Date Idea For A Sunday

Hey everyone! I wanted to pop on here really quick to give you all an awesome and fun date idea that you can do on any given Sunday. A plus? This date idea could possibly be a super affordable date idea for those that want to save their money (I love inexpensive dates personally because they’re usually super creative, fun and sometimes give you and your significant other a cute or funny story to tell)! Whether you choose to go all out to a fancy place or stay in and have a personal one-on-one experience this date idea will surely be fun.

Ryan decided to take me on a cute little date to get brunch on a random Sunday. It was perfect because we went out to brunch to a beautiful restaurant and then walked around the town for an hour! Honestly a perfect day. I totally recommend going on a date like this with your significant other!

The thing that is really nice about brunch is that you can make any random Sunday where you have nothing to do, into a date night. You’re probably wondering, where is the affordable part of all of this? Well, Ryan and I have also done brunch a few weeks ago but instead of it being at a place we did it at home and it was so romantic making our own pancakes and being all cute and cuddly afterwards!

I recommend this date idea and please remember to comment below if you tried or will try this and how it went. Also, make sure you subscribe for email notifications to be notified when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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