My 21st Birthday Aesthetic (8/14/2018)

Hey everyone! I wanted to share an aesthetic post about my 21st Birthday! I’m not that big into partying and drinking but I obviously couldn’t get a virgin pina colada and sit by the pool for my 21st (as much as I wanted to)! I went out to a night club with my best friends and we went to dance and enjoy ourselves.

We started the night off with Polaroid pictures. I’m just such a huge picture person this was something that was a must for my birthday! We all took pictures and laughed so hard while doing it.

I really loved the outfit I got for my 21st which was from TOBI and the shoes were from Lulus! I got the Birthday Girl sash and 21st Birthday tiara from a gift from my best friend! They were both hot pink and sparkly which encapsulates my style perfectly.

I was able to have my first legal drink and honestly the rest of the night we were just dancing and having a good time. I just wanted to enjoy my time and remember it, which was important to me. It was definitely a successful night with no drama or shenanigans happening (which is very rare for a 21st Birthday I hear)!

And the one really fun thing we did was have a picture scavenger hunt at the club! So I met a bunch of really cool people and just asked them to take a picture with me! It was equally cool and funny. My 21st Birthday was a success and I was happy to have a chill night with my best friends (another plus side to not being a big drinker, no hangovers)!

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Stephanie Russell

August Photo Challenge Completed (8/13/2018)

Hey everyone! So, a very short while back I had posted a very fun photo challenge for this month of August. I explained how the photo challenge worked which was to take pictures or use pictures you have from the month of August and throw them together to make an August Aesthetic in itself! You could have done this by taking one photo a day or if you are adventurous you could take all of the photos in one day! The rules were not strict. Here were the photo requirements:

All I asked was to be given credit by linking my blog, @ing me, and hash tagging #NotTooShabbyChicFashion #AugustShabbyPhotoChallenge! I made this photo challenge myself so I am super excited to share with you all my Completed photo challenge! I’ve never done this on my blog before so here it is:




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Stephanie Russell

Going In For My License Picture (8/11/2018)

I am 21 as of today and I couldn’t be more excited! I have to go in for my license picture because my license will now be sideways instead of longways. This is a milestone for me and I really wanted to share my license picture!

I made sure to do my makeup and wear something cute on my way to the DMV. I also wanted to dress for my whole day since right after I come back from the DMV I will be going to New York City! I did a natural makeup look and I made sure to straighten my hair so I’d be ready to just quickly go over it when my friends and I go out later!

This is how my photo came out! I thought it looked super cute and I was able to sneak a small smile in there (even though they told me you can’t smile)! After I got my photo done at the DMV I went and claimed my free Cinnabons at my local Cinnabon and I picked up my free Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee! We were then on our way to NYC!

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Stephanie Russell

My Recommended Beach Reads (7/27/2018)

If you love to read at the beach or by the pool I have a list I personally made of recommended books you should read on the beach or by the pool. Here’s the list:

Recommended Beach Reads-

For The Literature Lover:

⁃ A Tale Of Two Cities

– Huckleberry Finn

For The Adventurous:

⁃ Into Thin Air

– The Hobbit

For The Poet:

⁃ The Sun And Her Flowers

⁃ Milk And Honey

For The Romantic:

⁃ Safe Haven

– Fifty Shades Of Gray Series

For The History Buff:

⁃ Between Shades Of Gray

– The Devils Arithmetic

For The Drama Genre Lover:

⁃ Looking For Alaska

– Gone Girl

For The Trilogy/ Science Fiction Lover:

– Brave New World

– Harry Potter Series

For The Thriller Lover:

– IT

– The Girl On The Train

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Stephanie Russell

Tropical Vacation Aesthetic (7/26/2018)

Vacation is going great so I wanted to share a tropical vacation aesthetic to get everyone in vacation mood. I complied a ton of pictures I have taken over the years of the tropical vacations I’ve gone on. These are all my own original pictures so please enjoy this fun aesthetic post:

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Stephanie Russell

My Day On The Plane (7/25/2018)

Since I recently was on a plane, I wanted to share the pictures I took and experience I had with my plane ride. This is definitely a plane and travel aesthetic post, so I hope you enjoy the photos I took and feel a little wanderlust while looking at these pictures!

