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What I Did For My Birthday

Hey babes! If you saw my post from yesterday, I explained that it was my birthday. I had an amazing birthday and I wanted to share what I did for it! I told Ryan to stop getting me gifts (unless it’s something that holds meaning or is symbolic or it truly was something that he wanted to gift to me. Otherwise I stopped asking for material items for gifts because I would personally rather have an experience instead. Something that we can do together and have a nice memory from. So Ryan gave me just that for my birthday.

We had a beautiful morning, spending it with my family and then spent the afternoon in New York City. It was an amazing surprise and I had no idea what to expect the whole day. We got to the city and we were at a beautiful place called Refinery Rooftop. Which is a beautiful rooftop bar/ restaurant and we had an awesome dinner, some amazing drinks and then during sunsets we walked to our favorite place in the city, Bryant Park. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.

I had a wonderful birthday and I loved every moment of it! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below where you went for your most recent birthday!

-Stay Chic,

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