35 Couples Costume Ideas

Hey everyone! If you are looking for a last minute couples costume idea to that Halloween party that you can put together quickly I have a number of ideas I wanted to share with you all today! Usually, I am planning costumes from back in August but sometimes life gets in the way and we have to grab something last minute. Here is a list of 35 ideas you can use:

  1. Bubble Gum Machine and A Quarter
  2. Bonnie and Clyde
  3. Woody and Bo-Peep
  4.  Daisy and Gatsby
  5. Army Soldiers
  6. Sailor and Siren
  7. Jim and Pam From The Office
  8. Barbie and Ken
  9. Lilo and Stitch
  10. Starbucks Cups (Tall and Venti depending on who’s shorter/taller)
  11. Gardener and a Flower
  12. Mike and Eleven From Stranger Things
  13. Hippies
  14. Astronaut and Alien
  15. Jurassic Park Costume
  16. Han Solo and Leia
  17. Sandy and Danny From Greece
  18. Flintstones
  19. Starbucks Cup and Barista
  20. Skeletons
  21. Robbers
  22. Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam
  23. Flight Attendant and Pilot
  24. Sports Players (Baseball, Basketball, Football etc.)
  25. Rock Stars
  26. Fry and Leela From Futurama
  27. Batman And Cat Woman/Robin (Or any other superhero/villain duo)
  28. Adam and Eve
  29. Greek Gods/Goddesses
  30. Cowboy/Cowgirl
  31. Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner
  32. Scarecrow and Farmer
  33. Police Officer and Convict
  34. Butterfly and Butterfly Catcher
  35. Bob Ross and His Panting

I hope you enjoyed these costume ideas for couples and I also hope you found something to wear! Make sure to comment your ideas for costumes down below and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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