Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Setting Spray Review

Hi beauties! A crazy thing had happened the other day, as I was about to help a friend by doing her makeup for an event I forgot that I ran out of setting spray earlier in the week. I had no other choice but to run to the drugstore before I went to her house to pick up some affordable setting spray. I chose the Wet N’ Wild Cucumber Photo Focus 3-in-1 Primer Water Prep+Set+ Refresh setting spray. I got it from my local Rite Aid for about $5 which is VERY affordable for a setting spray.

I wasn’t sure how well it would work because I never used it before but I explained to my friend that we didn’t have to use it since I wasn’t sure if it was good or not and she didn’t have a problem testing it out. She has oily skin and she explained that it was pretty good for her skin type and it was light and airy. She also explained that she liked the smell a lot. 
I decided to give the setting spray a shot myself and I used it for a few days and honestly it was an amazing setting spray. I felt like it did a pretty good job of setting my makeup, it wasn’t a heavy feeling setting spray, it also wasn’t sticky either. I also felt refreshed after spraying it because of the scent of cucumbers. I definitely recommend getting this setting spray if you want to try a drugstore brand alternative or if you run out and need something affordable but works well. A trick that I like to do with this setting spray is leave it in the fridge so when I go to set my makeup it gives me a nice and cold mist. It’s super crazy that I chose to get a quick and affordable setting spray and I ended up liking it just as much as the leading brands. 
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-Stay Chic,

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