Worth It Items At Dollar Tree

Hey everyone! I feel like I do quite a bit of posting about the Dollar Tree and that is probably because I go there often for cards, gift bags, decorations for parties and even for work. So, here I am posting about the Dollar Tree! But this post is going to be about worth-it items to purchase. Do you ever shop at the Dollar Tree and think “Is this seriously cheaper than what I can get elsewhere?” The answer isn’t always yes surprisingly. So what’s worth it and what are items that you shouldn’t be buying there?


  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste- This is totally a worth it buy because the Dollar Tree has a ton of name brand toothbrushes and if you are eco-friendly I’ve seen name brand bamboo toothbrushes as well! Also, they sell big sizes of name brand toothpaste.
  • Nail polish and nail items- If you are going to paint your nails yourself then this is a cheap way to get them done! The Dollar Tree has brands like Wet N Wild, Revlon, PURE ICE, KISS and LA Colors. Keep an eye out for those! Also, you don’t need to spend a fortune on nail polish remover, cotton rounds, cotton swabs or even nail glue. It’s going to be cheaper here than at Target or a drugstore. They also have the electric nail tool that works pretty well, they also have the gel nail caps that work well and lastly I like the gel polish remover and cuticle remover tool.
  • Hair Detangler- The hair detangler at Target has the same ingredients as the one at the Dollar Tree! Save your money and get the one for $1!
  • Bubble Bath- You can 32 fl oz of bubble bath for $1, so why overpay for basically soapy water!
  • Dry Shampoo- I’ve tried the Dollar Tree dry shampoo and although it isn’t my go-to (I love the smell of OBX too much to give it up) it works just as well as the leading brands!
  • Bath Bombs- I’ve made homemade bath bombs before and other than added preservatives (which most beauty products have to keep a shelf life) their bath bombs are made of the same ingredients I used! It’s definitely worth it if you want a spa night for an affordable price!
  • Paint pens- I’ve found paint pens from the Dollar Tree before and they work really well. You may not be getting as much in terms of the amount of product but it beats paying $5 for a paint pen!
  • Craft Items- Luckily my Dollar Tree is right next to a Michaels, so I always make sure to look in the Dollar Tree before I spend a ton on something in Michaels. They have acrylic and watercolor paint (check art stores to see if they have acrylic paint for cheaper sometimes they have different acrylic paints for .79 cents) , kids washable paint/fingerpaint, window paint, decent paint brushes, small canvases, pompoms, feathers, wooden dowels, stencils, foam brushes, round  bristle and foam brushes, paint dish, sanding sponges, sand paper, palette knives, beading, small wood crafts (not all are worth the money so buy wisely), wreath forms, stick glue, regular glue, googly eyes, floral foam, pipe cleaners, wire, accent gems and marbles, LED fairy lights, crafting sticks, rope, decorative sand, chalkboard wooden stakes, ribbon, mesh, and cord. The items I like most are the hot glue gun sticks, the scrapbooking stickers, the jar of buttons, sequins, glitter, mini clothespins, square felt rolls, tacky glue, mod podge, and yarn! It all really depends on what you are doing to determine worth of purchase. For example if you need 800 craft sticks its probably best to find that in bulk.
  • Wreath Hanger- These are all over especially during the holidays and they are a must have! They work amazing and I’ve had mine for 3 years and it still works well!
  • Party Decor- Party decor can get expensive so if you can cut costs by getting some streamers, birthday candles, birthday signs, garlands and balloons from the Dollar Tree then definitely try to!
  • Gift Bags and Gift Tissue- This is where you can definitely get your money’s worth at the Dollar Tree because gift bags and gift tissue go for super expensive.
  • SOME Cleaners- I was able to find some cleaners that were generic brands but had basically the same ingredients as the leading brands but for only $1! I was able to get generic brand wet and dry Swiffer pads for only $1, fabric freshener, glass cleaner, I also found air freshener for $1! Another item is the moisture eliminator which is great to put in your storage unit or even bins you are putting in your attic.
  • Cleaning Tools- I was able to get a dust pan and brush, a toilet brush, a broom, magic erasers, kitchen sink tools (sponges, sponge dispensing brush, bottle cleaners etc), steel wool soap pads, metal and sponge scouring sponges and more only for $1! A lot of these items are things that will need to be replaced eventually so it’s best to not spend a fortune on them.
  • Bins- If you are just looking for a cheap way to store items the dollar tree is a great place to check first.
  • Glassware- Whether you are looking for some cheap drinking glasses, a flower vase or plates for dinner. This is a great place to save some money!
  • Catering Items- I love going to the Dollar Tree to grab some cheap reusable chip bowls and platters. It’s inexpensive and you can reuse them for however many parties you have.
  • Soda- If you are throwing a party grab some soda from the Dollar Tree because you get a huge amount for just $1!
  • Silk Flowers- Silk flowers can get very expensive very quick, if you want to save some money on decor try to search for the best looking silk flowers at the Dollar Tree first.
