Ludic Closet Purchase Haul and Try-On

Hey fashionistas! To be honest, it’s been a little bit since I’ve done a purchase haul and try-on. I’m kind of missing it a bit because I love watching other people unbox things so I equally love unboxing things in front of people just as enjoyable for me. Today’s purchase haul and try-on is from Ludic Closet which is an online boutique that I found through Instagram. All of their items are super cute and I totally recommend checking them out and grabbing some cute items to add to the closet capsule. Here is their Instagram and website if you want to see their products:

Ludic Closet Website

Ludic Closet Instagram

The first item I fell in love with is their must-have light pink Vogue cropped crewneck sweatshirt. I am really digging the bottom raw cut that this sweatshirt has, it honestly looks super edgy but what I like most is that it is not EXTREMELY cropped to the point where I am afraid to wear it to a family party. I love that it has the perfect balance of edgy and casual in that sense. Also, the quality is amazing especially because the inside of it is so soft and the sweatshirt is also not too heavy either (I do admit that I’ve worn it to bed a couple of times because it’s so cozy). I was mainly captured by the baby pink color though which is so adorable.

Next, are the jeans that I got! These jeans are pretty nice and are pretty good quality and overall, I really like them. What I like most is that I got them a size up because the oversized fit is very much in right now also the rip details are incredible. The wash of these jeans are not like any other I’ve owned which brings some more texture to these outfits. I actually wore these in an outfit together to show you how cute but I do prefer to wear each item on their own with other pieces of my closet. Since these are staple closet pieces there are tons of ways to style them! I really loved my purchase and I wear these pieces all the time.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and make sure to comment below your favorite item from their online boutique and let me know with a star emoji down below if you followed them on Instagram! Also, remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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