Earring Holder Haul

Hey beauties! I have been getting a lot of requests to do a post on how I store my earrings. Quite possibly the most annoying jewelry to store, but I found a great solution that doesn’t involve sticking them into pieces of ribbon or building a whole display with a drill (yikes, that’s a lot of work)! My solution is so much more simple.

I have had the same problems as everyone else. I honestly think every person that wears earrings has run into this problem as well. WHERE AND HOW THE HECK DO I STORE MY EARRINGS?! Been there, done that. I actually used to search high and low on Pinterest to see if I can find any ideas and even the most creative online space didn’t have a simple solution. Some suggested purchasing ribbon and sticking them into there, hanging a string across your wall, using an egg carton or even putting them into a scrapbook.

All of those ideas just seem too difficult for me, personally. I just couldn’t picture myself using those storage ideas and for years I just threw them into a jewelry box (and what a mess that was). Finding a pair in a huge box full of jewelry was the most frustrating thing out of all.

Well, I decided when I was going away to college I’ve had enough and that I needed something to hold these earrings. So, with that being said I rushed to Amazon (years of dealing with this problem required prime shipping, lol)! I found a tiered earring holder that moved! It was also a really cute decor piece and easy to put together. This has saved me so much storage and so many headaches. It is so easy to add and remove earrings to this and I love it!

If you’re interested in purchasing here it is:

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-Stay Chic,

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