Ryan and My Costumes For Halloween

Hey y’all! I love Halloween so I wanted to share the costumes Ryan and I had because we always have multiple every year. I honestly think I had about 6 costumes this year alone on my own. Well, Ryan and I live in a town where our Halloween trick or treat is actually pushed to October 30th because our town has a huge Halloween parade on the 31st instead. So today is technically our “Halloween” and we actually just went trick or treating with my niece. Ryan and I also had thrown a Halloween party with all of our friends where we wore a different costume there as well. Also, of course, we went to Mickey’s Halloween Party where we dressed up for Halloween for that as well!

The first costume we wore to Disney which if you saw my Disney posts you already know that we dressed as black and white vintage Minnie and Mickey! For this Ryan wore a black top, gray pants, gray sneakers and a Mickey ears baseball cap. I wore black leggings, a black tank top, a gray tulle skirt and some silver Minnie ears!


The second costume was at the Halloween party that we threw at our house with all of our friends! Ryan and I just finished watching Season 3 of Stranger Things and we decided it was a cool idea to dress as Eleven and Mike. I ordered the Eleven costume off of Amazon and paired that with a pair of teal socks I had from a Christmas gift last year, a brown wig and then some high top white converse. For Ryan, he wore a striped yellow and brown top (it was pretty close the the one Mike wore), he then paired that with gray soft sport cargo shorts and threw on a pair of Vans.


The last costume Ryan and I wore was the one from tonight! Ryan and I dressed as Bopeep and Woody from Toy Story (we just saw Toy Story 3)! I wore a blue blouse from Amazon, I also got a Bopeep hook replica from Amazon, I then paired it with a custom made pair of ruffled bottom jeans I got from Etsy, and I threw on a bow that I borrowed from my niece and I took pink silk fabric to tie around my waist. Ryan wore a yellow plaid top from Old Navy, a custom made black and white spotted vest (I made that), a red handkerchief from Dollar Tree and a cowboy hat from Spirit Halloween!

I felt that our couples costumes were pretty on point this year and we really enjoyed out time wearing them! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and comment below which costume pair was your favorite!

-Stay Chic,

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