook from this company and only paid for shipping! I got the gold foiling on the front cover as an add-on because the photobook shipping was so cheap. I decided to make a photobook Of Ryan and I and I am obsessed with how it came out. It’s such a wonderful gift to give or something amazing to have on the coffee table.

Inside comes with 20 pages you can put pictures on. What I did was, I used an app on my phone that collages pictures together and I used one collage of pictures per page to increase the amount of photos in the book. The quality of the photos were amazing and the FreePrints Photobook app is super easy to navigate as well!

Lastly, you get a back cover of the book that you can also choose to decorate with a photo. I edited this picture on my own to have this quote on it and then added it to the photobook! I love how these can be such personalized gifts for others or for a cute home decor piece. This is definitely an amazing product and I recommend checking it out for yourself!

Here is the link to the FreePrints Photo App:

Here is the link to FreePrints Photobooks App:

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Stephanie Russell

My Blogging/Workspace (6/18/2018)

Ever wonder where the magic for this blog happens? I do have two designated areas I do work for the blog which obviously doesn’t include being on-the-go or where I take pictures. But I do the majority of my work (which includes brainstorming post ideas, writing posts, and scheduling posts) in two specific places!

The first place I do a lot of my work at is my vanity. I like to sit there and write posts, schedule posts and come up with where I will take the pictures, who will help, items I need and more! Usually, I do this twice a week. I schedule my posts a month or two in advance and I have backup random posts to use just in case I have to swap them out.

The second place I do my work is my bed. I occasionally write posts here if I have to get one done before bed but I usually sit in bed as I edit photos, come up with blog post ideas and edit videos. This time is very important because I usually do this one day a week which means that I spend a large portion of my afternoon/night doing work.

I only do things three days a week because I am also a full-time student which makes it very hard for me to find time to do blog stuff during school. So a schedule saves me from getting back tracked in both school and on the blog. If I’m at school then I usually do my blog posts in my dorm room, in my car, in between classes or in the library. This is why I like to decorate anywhere I go with a homey touch so I can focus better while trying to get my work done.

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Stephanie Russell

College Organization Hacks (5/29/2018)

It is college acceptance/ college application season! If you got accepted into a college, are putting in applications for college or already a college student this post is for you! Being a senior I’ve learned a ton of college organization hacks that might come in handy for some of you.

1. Get a cubby dresser with fabric drawers for your dorm room!

If you want a way to store anything without the clutter, a cubby dresser is the way to go. I would store everything from underwear, bras, socks, winter accessories and clothes in here to books, medicine, and hair products. It definitely limited the amount of clutter I had plus I had a surface to put my television on.

2. Get an accordion folder

After each semester there are certain notes, documents etc. that you won’t want to throw away. The accordion folder will keep everything together and it will help you to keep tabs on important documents.

3. Actually use your planner

I know in high school using a planner wasn’t always necessary but in college you will need one. Keep it organized with colored pens, highlighters, stickers and washi tape.

4. Get trunks for food and clothes

You will need somewhere to put your food and an under-bed storage trunk will definitely do the trick. Most storage trunks even have a hole in the middle so you can put a lock on it, just in case you have a roommate that likes to eat your food or if you simply want to keep your things private!

5. Get a flash card holder

You might not have used flash cards before but you will most likely need them in college. The best way to keep your flash cards together is to get a flash card holder.

6. Make designated folders on your computer for each class

This will help you keep all of your papers and documents in one place on your computer so you aren’t frantically searching last minute

7. ALWAYS save your paper with a title you will remember

When the time comes for you to print something, you will want to be able to find it.

8. Mark text books and notes with sticky notes and highlight anything in notes that professor repeats twice or more

This will help you find important information when it comes time to study. Also, if the professor says it more than once it will likely be on the exam!

9. Get a shower caddy

This will definitely be helpful when you have to shower in a communal bathroom. It’s easy to bring in and take out without having to carry tons of bottles of shampoos and soap

10. Get magazine holders and label them homework, read, finished

You can put assignments in each magazine holder so you stay on top of what needs to get done.

11. Set alarms 24-hours and another 2 hours before due date for online assignments.

This is great to stay on top of online and hybrid classes but you can use this even to remind yourself to get these assignments done.

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Stephanie Russell

Before And After: Room Cleaning (5/18/2018)

As you may know from my previous post, I have permanently moved back home and will not be returning to live at my University! I wanted to move back home because it was my last year and it would be cheaper to commute this year than it would be to live on campus. Since I am graduating next spring I am not saddened by this because I’ve had enough “college experience” as one could and I am moving back home on a good note. But that good note turned bad quickly when I realized that I would have to fit two rooms worth of stuff and apartment stuff into one room.

So this is what my room looked like when I moved back:

It honestly looked like an episode of hoarders. I had no clue where to start cleaning and had no room or place to put anything away. What you see on the floor and bed is everything from school but all of my drawers at this point were already filled with clothes. It was really hard to manage but I did it slowly and started tackling the room piece by piece.

This is what the room looks like after I cleaned:

Did this take me one day to do? No. Way. This took me about a month to do. There was a lot that needed to be sorted out and put away and I finally finished a month later. While I was working on my bedroom I was occupying a guest bedroom in my house. I am so happy I finally finished it and now can finally sleep on my own bed.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below tips you’ve learned to help clean your room!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

I Moved Back Home (5/5/2018)

I have one more year left in college and then it’s off to the real working world for me. I decided that my last year I was going to commute to school to save some money. Living on campus is so expensive and I feel that I’ve experienced enough of living on campus for the past 3 years to not feel as if I am missing out on the college experience. So I moved back home permanently until I get my own apartment.

Right now my room is a disaster, moving back home was like trying to fit 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag. I am basically trying to fit two whole rooms into one room. I’ve been trying to clean my room since I moved back but until recently I’ve been unsuccessful. There is just not enough room for all of my things.

When I say it’s a wreck, I mean it’s an actual wreck. I have so much clothes, decor, shoes and just general stuff. I have even utilized my living room in my house as a storage area and have pieces of furniture and more just waiting to be dealt with. I hope to have this cleaned by the end of the week and show the results of the cleaning as a before and after!

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Stephanie Russell