Girls Night Idea: Quick Bite And A Drink

Hey y’all! Before I get into it of course I have to start off with my message: These girls nights are not specific to one gender! Anyone can participate if they want to! I only call them Girls Night Ideas because I host what my friends and I call a “girls night” where my girlfriends and I get together to do something or to just hangout! Feel free to try these ideas with anyone of any gender of course.

So, to get into the “Girls Night” idea I thought it would be cool to hangout with my girlfriends tonight! We all have pretty busy lives and schedules so it is sometimes really hard to get together. I try to at least see my friends twice a week! My gal pal time is very important to me.

So, instead of doing something extravagant, expensive or that would require a ton of planning or scheduling we decided to do something simple. We went to the closest chain restaurant (Applebees), we got half price appetizers to share, and dollar drinks! It was amazing!

Afterwards we all agreed that we would meet up at Target which is right near out hometown Applebees and go shopping! To make this even more fun you can all decide on where to go shopping afterwards and see who found the best deal at said store.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and remember to comment down below what you’d do with your friends for a quick get together! Make sure you subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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