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Time Away Date Idea (8/6/2018)

Hey everyone! So I am back with a date idea and this is a tradition that Ryan and I always do when we spend time away from each other. Sometimes, I take a longer vacation than him because he has to go back to work and sometimes I can’t take vacation when he goes on a family trip. We are with each other every single day so being away from each other is hard. We solve this problem with a date idea!

What you do:

When your significant other is going away on vacation, a business trip or needs to leave for a little while, you do this time away date idea. Every single day you are away from each other you have to get them a gift. You can either buy all the gifts at the end of the trip, when they get back or get one on each day that passes. You also don’t have to spend money on the gifts either. Let’s say you go to the beach and find a shell or a pretty stone, that can also be a gift.


Since I was in Florida recently, Ryan left three days earlier than I did. He had to go back to work so he left and I stayed back with my family. For each of the three days I got him three gifts while I was in Florida.

Gift 1: Was a really pretty shell that reminded me of him.

Gift 2: Was two patches for lighthouses near where we stayed, I got this because Ryan collects lighthouse patches.

Gift 3: Was a bright green golf ball I got from when I went golfing in Florida because it’s his favorite color.

He also got me three items when I was away in Florida.

Gift 1: A puppy calendar and stuffed animal puppy.

Gift 2: A date to get my favorite french onion soup, beer cheese fries and buffalo chicken the day he picked me up from the airport.

Gift 3: A shot glass pong game since Ill be turning 21 soon!

I loved everything I got and he equally loved everything he got! It’s a very simple date idea because once you get home you take time to sit down and talk about your time away, maybe with some food involved and you exchange presents! I always loved this because it shows there was a little something that your significant other found each day or picked out items that reminded them of you!

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Stephanie Russell

10 Vacation Date Ideas (7/27/2018)

Hey everyone! As you may know I am on vacation with Ryan and I couldn’t be happier. This place is like our own little paradise. But when you are on vacation with your significant other, you might still want to go on dates while you are there. So what are some easy vacation date ideas?

1. Poolside In Paradise

When you are on the go during vacation sometimes you never even step foot in the resort’s pool. A date idea is to enjoy the pool at your resort for a day. It will give you and your significant other a chance to relax and enjoy your time on vacation.

2. Beach Bum Day

Beaches are a natural beauty on this planet, so on your vacation go to the beach to take pictures, soak up the rays and get a nice tan. This is a great way to relax and maybe have some fun in the water!

3. Nightlife Date

Many places you vacation have bars, clubs, and concerts. Go out to enjoy the nightlife with each other. This is a great experience and you can meet other couples to hangout with this way while on vacation.

4. Day Drinks/ Hotel Hopping

Grab some snack foods and day drinks to hangout for the day. You can even do this at a different resort to enjoy the different amenities they may have.

5. Fancy Dinner Date

If you want to have a romantic night you can go to a fancy five star restaurant for dinner. Make sure you call ahead of time to make sure how much it is per couple and to make a reservation! This will be a nice time for the both of you!

6. Walk During Sunset/ Watch Sunset

A romantic time of night is definitely sunset. You can have a free date night at the beach or at your resort walking during sunset or watching sunset together.

7. Hot Tub Date With Champagne

One of my favorite date ideas for vacation is a hot tub date with champagne. Hot tub dates are always relaxing. Plus, champagne makes any date 100% more romantic. We’ve met a lot of friends on our resort during our hot tub dates.

8. Ice Cream Date

Ice cream dates are very fun, but on vacation the ice cream always tastes better. It a small date idea but something that you can both enjoy doing together. You can even go to an ice cream place near a local pier or shopping center and go shopping after!

9. Watch The Sun Rise

A very relaxing time of day during vacation is right before sunrise. Not many people wake up extremely early while on vacation, so usually no one will be around and you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise together, alone!

10. Make Food Together

If there is a fresh snack or food you both love to enjoy, go to the local farmers market and pick up ingredients and make food together. You get to test out the fresh foods where you are staying, and you can enjoy making something together as well as eating it! Guacamole is something we love to make on vacation.

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Stephanie Russell

Three Quick Date Night Ideas (6/29/2018)

Hey beauties! Ryan and I have recently been having some free time together and we sometimes don’t know what to do with that free time. At certain points we just stay at home and hangout (which isn’t a problem but can get boring or make us stir crazy from time to time). So, we both came up with quick ideas for dates that can be done easily when you all of a sudden have unexpected free time together!

1. Go Out To Dinner With Another Couple

Going out to dinner is already fun but adding another couple to the mix can give you both a different experience. Double dates are fun to go on and if you have a couple you are friends with, give them a call and see if they are free!

