H&M Purchase Haul

Hi fashionistas! I recently took a trip to H&M, which is actually the first spontaneous shopping trip I’ve taken there in a while. I don’t normally shop at H&M because it usually isn’t my go-to “fast-fashion” store because I am more of a Forever 21 fan. I used to shop at H&M more often but over the past 2-3 years I just haven’t. The only time that I take a shopping trip to H&M is around Christmas time because I shop for Ryan there. He likes the way the clothes fit him there, so I usually grab him some items for presents from there. Otherwise this would be the first time in a couple of years that I actually went into an H&M to shop for myself. 

Luckily, the time I went shopping at H&M there was a HUGE sale going on, especially on pants. I forgot how much I loved the sale price points for some of their items. Sometimes you can really find a great deal on a blazer or a sweater or even a dress etc. Forever 21 has good sales but I always feel like I am picking through the leftovers during their sales where H&M I feel that I can definitely leave with a super cute, great quality and fit item for an affordable price. 
I went to the pants sale rack because the items there said “Starting at $2,” and I was not expecting to find super cheap items but I found jeans that were $2, $3, and $5. That is such a steal, plus lately I’ve been obsessed with buying jeans for some reason, I have more than 35 pairs of jeans! I guess there is just something about finding the perfect pair of jeans and how they make you feel that much more confident. 
The items I purchased from H&M were a pair of white jeans (they were a jean material but the fabric was pretty giving which is why I purchased them), a pair of black jeans because my black jeans got washed out and I also picked up a pair of acid wash black jeans. I also had been looking for a white skirt recently so I grabbed one of those and I found some cute Ariana Grande hair clips that say Thank U Next. I just love that song and I thought it was such a cute accessory so I had to buy it! I loved all of the items I got and I will definitely be taking a closer look at H&M from now on when I need to go shopping. 
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-Stay Chic,

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