Date Ideas

Dates To Go On Before Summer Is Over

Hey fashionistas! I wanted to hop on here real quick to give you all some amazing date ideas to do before the summertime ends! I have 10 fun dates for you all to try while we still have this glorious warm weather.

  1. Go for a bike ride
  2. Go pick fresh apples or other fruits
  3. Set up an outdoor movie night and bring some small snacks and a blanket to cuddle up
  4. Get to the beach or lake before it’s too late
  5. Drive around with the windows open and play some of your favorite music
  6. Go to an outdoor restaurant
  7. Start an herb garden together (it’s great because during the colder months these can be brought indoors)
  8. Go for an evening walk and talk about things you are passionate about
  9. Have a picnic on the beach or at a park
  10. Go mini golfing

I hope you enjoyed these date ideas and make sure to comment down below some end of the summer dates you love! Remember to subscribe for emails to be notified for when I post new content.


-Stay Chic,

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