New Shoes: July 2019

Hey fashionistas! I wanted to share my new shoes of July 2019! I know I had said before that I cancelled my JustFab shoe subscription because I have SOOO many shoes now. Honestly, I’m not even kidding I literally have no room for any of the shoes that I have currently so I had to put an end to it. It was definitely sad because I love JustFab but reorganizing my whole shoe closet and organization system every time I get a new pair of shoes is kind of getting old for me.

So, I did cancel it but I was able to use the last of my credits as a JustFab subscriber to get a few pairs of shoes that will last me for a while so I can share them with y’all and once that dies out I will be sharing new shoes of each month that I had purchased that aren’t JustFab.

This month I wanted to share a beautiful pair of gray velvet heels that I had gotten from JustFAb just before cancelling my subscription. I had needed a nice pair of gray heels for a while. I definitely want one or two more pairs because in all honesty there are different shades of gray that I need. I got a darker shade of gray with these shoes and I am totally loving them! They’re pointed toe heels and they have ruffles which add an extra layer of design and texture to these cute heels.

I believe they were on sale plus there was a buy one get one sale on top of the cheap price so I was able to get these heels for around $12 from JustFab. It honestly is such an amazing deal and I will definitely be wearing these often so it is a “totally worth it” purchase! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for notifications for when I post new content! Also, make sure that you comment down below what you think of these heels!


-Stay Chic,


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