Alpaca Farm Outfit

Hey fashionistas! I recently went to an alpaca farm with Ryan because we are just gluttons for adventure. I love llamas and alpacas, I think they are the cutest animals and I even own a mug or two that have alpacas and llamas on it. I was so excited to get to this farm because it was actually free entry the day we went which was on National Alpaca Day (go figure). I made sure to jot that down in my planner and allot time to go there.

Luckily I have a boyfriend that loves me dearly, and he ended up bringing me to the alpaca farm which I was so excited for. It was really interesting to say the least because they had tons of alpacas but they also had a store which sold alpaca fur items (alpaca scarves, mittens, hats etc.) and they even showed how they spun the alpaca fur into thread which eventually will become a ball of yarn. It was so fun and definitely interesting to see how the farm worked.

They also had some free food, activities for kids and they even allowed you to pet an alpaca and showed you how to do it properly without scaring/hurting the animal. It was awesome! Well, I obviously had to wear the perfect alpaca farm outfit! So I wore a pair of jeans, a cream knit tank top, and an orange striped open poncho with a wide brim fedora. I had such an amazing time and I loved my outfit!

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-Stay Chic,

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