Fashion Items I’m Retiring

Hi fashionistas! I hope you are all doing well! As I was going through my makeup yesterday I realized that I also wanted to get rid of some fashion items I had as well that were really taking up space in my wardrobe. Sometimes it’s necessary to retire some items that you’ve had for a while!

The first thing I really had to get rid of was this pink tassel scarf. It just didn’t work for me anymore and it didn’t match my style either. It definitely is cute but I just can’t imagine wearing this anywhere. My number one rule of keeping clothes/ fashion items is to only keep it if you would buy it at a store.

I also figured it was time to retire the huge JLo sunglasses. Although JLo could rock these sunglasses better than anyone, I definitely can’t– even when it was a big trend. I did try though but I’m waiving the white flag on this one and surrendering to my basic sunglasses.

The last thing that I’m retiring is the laptop bag. I really did try to hold out as much as possible on this one. Trust me I did, because while I was in college I did use this for a good month. But I think it is truly time to give this bag the boot. It had a good run in its prime though!

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-Stay Chic,

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