Changing Myself Into A Different Person: Makeup Hair and Outfit

Hey y’all! So, my friends and I will be having a Halloween Party soon where we are going to dress up as each other! It is going to be super fun, I decided to get a brown wig because they all had brown hair so how could I go wrong? Well I thought it would be fun to change myself into a different person and kind of show the transition but also show up to lunch with my friend waiting for me looking completely different.


So first the makeup! I decided to go with a foundation that made me look like I just came back from a Bahamas vacation (this is actually the foundation that matches my skintone in the summer– luckily I had some left)! I then decided to do some extreme contouring and I made my brows look a lot thicker and square than normal. For the eye look I chose a burnt orange eye shadow look because it makes my eyes look like a deeper blue, maybe even a dark gray. I overlined my lips to obviously make them look bigger than they are and I then did a basic liner and lashes.

For hair I put on a wig and decided to put a hat over it for a more natural look (I am no expert on putting on wigs, I wish I were lol).

For my outfit I wore something that I have never worn and that is a little like my style but not really. I wore an Adidas hat, a black tank top, a pair of ripped jeans and a canvas camel colored jacket. I actually went to Marshalls and found this whole outfit.

My friend was super surprised and she thought the hair looked so good and that I looked so different. I don’t think I would go brunette because I love my blonde too much but I’m glad that if I ever wanted to change my look up I could just throw this wig on!

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-Stay Chic,

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