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October 2019 BootyBag

Hey beauties! I wanted to drop in and talk about the BootyBag I got this month. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about– BootyBag is a monthly pantie subscription. Each month they send you a new design of underwear and you only pay $9/mo.

I love BootyBag because for the longest time I’ve struggled with the fact that I am either overpaying for underwear, or using a few pairs of old underwear until they’ve given up. I get two pairs which is the $13/mo option sent to me each month and then I get to slowly get rid of the junk old ones. It’s great because lets say you are not comfortable wearing a thong, you can choose “never thong” where you will only get full coverage and cheeky panties or you can choose “only thong” and you will get only things. If you get 2-3 pairs a month (3 pairs is $20/mo) then you can also choose the “surprise me” option where you can get both types of underwear or you can get two thongs or two cheeky/ full coverage panties.

It honestly boosted my confidence pretty high after getting the subscription because all of my underwear are cute pairs– I no longer have bottom of the barrel (last day before laundry day) panties and I’m so proud of that. I feel that if you like your panties and your bras in a cute outfit then there is no other reason than to be confident.

This month’s BootyBag was so cute! I got a cute pair of cheeky panties that were black and lacy and I also got a really cute thong that’s frilly, black and has a lettuce edge to it. Both pairs are sheer and I am obsessed with them. I definitely recommend getting this subscription especially because BootyBag underwear has lasted longer than Victoria’s Secret, Target, Walmart, PINK, and even Hollister panties.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified for when I post new content. Comment below if you would love to try BootyBag out!

-Stay Chic,


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