How To: Dollar Store Beauty Room

Hey beauties! We all know that I love decorating and I was recently asked by a friend to help her come up with ideas to decorate her beauty room on a budget. Of course I said yes and started my search for some affordable decor. Halfway through I decided that this is something I should share with my readers! Sometimes we have a beauty room and no funds to decorate it, I don’t blame you because I had to scrounge up money to even decorate my bedroom at home. So where do I suggest doing some of your shopping for your decor? The Dollar Tree! I want to show you some amazing items you can use to decorate, here they are:

For wall decor I found some super chic frames and canvases, this would be perfect accents to any beauty room. I would choose a blank wall, pick up 4 of these canvases and hang them up in a quad type of way (two on top, two on bottom making one big square).

For decorative brush holders the Dollar Tree has amazing options, I found a few opal glass vases, a cylindrical glass vase, a round glass vase, a milk glass vase, as well as a square vase! I also found some glass beads and white rocks to put into those vases for decor. These all would be great for holding mini palettes, brushes, lippies, sponges, and even mascaras/eyeliners! The sky is the limit!

Candles? Every beauty room needs them and luckily I found some perfect candle holders. I found a cute opal candle holder and large candle bases! They look so fancy and for candles I found marble looking candles in four different colors and those candles would look perfect on those candle bases.

Miscellaneous decor is what really brings a beauty room to that next level, so I found some amazing items to bring you to that next level. I found a super cute XOXO sign that can be used on a shelf or even a vanity! The Dollar Tree is also an amazing place to find the most perfect coffee table books. Another item I found is a cute cat ring holder. I always need a place to put my rings before doing makeup because trying to clean a ring you got foundation on is a difficult task for sure. Another item I found were some super cute rose gold succulent plants (obviously fake but still a cute effect). To my surprise I also found some acrylic makeup organizers at the Dollar Tree as well! You can use these organizers on the top of a vanity, dresser or on a shelf to put your favorite products on display. I also found some really cute decorative geode hooks that you can use on your walls in your beauty room! The last item in miscellaneous decor is the vanity mirrors! Yes, they are cheaper mirrors but they are pretty decent quality for a buck and a collection of these can bring your decor to the next level. Plus, you can feel like Jeffree Star as you apply makeup holding a hand mirror!

Last but not least you’re gonna need some storage items, you could use some decorative gift boxes from the Dollar Tree, or you can wander to their jar section of the store and pickup some mock Mason Jars and maybe even a decorative glass mug!

These are such fun ideas for an affordable beauty room! Show me your dollar store beauty room decorations on social media with #NotTooShabbyChicFashionBeautyRoom I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to comment down below any items you would want in your beauty room! Make sure you subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

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