Etsy Shop Review: SewAwesomeStore

Hi fashionistas! In today’s post I will be reviewing another Etsy Shop! I just recently reviewed a store and I have so many more stores to review! I love getting the word out about small businesses because like I said in my last Etsy Shop review, I believe in supporting small business owners. Plus, Etsy is a great way to get great quality gifts or personalized items! 

The Etsy Shop I’m reviewing today is SewAwesomeStore, this Etsy Shop sells embroidered baseball hats and beanies. I recently finished all Marvel movies which actually completed the Infiniti Series. I came late to the fandom but I love all Marvel movies, especially all of the Iron Man movies. So, once I saw End Game I felt like I needed something nice to wear and showcase my love for the MCU but also for Iron Man. 
I decided to go to Etsy and see if I can find something that I could wear causally and I ended up visiting the SewAwesomeStore where I found an Iron Man baseball hat. I purchased the hat and once I got it I realized that the product was an amazing quality and I loved the hat! I actually asked for a personalization because I wanted a yellow hat but I didn’t want the gold and red iron man mask. I requested to have a gray-scale version of the mask on the hat and I got exactly what I asked for and of course Ryan like it so much he stole it to wear (lol)! I definitely recommend checking this Etsy Shop out and purchasing something from them! They have hundreds of different hats, if you are interested in purchasing your own you can find them here:  SewAwesomeStore Etsy Shop
I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your favorite item is from the SewAwesomeStore Etsy Shop.
-Stay Chic,

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