Check Out Juliette Co Accessories

Hey fashionistas! We all know that chunky hair clips and bobby pins are making a huge movement in the fashion world right now. I am obsessed with this trend because it is so fun and hair trends don’t always transcend into the fashion world as big as this has. It is super exciting to see this happening in real time.

Finding good quality hair clips can be a real struggle though. I have searched high and low for hair clips and I refuse to settle for cheaply made ones because I plan on using them a ton! So, I ended up finding Juliette Co. Accessories and I am obsessed with their accessories and their Instagram page. They have the cutest items and they show you great ways to fashion the items as well. Here is the link to their Instagram: Juliette Co Accessories Instagram

Everything is handmade and it looks as gorgeous in person as it is in the photos! These clips and bobby pins are the perfect accessory and I 100% recommend you try them out. Take a look at my hair clips I have from them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure that you go on their Instagram and comment down below what product of theirs is your favorite!

-Stay Chic,



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