Girls Night Idea: Hallmark Movies and Wine

Hey everybody! I wanted to do a girls night idea but before I get started of course I have to mention that the “girls night” can be for anyone of any gender I just called it a girls night because I host a girls night with my girlfriends at my house almost weekly.

So to get started I just want to say that I truly appreciate my friends because we always have a great time together regardless of where we are. So with this girls night, this was one of the cheaper girls nights we had and it was so much fun. 

Basically all you need is a big bottle of wine (or a favorite nonalcoholic drink if you are under age), some snacks and the hallmark movie channel. My friends and I are obsessed with the Hallmark movie channel we get sucked in to all the stories and they are so much fun to watch so this is definitely some thing that I suggest everyone try out because it is a ton of fun for us!

Hallmark has some amazing but also pleasantly cheesy romance movies for Christmas time ! So we figured the best way to celebrate the holiday season is to curl up next to one another on the couch with a cheap glass of wine and some snacks and just watch Hallmark movies together it was a ton of fun. Even though some of them are cheesy and predictable it was funny to be able to predict what we thought was going to happen and talk about the movies themselves.

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