Outfit Of The Day On Vacation

Hey fashionistas! Today I am going to share my outfit of the day while I’m on vacation, I went to the most island-y looking part of the Gulf of Mexico where I am and I did a whole photo shoot with the outfit that I chose for today. 

I decided to go for an outfit that was equally island-y in terms of the style and the color but also great to wear during the day because of the lightweight fabric. I am not wearing any shoes with my outfit either because I have to walk a whole mile down the beach to get where I am going. So shoes are a no-go (lol)!
I wore this beautiful coral ombre button down flowy dress I got from Forever 21. The buttons in the front create a front split in the dress, and the buttons themselves have a shiny shell-like look to them. I absoletely love this outfit. To tie the whole outfit together I let my hair keep it’s natural waves and I paired it with a pair of blue and tan mirrored round sunglasses. The whole outfit gives off a great island goer vibe and I am totally here for it. Not to mention, I really like the way it fits me too!
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-Stay Chic,

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