The plane ride was absolutely gorgeous. I love sitting in the window seat because I have an obsession with taking plane pictures. There’s something about flying in the air above the clouds. The sights out of that plane window were so amazing. I also loved that I got to watch sunrise from the plane (top left and bottom right photos).

What was even more amazing about this plane ride was that I was able to sit next to Ryan. I usually don’t sit with Ryan on the plane because we just buy random tickets since it’s cheaper that way. Sometimes I want to sit first class with my family and Ryan wants to get the cheaper ticket so he randomizes his ticket. We only sat together once on the plane before other than this time. But I had a ton of fun sitting with him on the plane and we watched a Billy Joel concert on his phone together!

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Stephanie Russell

My Day By The Pool Follow Along (7/22/2018)

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a really fun post and have you guys follow along with my morning by the pool. Ryan and I were just hanging out today catching some sun and relaxing. I thought it would be a really fun idea to have you guys see our relaxing morning!

8 AM- Sunscreen:

Once we woke up this morning it was time to throw on some sunscreen! Going out in the sun for a long day definitely calls for sunscreen when you want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. So we applied SPF 50 and I made it into the shape of a heart.

9 AM- Hanging Out:

Ryan and I were hanging out talking to family for a bit and then went to lay out in the sun for an hour! I tried to make sure I wasn’t getting burnt because my skin isn’t used to being this close to the equator.

10 AM- Photo Fun:

Ryan and I had some fun taking artsy pictures using the portrait mode on my iPhone! I love this Setting because the pictures look so clear and professional. I don’t use it often but I had fun playing with this camera mode during our pool day! As you can tell we got a little burnt already so…

10:30 AM- Sunscreen Again:

…We had to re-apply sunscreen just so our sunburn didn’t get any worse than it already was! After this, we took a few dips in the pool and hung out with family in the shady areas of the pool!

11:30 AM- Appreciating My Natural Beauty:

Since we were in the sun for a while, my Irish freckles came out and I had to appreciate them for once. They are unique and beautiful, and even though growing up I hated them, I have come to love them.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

My Favorite Fashion Memes (6/23/2018)

Memes are definitely a huge part of culture nowadays. I love to laugh at memes and share them with my friends! I have a few memes that have to do with fashion that I absolutely love. It’s all in good fun!


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Stephanie Russell

Got My Hair Done (6/9/2018)

It was one of those days where I felt that all I needed was to get pampered and when I want to get pampered I love to go to the hair salon. It is honestly one of the most relaxing things to do in my opinion. Having someone wash, tone and cut your hair sounds like a perfect day to me. So I decided to go to the salon and get my hair done!

My hair desperately needed to get toned because I could tell it was getting brassy. I usually tone and cut my hair every three months or so. I get my hair re-balayaged every 6 months. I also get my hair blown out once a month.

I also needed to get my hair cut because after three months my hair grows at most two inches. As someone who likes my hair short, two inches added to my hair length is too long for me. I need to make sure I continuously get it cut!

I feel like a new person every time I walk out of that salon and it makes me really happy to have healthy and non-brassy blonde hair. The next time I get my hair done it will be a balayage and hair cut! Until next time!

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Stephanie Russell

Sunset Aesthetic (5/22/2018)

I love the way a sunset looks, the beautiful colors in the sky. I believe a sunset has a different meaning to everyone. For me, it means that I got through another day regardless of how hard or easy it was and if I am lucky enough to wake up tomorrow I will try even harder in whatever goal it is I am trying accomplish. For this aesthetic I have a video instead of a collage of pictures.

This is a sunset over the bay in New Jersey.

This is a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

I hope you enjoyed this aesthetic and comment below what a sunset means to you.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell