Outdoor Fall Outfit

Hey fashionistas! Today I have gone with Ryan and his family to their weekly clay shooting get together. Ryan and his family are very into clay shooting which is shooting clay targets with shotguns for sport/practice. It is very fun (I’ve done it a couple of times myself). I realized that since I was going out on this outdoor fall trip I should dress warm but wear something cute still. In the mornings it is almost 30 degrees where we live without wind chill so it’s pretty brutal to be outside for almost two hours in the woods. So I definitely had to find a warm outfit and bundle up while still looking cute!

The first item I chose to wear was a super cute tan marled sweater from Express. It is a knitted turtle neck with a cut ribbed detail on each side. I actually snagged this piece from Poshmark for $15 a while back and it is one f my most worn pieces in my closet. I paired this with a camel colored canvas jacket that I got from Marshalls for only $18 (Marshalls is like my favorite place to shop now- I totally forgot how many amazing deals they have on cute items)! Next item I wore was a cream knit hat with a tan and brown fur pom pom which I got from Target a long time ago for about $10.

To top the outfit off I wore a pair of ripped skinny jeans I got from Francesca’s for $48 which happen to be my favorite skinny jeans. They are mid-rise and amazing plus they’ve lasted two years so far. The last thing I wore with this outfit was a pair of navy blue tall Hunter Boots! I grabbed these from Poshmark for $65 which is such a steal for a pair of Hunter Boots that go for around $150. I totally need to grab myself more pairs of these eventually from Poshmark. In the photo you can also see glasses, headphones and a vest, these are just for protection of my eyes, ears and my body!

Here are items close to or are what I am wearing in this outfit:
Camel Canvas Jacket

Tan Turtleneck Knit Sweater

Navy Blue Hunter Boots

Cream Winter Fur Pom Pom Hat 

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-Stay Chic,

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