Best Stores For Back To School Shopping

Hey everyone! I am actually pretty sad at the moment because I seriously miss being in school (something I never thought I’d say until I started working and gained more responsibility). I totally miss being in school, especially high school and college. Now that school is starting up again soon there is a ton of back to school shopping sales and deals going on. It is definitely weird to not be in the mad rush to get supplies for school and my dorm like I used to.

With that being said I wanted to share five stores that I personally would always love to go back to school shopping at because of the amazing deals they had.

1. Dollar Tree-

Am I joking? No I am not, if you are going to be getting folders, pencils, pens, a spiral notebook (not a composition), binders and maybe even decor or school supplies for your dorm, this is the place to get it. I also recommend getting all of your cleaning supplies here. It will be generic brands but it will get the job done for cheap! Everything is $1 so it is affordable and the stuff will last a school year.

2. Target-

Of course Target is on the list. Buying items like a comforter, a 5 subject notebook, a file holder, clothes for the school year, some necessary dorm items like laundry detergent, a laundry bag, some curtains and food. This is the one-stop-shop. Plus now that you can get 5% off with the Target Red Card and find deals with the Wheelcart app, you can totally save tons of money here!

3. Amazon-

When shopping for Amazon for school just be mindful that you will have to wait for the items to show up. I got a ton of stuff from Amazon ranging from mouse pads, to desk organizers, to wall decor and more. I definitely suggest looking on here for certain items before buying them in-store because you might find it cheaper on Amazon!

4. Five Below-

Yes, I know it’s not everyone initial thought to go shopping at Five Below for your items but I promise you, you wont regret it. Five Below has some amazing decor that you can get to make your dorm room feel more like home, you can get some good skincare products here, and even dorm necessities like hangers and organizers.

5. Your Local Grocery Store (Mine Is ShopRite)

You would be surprised at how much their school supplies are discounted! Once I found huge binders at my grocery store for $2 each. Plus, food, detergent and shampoo will be a little cheaper here than Target in terms of price markup. It’s also better to find generic brands of food than to buy the actual branded items.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoy shopping! Please remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and make sure you comment below your favorite back to school shopping stores!

-Stay Chic,

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