My NYC Outfit

For this weekend I went to NYC for the day, who doesn’t love the city? I have always loved it there and thought of it as my second home, especially having family from there and always visiting and parents that used to work in Manhattan. NYC will always have a place in my heart. When I go, I always make sure that I dress to impress. I mean what else am I to do in the Fashion capitol of the world (Maybe other than Milan and Paris).

You may be wondering what I went to the city for and I am happy to announce that I went to NYC to see my 15th Broadway show! I love Broadway and it’s most likely because I was a theater kid and a singer for as long as I can remember! My sisters, my mother, my grandmother, and great grandmother were too so I have musical theater, dance and singing running deep within my genes. I went to see FROZEN the Broadway Musical and can I just say, it was PHENOMENAL! I was truly happy with the show.

What are other Broadway shows I’ve seen?

  • Hairspray
  • Mamma Mia
  • Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
  • Chicago
  • Pippin
  • Motown
  • Les Miserables
  •  Once
  • Pretty Woman
  • Carole King’s Beautiful
  • Something Rotten
  • Aladdin
  • Phantom Of The Opera &
  • Rock Of Ages

I had to wear a cute outfit considering I was in NYC seeing another Broadway show! So, I wore a white and beige/tan pin striped midi, button down dress. I paired this with a pair of tan/beige mule open toed heels, and then I wore a cute pair of beige tortoise shell mirrored sunglasses. To accessorize I wore a cute pair of Western style silver earrings from Lucky Brand and I brought my camel colored, round handle purse. I was really happy with this outfit!

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-Stay Chic,

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