My Favorite Stores To Date

Hey fashionistas I wanted to take this time to write a quick post on my favorite stores to shop at to date. I feel like the stores I like definitely remain consistent but I actually add a few and remove a few here and there. I’m actually extremely excited to share this list with you! Let’s get to it! In order of my favorite to still favorite but lesser than the top items.

1. Forever 21

This has to be my favorite store. I just find so much here for such an affordable price and they always have pretty good sales and a lot of the items are great quality. I can spend so much money here.

2. Marshall’s

Honestly, Marshall’s has taken my fashion lovers heart prisoner. Especially with such amazing deals on such cute items. I do have to say that sometimes when you pick up some stuff occasionally it can get pricey BUT I can always find a great deal on cute items. Plus their sale rack is the bomb.

3. Rainbow Shops

Yes, Rainbow Shops has made it back on my list. Recently, their items have been good quality for amazing price points plus they have great clearance items if you look through their racks. I always walk out with something cute. Also, I can’t forget to mention the amazing shoe deals I find here! Sometimes you can find a pair of cute booties for $15 or even a pair of faux leather converse for $8.99. That’s a steal!

4. PrettyLittleThing

Although their return policy is a literal hassle, and the customer service team is pretty hard to contact (instead of calling or talking through a chat you have to email them and have them email back to you. Which means you are waiting on them for a little bit to get an answer). Despite those two things. They have amazing products for super affordable and the price is great too!

5. Amazon

Amazon is next of course because of how fast items can get to you, the reviews are always thorough and you can get a ton of different brands in one place. I would definitely price check some of the stuff to see if you can find it cheaper through Macy’s JCPenny or something but sometimes you can find great products at great prices.

6. Lulus

Lulus is an amazing store and although the price point is a tad bit more high than I’d like, the quality is 100% there. So overall purchasing here is worth it because you know what you’re getting is good. I’m absolutely obsessed with everything I’ve ever gotten from Lulus.

7. Showpo

Another site that is a tad bit more expensive than I’d prefer but the quality is there. This Australian shop has such beautiful pieces and they also offer payment plans through Afterpay which makes the price of the item not too too bad. Especially since you’re getting pretty great quality.

8. Shein

Of course, Shein made it on the list and it’s not dead last and I have to say I’m as shocked as you are. Especially since it has placed before Francesca’s for me. I only like Shein because I’ve found some pretty good quality stuff (which I had seriously looked through tons of reviews to make sure before purchasing). Overall the quality may be lacking in terms of the fabrics used to make an item and how it is assembled but it’s cheap for pretty decent items.

9. Francesca’s

Of course Francesca’s made it on my list because I do truly love this store and even though it’s in the bottom ranks it is still one of my favorite stores. I love the items they have there, the quality is amazing, the price point is pretty good. The only complaint is that sometimes I find cheaper items that are basically the same thing, elsewhere. But not always. So it is still definitely a favorite store of mine!

10. Nordstrom Rack

I truly love a discount on designer brands and that’s why Marshall’s is so high on this list but that’s also why Nordstrom Rack has made the cut. I really do not like the customer service that Nordstrom has, which is why it is so low on my list. But nonetheless it still made the cut because I truly love some of the items and price points those items are listed at!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what stores are your top 10!

-Stay Chic,

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