  • Small Home Decor Pieces- If you are looking for knickknacks then stop at the Dollar Tree and see if you can find some cute items or even items that can be DIY’ed to look super chic! Even look at frames!
  • Party Favors- Having a kids birthday? They have amazing party favor items and bags to put them in!
  • Bath Items- You can get soap dishes, soap dispensers, shower curtain rings, shower liners, shower curtains, loofahs, sea sponges, shower caps, gel eye masks, exfoliating bath cloths, shampoo brushes, widetooth combs, and even bath brushes. There is also body soap and hand soaps/hand sanitizers but I would check to see if you can get a better deal buying it in bulk (Costco, BJS, Sams Club etc).
  • Hair Items- Other than the detangler you can get bobby pins, headbands, clips and hair ties. You can also get scrunchies, compact hair brushes, regular hair brushes, hair curlers (They actually work), and rubber elastics.
  • Makeup/Skin- Some items in makeup are actually worth it, sometimes they carry wet n wild or elf makeup brushes, they have oval makeup brushes, they have mask applicators, anything Global Beauty Care is good (they sell this at Marshalls), eyelash curlers, eyelash applicators, eyebrow grooming kits, tweezers, name brand chapsticks, sometimes they will have name brand makeup, the Global Beauty Care makeup wipes are pretty good as well! You can sometimes find good face masks from name brands like Yes! and Miss Spa etc. There are also microfiber scrub facial rounds, makeup bags, makeup acrylic holders, makeup cleaning mitts and so much more!
  •  Office and School Supplies- The best supplies to get from the dollar tree are binders, spiral notebooks (check sales first, also composition notebooks are cheaper elsewhere), notepads, loose-leaf paper, construction paper, poster boards, sketch paper, index cards, photo paper, legal pads, clipboards, to-do lists, binder separators, file folder labels, mailers, folders, label holders, report covers, highlighters, permanent marker pack of 3, erasers, pocket pencil sharpeners, pencil grips, pencils/crayons/colored pencils/colored markers/gel pens (check deals elsewhere first). More items are poster board letters, decorative wall boarders, dry erase boards (they are cheap but get the job done if you dont want to spend the money), dry erase markers, mini chalk board. There are only a few more items (I promise lol), paper clips, thumbtacks, basic calculators, scissors, mini and regular stapler, tape, whiteout, rulers, rubber bands, business card holder, chalk, pencil box, calendars, filing folders, envelopes, packing tape, clasp envelopes, and binder clips. (This one was long)
  • ALL TEACHING PRODUCTS. I always see cool teaching stuff I recommend teachers to look here first and to compare prices too! They have Alphabet wall decor, class room decor, reading highlight helpers, wall boarders, maps, inflatable globes and more!
  • Kids Items- In terms of toys be careful of what you buy because some may be made with chemicals. I would mainly buy name brand items (Nickelodeon, Disney, Hot Wheels, etc). Coloring books are a great buy here, as well as kids books and puzzles/name brand games.
  • Books- Books in general are a great buy! You can find coffee table books, books to gift to others, cook books and more! You just have to look! They also have adult coloring books (some are mediocre quality but some are diamonds in the rough so keep an eye out)!
  • Car Items- Car wash and wax (if you just want to get a quick DIY wash on your car then this works well for that), Armor All products, microfiber towels, auto funnel, car washing sponge, oil drain pan, gas treatments, microfiber wash mitts, tissue visor holder,
  • Tools and Hardware- A tape measure, air pump, an angle square ruler, wooden wire brushes, braided rope/nylon paracord, heavy duty clamps, 3 outlet wall tap, rubber mallet, indoor extension cord, dust mask, drain snake, tarp, drop cloths, sharpening stone, hex key set, mini screw driver set, rubber door stopper, picture hanging kit, safety pins, paint cup with handles, mini razor scrapers, lightweight spackling, white latex caulk, plastic paint trays, paint rollers, paint brushes, paint scrapers. LED lightbulbs, LED night lights, and sunbeam light bulbs, matches, lighters.
  • Pet Supplies- food/water bowls, pet food scooper, treat jars, pet toys, laser pointer, pet bandanas, Natures Best Flea & Tick Spray, Pet stain remover, litter pans, grooming tools, love my carpet/ oxiclean pet carpet cleaner, grooming mitts, litter scooper, pet brushes, pet wipes, collars, leashes, harnesses and doggie waste bags.
  • SOME SEASONAL AND HOLIDAY ITEMS- I find a ton from their seasonal items! For example, I’ve found christmas tree ornaments and beautiful decor. During valentines day I found super cute teddy bears and other cute themed items!

The Dollar Tree can be an interesting place and you can find some great deals but you have to watch out for scams. For example, they sell tupperware for $1 with each tupperware piece but you can get a pack of 30 for $5.99. They sell party cups for $1 for a pack of 16 when you can get a pack of 240 for $18.99 on Amazon. Not only do they have some “scams” but sometimes the items can be hazardous. Some of their products contain formaldehyde and toys may contain products that are unhealthy which is toxic– be aware of the ingredients and items when shopping.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for notifications for when I post new content! Tell me your favorite Dollar Tree item!

-Stay Chic,

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