Hollister Purchase Review

Hey fashionistas! I recently made a purchase at Hollister and like H&M (if you read my post on my H&M haul) I have not shopped at Hollister in a hot second. I just really have not had the time to actually go out and shop around and that is when I usually waltz into surrounding stores like Hollister or H&M. I think the last time I shopped at Hollister was last summer when they were having a huge deal for Hollister rewards members and they were giving away free ice pop floaties. I of course got one (lol). 

Well recently I wanted a pair of mom jeans that were high waisted and were a light wash denim. I ended up in Hollister and I found the cutest pair of mom jeans that shaped my body very well and they are the perfect balance between mom jean and skinny jeans. I do not like the baggy mom jeans too much on me unless I am going for a specific look.
The jeans only costed me about $30 which is inexpensive for a good pair of jeans, especially if you usually buy higher end jeans like Levis, Guess, or even Lucky Brand. I loved the fit and I was in the market for a new pair of light wash denim, I lucked out with finding these pants because they’re literally perfect. I really love my purchase and I definitely recommend Hollister’s mom jeans to whomever wants to try them out!

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-Stay Chic,

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