Night Flight Tips

Hey y’all! Today was my last day on my kind-of-vacation, and I am super sad to go back home because I really liked spending this time with my family. I just got off of the plane and Ryan and I are exhausted from taking a night flight. Especially since our flight was two hours longer than expected because of a storm that was on the east coast. Our pilot had to literally move the plane around the entire storm which took us 2 hours out of the way.

So, while we were on the flight I had some triggered memories of being on night flights in the past. I only like night flights because they kind of extend your stay by almost a whole day, but I don’t like flying at night because sometimes the flights can be annoying when you’re exhausted. While on the flight I put together a little list of night flying tips.
  1. Bring a neck pillow- Trust me, you’ll thank yourself if you travel with one of these, especially if you get the middle or end seat. It will make it easier to fall asleep on the plane and you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaning on a strangers shoulder
  2. Bring ear plugs- People can be noisy and if you’re looking to rest and not hear other peoples conversations, crying children, or even their downloaded movies then throw some ear plus in.
  3. HEADPHONES- If you’re flying bigger planes like United Airlines, JetBlue etc. then bring headphones with a normal headphone jack. Some of these planes have free movies for you to watch, or bring wired headphones to watch your own downloaded movie (I say wired because if you forget to charge your Bluetooth headphones you wont have any)!
  4. Large sweatshirt or small blanket- Sometimes planes can be cold or you want to sleep. Blankets or a large sweatshirt to keep yourself warm is the perfect thing to bring on a flight!
  5. Socks- When you’re trying to be cozy on a flight, socks will take that comfort level and bring it all the way up. Just make sure they are clean and that your feet don’t stink. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below some tips you have for a night flight.
-Stay Chic,

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