Wearing My Mother’s 80s And 90s Clothes: Black Mules​

Hey fashionistas! I had recently helped my parents clean out their attic. This was a ton of hard work and luckily I had the help from Ryan and my friend. I was actually really excited to help them do this because I knew that my mother’s clothes from the 80s and the 90s were up there. 

Needless to say every box, bin and bag we had gone through I was desperately searching for those clothes. My mom was convinced she had gotten rid of her clothes but I had a feeling that they were up there. I was really hoping to find vintage jeans (a hot commodity nowadays in the fashion world).

Well, after we were almost finished with cleaning up the attic it seemed as if all hope was lost. That was until my boyfriend shouted down that he found two bins of women’s clothes. I was so giddy I almost screamed. I took the bins down and alas it was the 80s and 90s clothes my mother wore.

Some stuff was a little too old to salvage but I took as much as I could. I also hit the goldmine once I found a pair of 90s square toe black mules. I was going to spend money on buying a new pair for myself, I’m glad that I held off! They were perfect but they did need a little TLC.

I actually made a TikTok of my fixing the shoes up. Although, I did a little more than what the TikTok shows. The heel of the shoe had to be replaced, the fabric needed to be glued on, and there were white splotches that had to be colored in. With some DIY magic I was able to fix the cute mules for only $7 (The cost of the replacement heel and the liquid stitch).

I felt super cute after pairing it with a pair of vintage Calvin Klein Mom Jeans I got from Poshmark. I wore an oversized black long sleeve (which is actually Ryan’s tshirt I had stole) and to top off the look I wore some white cat eye sunglasses as well as a Gucci purse I got from the amazing thrift account @thriftinthe_city_!

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