A Free Concert / Event

Many townships put on free concerts, car shows, movie night, fireworks night, carnivals, festivals, and more during the summer! Figure out what’s free around you and take a trip. Ryan and I recently saw a Chicago cover band with a fireworks show, and a car show all in one and it was an amazing time!

Watch the sunset together and cuddle! This is the quickest and easiest date we have ever done. Luckily we live very close to an ocean and the bay so it’s easy for us to bring a blanket and snuggle up and watch the sunset, but if you have a balcony or know of a place you can both hangout and see the sunset and talk about life then definitely do it.

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Stephanie Russell

Date Night For When You’re Both Bored (6/11/2018)

We all have that day in our relationship where we can’t think of anywhere to go on a date. Especially when you go on dates often and/or have been dating for a while. It sometimes is hard to come up with date ideas so I’m here to help!

For those nights of boredom (which Ryan and I had last night) I decided to do something fun yet cute:

I decided that we should go to Barnes and Nobles, walk around and look through some books and buy a book that we’ve been meaning to read. It was so much fun to go through the isles and show each other books we are interested in.

This definitely will solve the problem of boredom and you can even pick books out for each other to make it more fun! You can also pick a fun activity book to use together. Ryan and I had so much fun doing this and it was a relatively cheap date we even picked up takeout on our way home.

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Stephanie Russell

DIY Date Night (4/30/2018)

Date night doesn’t always have to consist of going out and spending money. You can have a date night at home without the large cost. I’ve had a DIY date night plenty of times and it’s even better than going to a restaurant to eat.

What you’ll need:

• An On Demand movie

• Your favorite dinner to cook together

• Snacks

– Optional –

• Tapered candles and candle holders (Dollar Tree has this)

• Fresh flowers

First, you can both cook together your favorite meal. My boyfriend and I love making chicken pesto pasta together, so that is our go-to. We then go outside either on the terrace or down at the gazebo and set up the table with a table cloth, fresh flowers in a vase, lit tapered candles, the food, drinks, and some desserts to snack on later (s’mores and skittles).

We then pick a movie and watch it on the projector screen outside (we use amazon fire stick to do this but you can be inside and watch it on your TV On Demand/ on Netflix). We then eat our snacks and watch the movie together by the fire pit.

We do this a lot instead of going out because it’s more romantic and intimate than going to a loud restaurant. We like to be on the terrace or at the gazebo because we like to decorate the walkway with streamers and balloons and also both places have string lights which set the romantic mood. You don’t have to be THAT extra but sometimes it’s nice to have a little date that costs you next to nothing!

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Stephanie Russell

Date Night Makeup Idea (4/18/2018)

When you and your significant other want to have a date night out, sometimes you just want to take your time to pamper yourself and get ready. You take a bubble bath with a bath bomb and a lit candle, you do a face mask, then take a shower following a thorough routine and maybe even a hair mask. After, you decide to do a 10-Step facial routine, prep your skin for makeup, blow dry and straighten or curl your hair and then uh-oh you are ready for makeup. With tons of looks you can do, what one will you pick? Well, I did my makeup for date night and wanted to share the look to help the mind-block.

I did a rose gold eye-look that I am totally here for! In the Moschino X Sephora palette I started with a base color for my whole lid, I did this to soften the eyeshadow primer. I used the light tan shade Adore as my base shade. I then used the tan shade Barely Bare as my transition shade and then put the lighter coral shade Clay on top of that one and blended.

After, I used the dark brown shade Bound Brown in my crease. I did this to add dimension and also help the rose gold pop when I apply the rose gold shimmer shade to the lid. I then used the shimmer rose gold shade, Penny’s From Heaven on my lid and in the inner corner of my eye. I then smoked out my bottom lash line with the shade Clay. I wore a nude lip with this look and a coral colored blush to top it off!

I chose this makeup for a date night look because I feel that rose gold and coral are very whimsical and pretty. This will give a radiant and glowy look for your date night. This look will also look nice with many different outfits as well!

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Stephanie Russell

April Showers Date Ideas (4/12/2018)

During the month of April, it tends to rain a lot. That’s why the saying “April showers bring May flowers” came about. So what to do for date night when it’s raining?

1. Go See A Movie

2. Go To The Bar

3. Have A Nice Dinner At Home

4. Go To The Aquarium

5. Have A Coffee Date At The Library

6. Go Bowling With Friends

7. Visit A Museum

8. Go To The City

9. Shopping Spree

10. Watch Netflix Shows

11. Take A Bath Together (If You Live Together) or Have A Spa Night

12. Go To A Wine And Paint Party

13. Host A Potluck

14. Get Junk Food/ Fast Food And Watch Cheesy Romantic Or Sad Movies

15. Scrapbooking

16. Home Improvement Project

17. Breakfast In Bed

18. Have A Target Date (For Those Who Enjoy Browsing Target)

19. Crafting Together

20. Hibachi

I hope you enjoyed these Date ideas and comment down below which one you like the most!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

Our 3 Year Anniversary Date (3/26/2018)

Ryan and I have been together for 3 years today! With all of the memories we have, it honestly seems so much longer. These have been the best three years of my life, and I can’t wait for many more to come. Here’s what we did for our anniversary date:

I had school earlier in the day and Ryan had work but he came over at 2:30ish! We got lunch and then rested at home for a while. The day was pretty laidback! Once 5:00 rolled around we decided that we wanted to go to the Golf Range.

After the golf range we made dinner at home and watched a movie together. We had such an amazing anniversary, and did something nice and relaxing.

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Stephanie Russell

What We Did For My Boyfriend’s 20th Birthday (3/15/2018)

For my boyfriend’s 20th birthday we decided to keep it low-key and have it with just the two of us. We drove all the way to Sandy Hook, New Jersey to see the lighthouse. My boyfriend loves lighthouses and history, so we go all the time and Sandy Hook has been on his list for a while. Sadly, the lighthouse was under construction so we couldn’t go up but there was something else right next to the lighthouse that intrigued him!

As I said, my boyfriend Ryan loves history (especially war and military history). In the same area as the Sandy Hook lighthouse was an abandoned military fort called Fort Hancock. This Fort was built in 1892 and was decommissioned but it still is used for tourists to come and see.

Even though our initial plan didn’t work out, we had so much fun walking around and reading as well as seeing the history of this place. The sights are amazing!

There was so much to see here it took us over 2 hours to walk around and check everything out! We even walked to the nearest shore (a ten minute to fifteen minute walk) and were able to see New York City!

Ryan said it was the best birthday present he ever got, even though we didn’t get to see the lighthouse he was super happy!

I wanted to write a post on this because I think it could be a really cute date idea! If there is any type of historical ruins or historical area you and your significant other are interested in, definitely take the time to go there and see it. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

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Stephanie Russell

A-Z Date Ideas (3/8/2018)

Running out of date ideas for you and your significant other? I’m here to help! Here is an A-Z list of dates to go on:

A- Adventure: Take a date somewhere you have never been before and adventure there!

B- Batting cages: Go on a date to the batting cages and hit some baseballs

C- Camp Outside: Grab a cheap tent from Target, pack your bags and go camp somewhere! Even if it’s only in the backyard.

D- Dinner Party: Invite your friends over and host a themed dinner party!

E- Evening stroll: Go for a walk during the evening and talk. This is simple but it’s a nice way to spend time together.

F- Film: Go catch a movie together!

G- Group Date: Aka double date! Ask one of your couple friends to go on a double date.

H- House hunting: Even if you are t looking for a house, drive around and look at the beautiful surrounding towns.

I- Go Ice Skating: most indoor rinks are open all year long! It would be so much fun to ice skate in the spring or summertime, right?!

J- Junk food date: Go to your favorite place to get junk food and go to town! I love Taco Bell for these dates.

K- Kayaking: There are tons of different lakes you could possibly kayak on! Find one and go together! Luckily we live near the water so we kayak on the bay.

L- Lunch: Go get an early lunch and top it off with some Target shopping (this is my favorite pastime).

M- Medieval Times: Is There a Medieval Times or festival near you? These are so much fun to go to! Definitely try and make it a trip if you are a long drive away!

N- NETFLIX AND CHILL: But with this date actually pick out a Netflix show to watch and chill!

O- Outdoorsy: Get outdoorsy and go for a hike or a wildlife drive!

P- Pinterest Date: We save tons of crafting ideas on Pinterest, this is the time to breakout a DIY project from your board of 5000 pins (this is me) and use it as a date!

Q- Queen and King: This is a themed date I like to use. This is where you get dressed up to the nines and go out to eat and act like royalty. Why not? You both deserve it!

R- Rollerskating: Grab someone pads and go rollerskating together! This will be a great way to fall for other all over again (pun intended)

S- Stargazing: Drive somewhere without light pollution and stargaze!

T- Test Driving: As long as you are 18 years or older, you can go to car dealerships and test drive cars together! It’s so much fun!

U- Uber: At random, pick a club to go to near you and Uber there Together!

V- Volunteer: Do some volunteer work together! This will be a rewarding experience for both you you!

W- Wine Tour: If you are the legal age to drink, then take a wine tour. Just make sure you have a designated driver to bring you home!

X- XBOX: Break out the video games and get competitive!

Y- Yard-sale: This sounds like a lot of work but it is super fun and can help you both make some extra cash if you want to take a vacation or put away for an apartment or a bill payment!

Z- Zip-lining: Is There a place you guys can go zip-lining? This sounds like a fun experience and should definitely be a fun date!

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Stephanie Russell