Disney’s Animal Kingdom Outfit and Experience

Hi everyone! I have been having such an amazing time in Disney with my family and I honestly just love it here. Disney has always been such a big part of my life and a big thing that bonds my family together (even Ryan is obsessed with Disney now– maybe even more than me)!

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom and it was such a fun time. I used to feel indifferent about Animal Kingdom because back in the day when I was a child there wasn’t much to do there but now Disney has really been adding so much more things! Of course now there is PANDORA which is the Avatar part in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is truly other worldly and the fact that they figured out a way to have a floating rock is beyond me. They really did an incredible job as always.

The outfit that I wore to Animal Kingdom is less “in your face Disney” and more of just a cute outfit I threw together last minute. I got a black tank top and paired it with a pair of black, brown and cream leaf printed gauze shorts. I found these shorts at Target on clearance for $10 which was amazing because they just reminded me of a safari/ gave me jungle vibes. Of course I had to get it so I paired this with some gold Minnie Mouse ears and my cream Converse sneakers. I really think this was my favorite outfit out of all of them that I wore in Disney!

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-Stay Chic,

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