Our Mickeys Halloween Party Costume

Hi friends! I hope everything is well! When I went to Animal Kingdom we only spent a little more than half the day there because Ryan and I went to Mickeys Halloween Party. For those of you who do not know, from the months of late August to early November Disney completely transforms their parks with beautiful fall decor and if you buy a special ticket you get to be in the park after hours to celebrate Halloween! This means you get to dress up in a costume, watch fun shows that are spooky themed, go trick or treating, ride Disney’s rides after hours and see their famous Halloween parade.

The year before this when we had gone to Disney for my 21st birthday (which I mean #goals right?!) they had the streets decorated the same BUT we didn’t get to go to Mickeys Halloween Party. This year we made sure we could go because Halloween is actually one of my favorite, if not my favorite holiday ever. What better way to celebrate it than in Disney?!

For our costumes I decided I wanted to do black and white Minnie and Mickey. I read a lot online how Disney this time of year is still pretty hot so wearing a bunch of costume layers would have easily gotten me overheated. I also read that as an adult you might want to go with a casual costume so you are able to maneuver easily around the park. So, we definitely did casual versions of black and white Minnie and Mickey but I absolutely loved the look we came up with!

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-Stay Chic,

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