B&B Purchase Haul

Hey fashionistas! Today I’m doing another haul because I did kind of go on a small shopping spree lately and I just really want to show you all what I got from my shopping adventure! I am hauling from a store called B&B which is a surf clothes shop near my town. It has a ton of super cute but also beachy items that are seriously something to obsess over.

I went with Ryan’s sister to go look at some cute items at the stores and I left with an outfit in one of my favorite colors, yellow! I love the color yellow because it reminds me of sunshine, smiley faces, sunflowers and yellow daisies. The color makes me so happy and honestly anytime I go shopping I usually end up getting something yellow (lol)! 
I got this super cute yellow linen tank top, I just love the look of the tank top and what drew me to it was the bow that you tie in the back of the top. Very cute. Then I found this adorable and super cozy cable knit sweater that is also yellow from the surf brand RipCurl. I am overly obsessed with this sweater, and the balloon sleeves make it THAT much better. I decided that this together in an outfit would be the perfect outfit for either Fall, Spring or Summer depending on what you pair it with. The yellow sweater would also be good to wear in the wintertime too!
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-Stay Chic,

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