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Best Spooky Date Night Ideas

Hey everyone! I am here with your ultimate spooky date night idea list, only if you like spooky stuff– if not then this might be a list of all of your worst fears. I love spooky stuff but sadly Ryan does not so I could never get him to do this stuff with me but I do it with my best friends instead. But if you both love spooky then these date ideas will be right up your ally!

  1. Go see a scary movie- A lot of scary movies come out during spooky season so figure out which one you’d both like to see and go! Make sure you hold on tight to that popcorn though.
  2. Haunted Hayride- I just experienced a haunted hay ride recently and it was actually the scariest thing ever. There is no where to run and you cant turn back, you just have to sit there and take the scares as they come.
  3. Corn Maze Walk Through- Yeah, corn mazes are scary just in general, but walk through one at night while people are trying to purposely scare you and chase you. It’s like something out of a horror movie I swear.
  4. Have A Scaring Contest- For the whole month of October have a scaring contest and at any chance that you can scare your significant other–do it. Even just knowing that they’re trying to scare you will put you on edge.
  5. Go Through a Famous Local Scary Walk Though- My friends and I went to Eastern State Penitentiary last year and it was so scary! If you have a famous walk through by you, definitely do it.
  6. Stay Home and Watch Scary Movies- Sometimes the movies you are most scared of are old they’re on video streaming services now! I know the movie I’m most afraid of came out in 2008 The Strangers!
  7. Take A Haunted City Tour- We recently took a ghost tour in Cape May, New Jersey where they drove us around the town and showed us the most haunted spots.
  8. Host Your Own Spooky Walk Through- We have a family member who has a huge spooky walk through in her backyard that her neighbors and community goes to each year. So, gather some decorations and friends and scare people in the comfort of your own house!
  9. Go To An Amusement Park With Scary Events- I know that Six Flags has Fright Fest where zombies, clowns, mummies and other spooky creatures roam around the park and scare you as you also go on rides! Also, Universal has a Stranger Things scary theme after dark!
  10. Have A Full Night Of Fright- Go to your local psychics, tarot card readers, and even a medium and have your future told, and speak with the dead! You can even end the night with playing Ouija Board (only if you seriously want to psyche yourself out and also don’t mind doing it either.

I hope you enjoyed these date ideas, make sure to comment below your favorite spooky date and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,


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