Turning New Years Resolutions Into Longterm Goals

Happy New Years to all of you amazing people! I wanted to take a chance before we get into today’s post to say that I truly appreciate each and every one of you. This past year has been hectic, challenging but most of all life-changing. I want to thank you for being a loyal reader and also for making this past year of 2019 so special! Cheers to an even better 2020! So today I wanted to talk about resolutions because, well, ’tis the season.

We all have resolutions or even goals we set out for the new year but a lot of times those things we wish and even promise ourselves never comes to fruition. I know I don’t even remember what I set as my resolution at the beginning of some years but I’m sure it’s similar to what I set each year. The problem is that we set resolutions that are sometimes too complicated and oftentimes too vague. This sets us up for failure from the moment we make that resolution. But I’m here to help you turn your New Years Resolutions into longterm goals. I will also share the resolutions I have for 2020 as well!

1. Set Specific Goals

A lot of times we set a goal to be “fit” or “healthier” but it’s such a vague resolution that it’s easy for us to just give up. Instead of simply saying to be “fit” or “healthy” try being more specific with your goal. For example, I want to eat healthier by adding more vegetables and proteins to my diet and cutting out the unhealthy snacking I do. I want to go to the gym at least 4 times a week and see a noticeable difference in my body.

2. Set a timeline

It is important to make sure you are on track with your goal. Setting a timeline or even deadline will hold you more accountable in reaching your goals.

3. Buy A Planner And Actually Use It

Scheduling a time to do the thing you want to achieve is so important. Force yourself to find time for whatever your goal is otherwise you will be able to make excuses for why you “don’t have time”. And for those that are seriously too busy to reach their goals try to break up your goal into smaller and more manageable tasks. For example, if you are a busy mom but want to lose weight instead of trying to find someone to babysit so you can go to the gym do at-home exercises while the kids play for at least 1 hour! You can even get the kids involved which can make it more fun!

4. Keep A Journal

Keeping track of your progress will help you keep you going after your goal. You will be able to see the change and want to continue it. It is not super necessary but sometimes you might have obstacles in the way while you try to reach your goal and it might benefit to write it out. You might also benefit mentally from being able to talk about your feelings during the journey. Plus, when you finally reach your goal it sometimes seems hard to see every hardship you went through to get there and the journal is a reminder of the journey you took to get where you are.

5. Make Subgoals

Make subgoals to your actual goals! This will make it easier to continuously motivate yourself to accomplish your end goal. For example, if your goal is to become good at yoga a great subgoal would be to be able to do a full split in 2 or 3 months time or accomplish a yoga pose you have been struggling with for a while.

6. Write Action Steps

With every goal there needs to be a plan. You can’t just shoot in the dark and hope to hit the bullseye. So, combat this by writing action steps which are things you need to do to accomplish your goals. Like if you are looking to get into blogging a few action steps would be to figure out what you want to blog about, come up with a blog name etc.

7. Be Realistic With Yourself

If you want to lose 5 pounds and Google tells you that it will take 5 weeks minimum don’t set your deadline to that minimum. Try to give yourself a deadline you know that YOU are capable of. Give yourself a realistic goal to reach. If you aren’t realistic then you will end up getting discouraged when you realize you only lost 3 pounds in that 5 week period and you might be more prone to giving up.

8. Remind Yourself Why It Would Improve Your Life

Make sure each day you are trying to reach your goal that you remind yourself how this will positively impact your life. For example, if you want bettering your mental health as a resolution then remind yourself why it will improve your life overall. Do this especially when you are feeling doubt and you are questioning yourself.

9. Believe You Can Do This- You Are Strong

My favorite encouragement to give people is to tell them that they can’t give up on themselves. If they have the willingness and want to change or better themselves or achieve a goal, they are unstoppable. You, too, are unstoppable. The most important person to tell that to is yourself and you need to believe it too.

10. Prioritize Your Goals

We all have priorities that can keep us from reaching our goals as quickly as we would like. Make sure you try your hardest to keep your goal as a priority. Once it isn’t a priority, your goals that you are working tirelessly to achieve will take a backseat. If this happens and you cannot control it– know that it is never too late to pick that goal up again. If you find that you hav to miss a gym day or you can’t make it to your volunteer work try to make up for it by doing some exercises at home or whenever you get the chance or try to find a different way to volunteer your time on the weekend (maybe helping a friend move into their apartment, reaching out and talking to someone you know needs advice).

My Resolutions:

• Get fit by working out at least 4 times a week and be toned by August 2020

• Eat healthier by adding more veggies to my diet, eat a balanced dinner and stop snacking on junk throughout the day/ limit sweets

• Improve in yoga by trying to make every class you can, be able to do a full split in 3 -4 months time.

• Learn how to knit by watching YouTube videos on knitting, reading books on how to knit and practicing at least 3 times a week. Try to be able to make a scarf and hat by Christmas 2020.

• Read more by reading at least one book per month and starting a small book circle with friend(s) or join a book circle.

• Volunteer more by getting more involved in the organizations that I am already a part of, making shelter animals toys/pillows/beds etc., get involved with the local church, donate each year, get involved in more philanthropic things like Polar Bear Plunge/Special Olympics etc.

• Make more time for my relationships. Call people more often and try to hangout with family/friends/Ryan more.

• Better my mental health by doing more of the things that I love, going to meditation/ doing self guided meditation, keeping a routine, keeping a tidy living space and making sure that I reach out when I need help.

I truly hope you enjoyed this post and even got something out of it. I started to lose faith in setting resolutions for the new year but I now see that it is possible to keep the goals and promises you make yourself if you know the steps on how to make your resolutions longterm goals. Make sure you comment down below what your resolutions are and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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