Date Night Idea: Sojo Spa

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a date night that Ryan and I had just recently because I am actually super happy about it and it was such an amazing experience to share together. Ryan and I went to a place called Sojo Spa in Edgewater, New Jersey. The experience was pure bliss and I definitely recommend trying it out.

Together we had booked a couples massage with hot salt stones– when I tell you this is the best massage I’ve ever had I am not kidding. I mean it better be a good massage for the amount they charge for them (lol)! Anyways, we got there and we immediately were instructed to take off our shoes, we were given robes, and we had to put our items into a locker.

After our heavenly massage we went to their multiple spas. We first went into a plain sauna, then we went into the clay room sauna, then the salt room sauna, then the cooling room and that room literally had ice on the walls.

We relaxed on marble heated beds, lounge chairs and even went into a few other interesting rooms they had like the volcanic sand bath. This place also allows you to use their heated rooftop spa pool that overlooks Manhattan. It was definitely well worth the trip! We both had such a good time and it was such a cool place– it felt very exclusive and luxurious.

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-Stay Chic,


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