Disney’s Hollywood Studios- Galaxy’s Edge Outfit And Experience

Hello everyone! I hope the day is treating you well! I wanted to share yesterday’s outfit (we all know I go hard with Disney outfits) and I also wanted to share my travel experience with you all because as you may know I am a huge Star Wars fan (and Disney fan) and Disney just opened a Star Wars Themed Park called Galaxy’s Edge.

First lets start off with the outfit because I’m sure you’re all dying to know what I wore! This trip I wore a Rebel Scum t-shirt with some jean shorts and rose gold Minnie Mouse Ears. I was so excited to wear this shirt to the actual Galaxy’s Edge Park! A storm trooper during a march around the park actually acknowledged my t-shirt and shook his head at me (highlight of my life right there)! With this outfit I paired it with some cream colored Converse sneakers and natural makeup!

Now, as for the experience, HOLY COW was I impressed. It honestly looked like I was actually on another planet set in Star Wars. It was absolutely insane and honestly leave it to Disney to make everything so detailed. Even the cashiers say “That will be x amount of credits.” They say that instead of dollars to keep it realistic.

They had a really amazing marketplace area that looked so real it was scary. They even sold blue milk a drink they had in the movies and they also sold different shaped Coke products with an alien language on it!

Overall my favorite part about the whole Galaxy’s Edge was the Millennium Falcon Ride and the Millennium Falcon itself because they were both so cool and so much work and detail was put into it! Going there is definitely worth it and even more so if you are a Star Wars fan!

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-Stay Chic,

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