Hosting The Best Friendsgiving

Hey everyone! Since Thanksgiving is coming up I wanted to do a little something for my friends that I love so much. I wanted to throw a really fun and nice Friendsgiving dinner! But if you’ve never hosted a Thanksgiving… How are you supposed to throw an amazing Friendsgiving? Luckily I am here to help and I have the answers!

I mean we all know the best Thanksgiving parties are the ones with the best food, right?! So at least we have Step 1 figured out already! Follow these steps and your Friendsgiving will be a success:

Step 1: Gather all of the best Thanksgiving food and put that on the menu.

Step 2: Figure out who’s coming and if you don’t want to make a seven-course meal all on your own (I don’t blame you), delegate different jobs and dishes to friends! Some can bring the canned foods, some can buy the pies etc.

Step 3: Make a Facebook Event so it’s easy to contact everyone and show who has what jobs assigned to them (especially so they can’t say they forgot they had to bring the apple pies)!

Step 4: The main dishes you should be making is turkey, stuffing, snacks and gravy! You can make these easier on yourself by getting turkey in a bag, stuffing cubes, snacks like pineapple, nuts and olives (finger foods are the way to go and it prevents people from eating too much before the big dinner)! As for gravy you can either DIY your own gravy with the turkey drippings or you can get pre-made jars of gravy too. Just make sure it will all taste good!

Step 5: Get some cute cozy and personal decorations! I mean dig out the old china plates, set the tables up with cute napkins with napkin rings, place mats, a festive table cloth, wine glasses and even nice china for the food on the table.

Step 6: Have your closest friends help you clean up the mess from dinner (make sure you already have leftover containers ready). Then set up dessert with your friends after cleaning up!

Step 7: Play a few friendly games while you all digest!

Step 8: Have dessert together while setting out cards that you DIY’ed that aid conversation! Cards could include: “What did you think of me when you first met me”, “What is the funniest moment in all of our friendships”, “Who would be most likely to _______”, or even “If you had to choose someone to live with who would it be and why” This helps keep the conversation from dying down and it also is a ton of fun.

Step 9: Make sure you give thank you gifts to each of your guests– this can be a printed thank you card, or an actual gift. I gave each person a bag of cookies with a note that said “I am thankful for our friendship. Thanks for coming.”

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great Friendsgiving party! Comment down below which steps you tried and how they worked out! Remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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